Pokemon Creation Chapter 324

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After releasing all the Magnemite, Li Qiuran looked towards the last Poké Ball in the box.

His expression is a bit complicated and a bit proud.

He breathes deeply, grasping Poké Ball tremblingly, and lightly tapping the middle button with his finger.

“Come out, Pichu.”


The light flashed. A Yellow mouse-shaped Pokemon appeared in Li Qiuran’s arms.


Pichu’s eyes widened and looked curiously all around.


Mouse Pokémon

Pichu is a light yellow little mouse Pokémon. Its ears are surrounded by black objects, its neck also has some black objects, and its tail is also black. It has a pink battery box in its cheek, which is a very cute Pokémon.

The young Pichu is very lively.

As soon as she got out of Poké Ball, she was unable to bear and wanted to jump out of Li Qiuran’s arms.

Her big curious eyes kept glancing in Meowth’s direction, and her body had already begun to stir.

Little Brat is very active.

Li Qiuran thought to himself, then put it on the ground. “Go and play with them.”


After Pichu made a crisp noise, he hopped towards Meowth and ran away.

Inside the factory, Meowth hides behind the equipment just like the same undercover Normal.

His face is wary, his palms are like a pistol.

“Hu! Phew! I will definitely be able to complete this task. Even if I pay the price of my life, I will not hesitate!” His breath was heavy and his expression was severe.

Not far away from his line of sight, a Magnemite with a Green Scarf wrapped around its head was wandering, and his mouth continued to make terrifying laughter.

He is a “ghost”.

Suddenly, in Meowth’s line of sight, a strange Yellow creature was moving towards himself.

“Don’t come here, meow.” Meowth’s face turned green immediately, and he kept praying in his heart.


But Pichu tilted his head, thinking for a moment.

After sending a crisper and more cheerful Growl, he moved towards Meowth and jumped decisively.

Yau (hello, can we be friends)?

“I’m not good, I let me be exposed.” Meowth got a blind eye.


Pichu looked puzzled, is he exposed.

Magnetic ~~ (I found you).

Magnemite emerged from the side at this time, smiling.

“Oh! Caught!” Meowth lowered his head with a frustrated expression, “My mission failed.”


Pichu tilted his head in confusion.

He looked at Meowth and Magnemite repeatedly.

Did you fail if you were caught?




A strong electric current emerged from Pichu’s body and rushed to Magnemite.


In the electric current, Magnemite’s voice becomes distorted.

Under Spark, Meowth was shocked, he covered his open mouth, his eyes full of panic.

What is this doing?

How did it fight?

Pichu responded with a slightly triumphant voice.

Yau (just stun him).

After a few minutes.

Pichu went straight into Li Qiuran’s arms, with innocence on his face.

Behind him were several smiling Magnemites.

Magnetic magnetic (don’t go, little girl).

The Magnemites flew happily with wretched laughter.

Yau (Save me).

Pichu gripped Li Qiuran’s collar tightly.

“What’s the matter?” Li Qiuran looked dumbfounded.

After Meowth explained, Li Qiuran understood the situation.

The electric shock from Pichu is the best food for Magnemites.

Now they are all stuck to Pichu and treat her as a baby.

Yau (I want to go home).

Pichu said aggrievedly, pitifully.



Li Qiuran brings Pichu home.

Pichu is not suitable for living in a power plant.

Because the people living in the power plant are Magnemite.

Pichu will inevitably be bullied.

Before she had clansman, she could only live with Li Qiuran.

But Pichu didn’t seem to care about it.

He is having fun at Li Qiuran’s house.

She is like a curious baby, looking here, touching there.

As an old big sister, Nini naturally wants to give love to the new members of the family.

So she introduced her home situation with a bright smile.

“This is Meowth, a lot of nonsense.”

“This is Xiaofen, he likes to sprinkle pollen.”

“This is Little Song, Sing is a nice big sister!”


Cough cough.

Hearing the praise, Little Song immediately jumped from the sofa.

I took out Matt Wind I didn’t know where I got, and I was about to sing.


Li Qiuran, who has been following him, ruthlessly snatched Matt Feng, and said with a black face: “You can’t Sing at home.”

“Bo~Bo!” Little Song bulged up unconvincingly, trying to defend her.

It roughly means that the arrival of a new member of Celebrate, a beautiful girl at home, can be called Sing.

The singer’s actions can be forgiven.

Li Qiuran couldn’t help but hold Little Song in his arms, and forced him to play.


At this moment, the curious baby Pichu accidentally touched the button of the TV.

With a light sound, the TV lights up.

“Hello everyone, here is today’s Music Express. I am your Little Xuanxuan.”


Little Song in his arms immediately became excited.

She knows this big sister.

This big sister interviewed herself.

Wave (look! Look).

She immediately yelled.


Pichu jumped to Li Qiuran and sat down, looking towards the TV intently.

The voice of the little elder sister is very clear and pleasant.

“This issue of the music chart can be described as the Divine Immortal battle. my country’s Elite Four have released their solo singles at the same time, and occupy the top 4 position.”

“At this moment, a dark horse turned out to be born. It’s no wonder that a woman took the position of Totem.”

“It makes me think of the sweetness of a year ago.”

“This singer is a miracle in our music scene.

“As of this time, she has only released 3 singles. But every capital has caused a huge response.”

“Many businesses are even cycling the sweet song! She is, the first non-human singer in history, Little Song.”


Little Song’s pink bulging body appeared on the screen.


Being an idol is that simple.

Little Song raised his head proudly.

She thinks she can!


Too envious.

Pichu secretly looked at the high-spirited and vigorous Little Song, envious in his heart.

At this time, Little Song’s new song sounded on the TV.

A woman (refer to a man in golden bell country).

Wave~~Slightly~~Pidgey Miles~~~Wave.

Beautiful music resounded through the hall.

Pokemon couldn’t help closing their eyes and enjoying this peaceful moment.

Li Qiuran secretly admired.

Now Little Song has become more and more like a great singer.

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