Pokemon Creation Chapter 328

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“Little Song is on fire? Oh.”

“Fire? Oh.”


Li Qiuran’s home, after watching the show, Li Qiuran immediately received calls from countless relatives and friends.

These calls did not end until his expression was somewhat numb.

“Why is it hot again.” Li Qiuran stood in the middle of the living room, sighed.

After Little Song became popular, many enthusiastic fans squatted on her every day.

This will lead to.

I will be secretly photographed when I go out every day.

There are also enthusiastic fans who even dressed up as Jigglypuff’s pink look, holding a light stick, and waiting at the door.

Several times I almost regarded myself as a pervert.

When Li Qiuran was in a trance.

A Pokémon was walking slowly.

He dragged the Bone Club in his hand.

It’s Cubone.

Click (I’m sleepy)

Cubone is the best behaved only at night.

At this time, he doesn’t want to make trouble.

Picking up the sleepy and confused Cubone, Li Qiuran moved towards the room.

Hugging Cubone on the bed and placing the Bone Club on the head of the bed, Li Qiuran gently covered Cubone with a quilt.

Click (Little Song elder sister).

In a daze, Cubone asked in a low voice.

“She the past few days will not go home.” Li Qiuran responded in a low voice.

His fingers scratched Cubone’s neck.

The comfortable Cubone soon fell asleep.

Li Qiuran quietly walked out of the room upon seeing this.

There is still some worry in his heart.

I don’t know what will happen to Little Song.


At this moment, Little Song is in the singing session.

There are a total of 4 judges with 25 points each for a total of 100 points.

I saw Little Song jumping up and down the stage, looking around all around curiously, surprised and loved by this huge and gorgeous stage.

Perhaps because most of the 30 players are big-name old Celebrity, the stage is arranged very carefully.


Little Song jumped on the stool, just enough to reach the microphone on her tiptoe.

“Gosh, cute Little Brat.” The four judges exclaimed in the room.

Especially the female judges among them are full of love.

“Unexpectedly, our show could usher in the first Pokemon singer.”

The judges can predict the fire of the show.

The singing begins.

The brisk music was flowing in the air, and Little Song slowly closed his eyes.

Her consciousness gradually immersed in the weaving fantasy.

A handsome blue Jigglypuff stands in front of her house with flowers in hand.

She met him slightly through the window.

Shyness spread across the chest.

She closed the curtains and danced in the room with light steps.

So sweet, so happy.

Bo~~~ Bo~~

Little Song spoke.

The sweet singing voice flows in everyone’s heart like a clear spring.

The four judges closed their eyes and showed happy smiles like first love.

The female Celebrity in the waiting area also stopped talking, and looked at the screen with teardrops in their eyes.

Their bodies slowly swayed to the rhythm, and their mouths hummed softly.

Little Song closed his eyes and looked intoxicated.

Just a song.

Little Song eyes opened.


The judges directly give scores.

Vocal 24

Dance 20

Clumping potential 24

Stage performance 24

Total 87

Wave~~? ?

Little Song puffed up his mouth and seemed very unhappy.

A perfect score of 100, more than 80 by yourself?

So low!

Entering the room, the 4 judges warmly welcomed Little Song.

After taking a group photo, the judges began to make comments.

“Vocality is currently the best performer among the players. The stage is also very powerful.”

“But we are going to form a girl group, can you dance?”

“Dump 🔨, this Young Lady won’t!” Little Song thought for a moment, and said with a puffed mouth.

“Meow~~Although I don’t know how to do it, I am willing to learn it! It’s fast to learn dance with the elder sisters~” Meowth translated in real time.


Little Song looked towards Meowth again, and Meowth, with an expression of harmless to humans and animals, said in a voice that only two people could hear: “Listen to me and take you to fly.”


Little Song had to hold back.

The 4 judges looked at each other and continued: “We have never tried a girl group with Pokemon. I was really shocked after seeing your performance before. The scene was excellent.”


Hearing the praise, Little Song narrowed his eyes and looked happy.

“Which group should I go to?” The judges were in a dilemma.

“Such a superb singing skill should go to the vocal group, but we really hope that you will develop in dance. What do you think?”

The judge threw the problem to Little Song.

“Pop (don’t dance, I’m going to sing and beat others).”

“Meow~~ I am willing to go to the dance group. The purpose of my coming to this show is to challenge myself, so I choose to dance!” Meowth stroked his beard and said.

wave? ! ? ?

In the admiration of the judges and Little Song’s puzzled gaze, Little Song was assigned to the dance group.


For Little Song, the nightmare has just begun.

Rest time at night.

She wants to rest with the elder sisters…

“Ah~~Little Song, can I hold you?”

“Little Song, can elder sister kiss you?”

“Little Song, can elder sister and you Rest?”

“Little Song ……”

Looking at the dozens of women surrounding him, Little Song looked dazed.

Why is he so popular suddenly?


the other side.

Li Qiuran not at all Rest.

Recently he is addicted to a Pokemon battle game.

This was developed by Porygon a few days ago.

As soon as it is launched, it is as if the virus Normal has spread all over the world.

Countless anchors are broadcasting this game.

This game focuses on Pokemon battle.

The types of Pokemon are even more outrageous.

It has been updated to more than 100.

Many Pokemon are still unseen on the market.

In this game, players can choose Pokemon and its Characteristic Trait and hold items, and then use Pokemon for 3VS3 or 6Vs6 battles.

Recently, this game also opened the ranks.

For a time, players from all over the world are rushing to rank.

Many Trainers said.

This game can play a great role in training their on-site command.

This will be an epoch-making game.

He made the dream of National Trainer a reality.

In the game, everyone is a Trainer.

“It’s been a long time, let’s play.” Li Qiuran sat in front of the computer and started the live broadcast after thinking for a moment.

It is worth mentioning that Red & White Corporation has acquired a relatively well-known live broadcast platform a month ago and dug a lot of Pokemon anchors.

This platform will be based on Pokemon live broadcast.

Li Qiuran logged in to his account neatly and started the live broadcast.

Quickly write the title “Live Slinging Ranking”

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