Pokemon Creation Chapter 325

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After school this day, Jin Keke was walking on the way home as usual, with Huahua with a silly head on her body.

People are already familiar with Pokemon now, so they will not stare at Huahua and Jin Keke as before.

According to the statistics.

Pokemon is owned by 20% of households in S city.

This is a terrifying number.

You know that in that 80% of the numbers, many families still don’t like Pokemon.

It can be said that the popularity of Pokemon is increasing in S City.

Pokemon can often be seen on the street.

Jin Keke entered the store on the way home and bought some snacks.

Then eat while walking.

Occasionally, Pokemon special jerky will be handed to Huahua.

Huahua smirked and swallowed the jerky.

Under Jin Keke’s jealous gaze, Huahua’s little paw pulled Jin Keke’s skirt.

“Don’t grab the skirt.” Jin Keke hurriedly stopped.

Huahua’s claws are too sharp and it is easy to scratch the skirt.


Huahua screamed in a naive manner, but still did not let go of his small paws.

“Why do you like Charm so much?” Jin Keke rubbed Huahua’s neck and said indulgingly.

When passing by a store, the sound of music came from it.

“~puff~puff~puff ~~~”

The sound is very familiar, it is Little Song.

But the melody of this song is very strange.

“Is this a new song?” Jin Keke eyes shined, hurriedly leading Huahua into the store.

“Is this a Little Song song?” She asked impatiently as soon as she entered the store.

The clerk smiled, “Yes! This is a new song released by Little Song a few days ago, a woman.”

With that, he picked up an album from the table.

The album cover is a pink Little Song holding Matt Wind and a Yellow wig with a sad face.

“This is a sad love song. I believe that Little Song made this song when he was broken in love.” The clerk was sad.

“Affectionate is the main theme of this song. I think you are also a fan of Pokemon. This album will definitely not be missed.” The clerk glanced at Huahua without a trace, and already had a lot of confidence in his heart.

People who do this business have a very good vision.

It only takes a glance to know that Jin Keke will most likely buy this album.

Sure enough, Jin Keke happily paid out.

There was still a regretful tone in his mouth.

“Little Song’s new song has been out for a few days, I don’t even know! Damn it! Hurry up and make up the ticket.”


Huahua on the side also raised his small paw unceremoniously, and took out a few banknotes from the small bag specially made around his waist.

Then struggling to stand on tiptoe, put the banknotes neat and tidy on the table.

Ga (excuse me, a woman album, a glass of coke and a plate of peanuts).

Shortly after. One person, one Pokemon to ones hearts content, holding 2 albums, a cup of Coke, and a dish of peanuts walked out of the video store.

“The service is really good, and there are peanuts for drinks.” Jin Keke praised the video store with satisfaction.

Most modern people choose digital audio and video.

The business of these physical stores is not as good as before.

“Want to stop shopping at the Pokemon store?” Jin Keke suggested.

Ga (I lift my feet in favor).

Huahua immediately agreed.

Soon after, they came to the Pokemon store.

The decoration of the Pokemon store has changed at this time

The original blue and white sign became pure pink.

There is a huge Little Song model at the entrance of the store.

The model’s Little Song is wearing a gold Yellow wig, holding a microphone, and is closing his eyes to sing with an intoxicated look.

Next to the model is a billboard.

Hualiu singer, Little Song’s new work, a woman shockingly on sale.

Pokemon store linkage, launched Little Song (a woman doll).

“Wow! That’s great!” Jin Keke immediately pulled Huahua into the store.

The Pokemon store regularly organizes special events.

Like the time before Mew duel.

The Pokemon store held a Mew linkage event.

Launched Mew doll.

There is even a new type of gashapon machine.

In the gashapon machine, there is a special prize for probability to start.

Those who hold this prize can go to the ranch and take a photo with Mew.

During that time, the business of gashapon machines was almost turbulent.

The Mew dolls sold out almost overnight.

Upon entering the store.

The original store has expanded nearly twice in one year.

Dozens of Pokemon products have also been added.

In the center of the doll area, you can see the Little Song doll that debuted in position C.

There are now less than 5 Little Song puppets left.

Jin Keke turned his eyes to gu lu, immediately hugged the remaining doll in his arms, and moved towards the counter with great effort.

I bought all the dolls.

4 Round to 5, with my help, Little Song’s dolls were sold out.

I am a big thief!

I am Little Song’s number one fan!

Earn blood.

With such satisfaction, Jin Keke settled the bill quickly.

Before leaving, she caught a glimpse of the second billboard in the corner.

A week later, will you see the elder sister riding the wind and waves?

Jin Keke:?

“What kind of show is this?” Jin Keke pulled the clerk and asked.

Just ask if you don’t understand, this is good character.

Jin Keke doesn’t think that an ordinary program can be promoted by the Pokemon store.

“This is a talent show.” The clerk said with a smile on his face.

“They are all over 30 years old, Celebrity who has passed away.”

Jin Keke: This kind of show, this kind of setting is OK?

“Little Song will participate.” The clerk looked mysterious.

“Na Ni!!!” Jin Keke suddenly exclaimed, with a look of astonishment.

“So our little cutie wants to compete with a group of old women?”

She immediately did not want to admit this fact.

Think about it, big sisters over 30 participate in this cruel talent show.

Is this not torn?

It’s too dangerous.

Our lovely Little Song will be torn to pieces.

Jin Keke looked worried.

With an extremely disturbed mood, Jin Keke walked out of the Pokemon store.

At this moment, her heart rests entirely on Little Song.

I am extremely worried about Little Song’s safety.

She turned on the phone and logged into the forum.

Find the Little Song forum.

“Little Song is going to participate in the elder sister riding the wind and waves, so worried”

“Cry 😭😭, why does my Little Darling compete with the old woman on the same stage”

“Preparing to Witness the Annual Tearing Drama”

Jin Keke looked more and more sad, and couldn’t help sobbing.

My Little Song is too miserable.

Then her green little finger began to tap happily on the phone.

“Now! Since my baby chooses to participate in the competition, I will naturally support it to the end! Little Song is strong enough to debut in C position. Shocked the world!”

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