Pokemon Creation Chapter 323

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Li Qiuran logged into the website dedicated to China Laboratory.

He has a registered account on the website.

The website has many materials that an ordinary person can’t access, and there is also a researcher forum.

The forum was very lively at this time, and most of Dive’s researchers came out to bubble.

Researcher A: I believe everyone understands what happened in the forest this afternoon. Three Gyarados appeared in the middle of the lake. They were very irritable and full of destruction.

But at the same time, they did not affect the peripheral Pokemon.

Researcher B: Pokemon Forest is almost smooth.

It is not difficult to see that Pokemon in the forest now has a classification from weak to strong.

Researcher C: Although it is very exciting news. But I will go to the forest next week! There was a little panic in my heart.

Researcher A: Train Pokemon a lot, they can save your life at a critical moment.

Other than that.

There are also classified posts about Pokemon in the forums of the website.

Despite the fact that most researchers seem to be reserved, in fact, everyone is very sad inside.

This forum is like a catharsis for them.

Li Qiuran then opened the Pokemon-rated post.

The levels are S, A, B, C.

S stands for beyond ordinary level. Can have a very outstanding performance in any scene.

A stands for equilibrium, which has good performance in any situation.

B represents below average. Only under certain circumstances will there be outstanding performance.

C stands for not good.

The researchers categorized the Pokemon that they could receive.

Rank according to various factors to be considered.

Researchers recommend using Pokemon.

Wrist strength, Tyrogue (S). Wrist strength and Tyrogue evolution are simple, and battle strength is strong. Although there is no elemental Ability, their battle strength is stronger than most ordinary Pokemon.

They are good at all kinds of self-protection techniques, which can well protect the safety of researchers.

They love training, and weight training is not uncommon (so if you ask them to help you move things, it’s not a Pokemon abuse).

Overall evaluation: able to play and carry, and very loyal.

Pidgey (A+). Evolution difficulty Normal. They can fly in the air and conduct reconnaissance.

Their battles are also outstanding. Flying Type Ability, Storm, and Feather Strike can repel enemies well.

PS: If your Pidegeotto can learn to wing, you will laugh out loud in your dreams.

Overall evaluation: battle strength is good, Flying is a very good Ability. But evolving Pidgeot is somewhat difficult. Overall it is worth training.

Catterpie (A+). The evolution is easy.

Strong Butterfree battle strength, proficient in Psychic, Flying, and 3 lines of Ability. It can be called attacking 10000 kaleidoscopes.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing Butterfree.

But the shape before the evolution of Butterfree is very weak.

Overall evaluation: The outstanding Pokemon is worth choosing, and the amount of training is very low.

Beedrill (A+).

The disadvantages are the same as Butterfree.

However, the large needle attack method is relatively simple, mainly with double spikes.

The penetrating power of the big needle is extremely strong and can cause a more effective blow.

This post briefly categorizes almost all Pokemon.

Although not accurate, it is good for reference.

They assigned the Pokemon of Three Starters to A-Rank.

Because Three Starters Pokemon is expensive to train, it is not something that most Trainers can afford.

In addition to these posts, there is another post that is extremely popular.

“Pokemon Trailer About Red & White Corporation’s Next Researcher’s Choice”

The entire post is speculation on Electric Type Pokemon.

But they actually guessed correctly.

The next Pokemon is Electric Type Pokemon.

In the Pokemon game, Electabuzz, Voltorb and Magnemite should be counted as the Pokemon that the researcher often uses.

But Voltorb is easier to Self Destruct than Koffing, which is really dangerous.

Not long after browsing the website, Li Qiuran put down his mouse and walked back to the laboratory.

At this time, Zhang Meng came from outside, “The factory has already negotiated, and plans can be made tomorrow.” Zhang Meng has a pile of materials on the ground.

Li Qiuran flipped through the pages at random, then put the information back on the table, “Thank you.”

The factory is located at a very remote seaside in S City, and usually few people pass by.

The camera turns to the pile of materials on the table.

It reads impressively: Electric Type Pokemon Habitat.


A few days later.

Li Qiuran came to the factory alone.

This factory was originally a power plant.

But later it was abandoned due to relocation.

It has not been demolished until now.

After applying with the country, Li Qiuran quickly got this huge factory.

As soon as I walked into the factory, I smelled the exclusive smell of electrical appliances.

Dust was flying in the air.

The environment of this abandoned factory is not very good.

After all, it has been abandoned for a long time and no one cleans up is also a big problem.

Li Qiuran took out his cell phone and made a call.

A few minutes later, a truck stopped in front of the factory. A dozen specially hired cleaners got off the truck one after another and entered the factory for general cleaning.

After cleaning up, Li Qiuran walked in with a basket of Poké Balls.

He closed the door.

Mew and Meowth followed.

Mew is to protect Li Qiuran’s safety.

Meowth is talking to himself.


Several Poké Balls crossed a beautiful arc.


The Poké Ball burst open.

Magnemite flew out of it.


Magnet Pokémon

Floating in the air and moving. The two magnets on the left and right can emit energy such as Thunder Wave.

As soon as Magnemite appeared, he squinted his eyes and circled Li Qiuran.

They like the environment of this Power Plant.

“Meow! Do you guys discharge?” Meowth followed Magnemite like a curious baby.

Then he jumped up and down in the factory.

Obviously, he also likes the factory environment.

Have a great time.

Soon after, Mew joined them.

More than a dozen Pokemon played peekaboo in the factory.

At this moment, Li Qiuran’s childlike heart burst instantly.

I believe that all children have the dream of peek-a-boo in the factory.

The huge factory, coupled with complex installations, is the perfect peek-a-boo venue.

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