Pokemon Creation Chapter 327

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After finishing the lip print, Little Song hopped into a new room under the guidance.

There are already 4 to 5 women in the room.

When Little Song came in, these female Celebrity were stunned.

They can’t believe their eyes.


Little Song also tilted his head and looked at the female Celebrity.

Then he focused his eyes on Celebrity’s chest.

“Wow! How come there is Jigglypuff!” A female Celebrity screamed immediately, her expression exaggerated, and trot forward artificially.

During the run, I didn’t forget to point my face to the camera and let the camera record the scene of taking care of Pokemon.

“Ah~~So cute Ahhhh~~~” She knelt down, picked up Little Song with a dumb face, and coquettishly with a deep nasal voice.


Little Song looked disgusted.

“She won’t be a player?” The other Celebrity asked the staff in a low voice.

“Yes.” The staff gave a positive answer.


“It’s so happy.” The female Celebrities covered their mouths with happiness.

They gathered around Little Song and sat down.

Facing the camera, they began to perform grandiosely.

“Heavens! I like that song the most sweet! It reminds me of my first love.” A female Celebrity with heavy makeup screamed.

Subtitles for the later program: Do you know your husband like this?

“I really like Little Song, she is worth learning from.” Another Celebrity said insincerely.

Little Song, who received so many compliments, was not happy.

She sat on the chair with a dazed expression, smelling the pungent perfume around her, she did not know what to do.

Who are these Aunts!

Too warm!

I am afraid!


A few days later, Jin Keke’s family was sitting on the sofa with popcorn and Coke.

“The elder sister who rides the wind and waves is about to start broadcasting.” Jin Keke called the mother who was still cleaning in the kitchen and the Pokemon who were playing.

“Little Song will also participate this time.” Jin Keke said.

“Is Little Song the Jigglypuff?” Jin Keke’s father helped his glasses.

He is not like Jin Keke who always pays attention to Pokemon information.

So he only memorized a lot of information.

“Yes. Little Song is the best singer, Tiantian, war song, a woman is her song.” Jin Keke explained to father.

“A woman? Isn’t this a popular song recently?!” Jin Keke’s father suddenly realized.

He couldn’t help secretly being surprised by Little Song’s ability.

Little Song, as a special singer, only released 3 songs.

But every song is the ultimate.

Each song has received countless favorites.

It’s really amazing!

The show begins.

At first, it was interviews in the car of a few little elder sisters.

Jin Keke’s parents can see that it is with keen interest pleasure.

See these formerly popular Celebrity in China to participate in the talent show.

All this is so novel.

But since Jin Keke’s heart was on Little Song, he looked drowsy.

Finally, the picture turned to Little Song.

“That’s Little Song! So cute! Wow! And Meowth! Huh? What is that little Yellow thing?” Jin Keke looked at Pichu with a puzzled look.

Then she took out the phone.

Sure enough, Pichu is also being discussed on the Internet.

But no one knows what Pokemon this is.

“This is the new Pokemon.” Jin Keke looked surprised.

But think about it, this operation is also the basic operation of Red & White Corporation.

They will always create some new Pokemon suddenly.

Then the picture came to the interview period.

When Meowth polished Little Song’s words, the camera gave Little Song’s doubtful expression from the heart.

Subtitles: Where am I? What did i say?

The next interview is similar.

Meowth always responded to questions with a large number of words that sounded great, and Little Song always had a black question mark on his face.

Jin Keke couldn’t help laughing.

This is fine.

This is very Meowth.

During this year, Meowth’s translation level has been certified.

When he was able to translate words up to one minute from a syllable, people were already a little confused.

But after countless interviews with Pokemon, people discovered that Meowth’s translation was definitely not the words and meanings of Pokemon itself.

Therefore, every time a camera is given to Meowth, there will be countless barrages of cloud translation floating by.

The screen came to the final interview.

“Then Little Song Teacher, what are your expectations?”

Bo~~ (B debut).

Meowth: C-bit debut.

The barrage immediately floated over, “Have you seen Little Song’s expression after hearing the translation? I am curious about what Little Song means.”

“Maybe she wants to make her debut in D position.”

With the cheerful atmosphere of the barrage, the screen went black and came to the second link.

Print lip print.

The other female Celebrity printed the sexy red lips on the paper, and put the card on the wall.

But Little Song did the opposite.

He put the card on the wall first, then flew up with great effort, and kissed it.


Looking at the stunned expressions of the staff behind, Jin Keke sprayed rice again.

Twitching with a smile.

The staff waited for a long time without waiting for the card, and the lovely Little Song did everything by himself.

So considerate of the staff.

Then the show came to the scene where the female Celebrity met.

All female Celebrity surrounds Little Song, with happy expressions on their faces, but Little Song’s expression is stinky.

There is a sharp contrast.

“Hahaha! Is Little Song Celebrity?”


The ratings of tonight’s show are extremely high.

Among them, Little Song can be said to be a big fire.

There are countless fans of her cuteness in the car.

And the last silly lip print also makes people smile.

The final stink face is also the finishing touch of this episode.

Many netizens divine light flashed and gave the show a new name “The story of the little cute Little Song and his mothers competing on the same stage”

It’s so exciting!

The elder sister who braved the wind and waves was on fire overnight.

Little Song’s search directly dominates the hot search.

Many passers-by fans discovered that this cute Pokémon turned out to be a powerful faction.

Her song.

War song, sweet, a woman is the existence that shakes the Chinese music scene! !

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