Pokemon Creation Chapter 326

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At Li Qiuran’s home, he was jumping around.

Zhang Meng was struggling to pack Little Song’s luggage, but Pichu was making trouble by his side.

She jumped into Little Song’s suitcase and rolled in her clothes.


Also laughed cheerfully.

Zhang Meng was exhausted, but Pichu was so cute that she couldn’t blame it.

“Po~~” Little Song walked into the room and checked the progress of packing up his luggage from time to time.


She pats Zhang Meng’s chest with a round of encouraging expressions.

She has a very good impression of Zhang Meng, after all, she is also Aunt watching her grow up.


“You guy is lascivious!” Zhang Meng rubbed Little Song’s cheek with anger.

She is a little girl, but she likes to touch other people’s breasts.

In this audition show, Zhang Meng will go as Little Song’s agent.

Considering the communication barriers between other players and Little Song, Meowth will go together.

Act as a translator.

In response, Meowth strongly protested.

“Have you all forgotten the main business of This Meow! This Meow is the number one referee in the world!”

Meowth yelled, waving his paws, with a lovely fierce look.

“The protest is invalid! Do you want to see this big sister being left out in the show?” Zhang Meng followed incessantly.

“The little Song elder sister who can’t communicate will end up in isolation! Can’t you bear it?”


Meowth couldn’t help falling into thought.

To be fair, Little Song’s little elder sister treats herself very well.

“Then I will go.” Meowth nodded.

“Then hurry up and tidy up.” Zhang Meng suddenly smiled.

Then she pulled Pichu out of the suitcase and threw it on the bed.


Pichu opened his eyes wide and jumped directly on Meowth.

Yau (I want to go too).

Zhang Meng, who saw this scene, couldn’t help but secretly complain.

Isn’t it said that Pichu is a mouse Pokemon?

How can you still like cats?

At Li Qiuran’s house, Pichu’s favorite is Meowth.

Even eating Rest must stick to Meowth.

In her words: Meowth Big Brother is outstanding, so I want to stay with him.


Don’t look at Little Song, she has a lot of luggage.

Various styles of clothes and microphones.

There are also some interesting wigs and hats.

Most importantly, there are game consoles.

Little Song likes to play games in his free time.

So computers and game consoles are essential.

It took Zhang Meng nearly an afternoon to pack Little Song’s luggage.

“We’re leaving, you guys behave at home!”

moved towards The Pokemon at home waved goodbye.

Zhang Meng took Little Song, Pichu and Meowth took the show bus.

Tweet (Come on! Must make a C debut). Nini waved to the car at the door, bidding farewell reluctantly.

Dana (come on). The Bulbasaur fan also waved the cute little Vine Whip.

Little Song was very excited when he left home.

She fumbled in the middle of the car.

Zhang Meng stopped his small movements after a long suppression.

There are members of this program group in the car.

They would conduct the first interview in the car.

“Uh…Little Song…Teacher, what was the first thought in your mind after receiving the invitation from the program group?”

The staff hesitated for a moment before calling Little Song Teacher.

In fact, under the calculation.

Little Song debuted for only one year.


Little Song pondered for a moment, and then said heartily: “Bo (the big sisters are scum, I will blow them up).”

“I hope I can learn from those cute big sisters, learn from each other, and improve each other. The ranking is not important. I only hope that I can learn new knowledge in the show.” Meowth was earnestly translating.

The staff listened carefully, with admiration in their eyes.

You know, Little Song is just over one year old Pokemon.

She knew how humble she was at such a young age.

It’s really hard!


Little Song looked towards Meowth a little displeased.

She is not deaf, and naturally knows that her words have been misinterpreted.

But after seeing Meowth’s expression of believing in me and ascending to heaven, Little Song was still lightly snorted and no longer entangled.

“Then Little Song Teacher, do you know that this is a show that requires singing and dancing? As far as I know, you don’t have any dancing experience. Will you encounter difficulties in this regard?”

“Bo (a dilemma, the singer doesn’t need to dance, Sing is enough).”

“The difficulty of dancing is indeed very high, but I will definitely work hard to overcome myself.”

wave? ?

“Cough cough, Little Song Teacher, you should know that we will choose 30 out of the 5 female Celebrity in this show to debut. What are your expectations of yourself?”

“Bo (I made my debut in B).”

“My expectation is definitely a C-place debut. Without setting ambitious goals, I can’t break through myself.” Meowth touched his beard and said calmly.

wave? ? ?

A black question mark appeared on Little Song’s face, looking towards Meowth.

Bo (What is the C position? Isn’t it B?)

“Stupid elder sister, it’s C, not B.” Meowth whispered.

As everyone knows, all this is shot in the lens.

The staff asked several questions afterwards, but they were all handled perfectly by Meowth.

Before long, the car arrived at the recording site.

“Here, you need to go in by yourself.” The staff is so warned repeatedly.


Little Song looking thoughtful nodded.

Without any stage fright, just open the door and jump down.


Little Song jumped on the red carpet, and the lights around suddenly began to flicker.

“Next is the new singer, the first non-human female singer in the world, Little Song.” With the voice of Host.

Little Song bounced forward on the red carpet.

Unlike traditional female Celebrity’s elegant way of walking, Little Song jumps forward like a spring.

She wears a Yellow wig and this red dress, which looks very cute and interesting.

Walked over the red carpet and came to a room.

The walls of the room are all pink.

The walls are divided, and each area has the name of the female Celebrity.

“Please print red lips on the card and stick the card on the wall.” The staff member said politely.


Little Song nodded.

She thought everything was extremely novel.


So she jumped to the table where the lipstick was placed, picked a color at random and handed it to the staff.

The female staff opened the lipstick and nervously put on Little Song’s lips….

Black lipstick.

The staff’s hands trembled.

My heart is constantly shouting and roaring: Ahhh! I was in close contact with Little Song, and I was dying of trouble.


After finishing the lipstick, Little Song touched her face lightly in the happy eyes of the female staff.

Sexy black lip marks are left.

Then Little Song inhaled sharply, and his body quickly lifted off.

Go to the wall with your name and stick the card on the wall.

Then he pouted and kissed.


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