Pokemon Creation Chapter 329

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“Wow, the busy people of Red & White Corporation are finally on the air!”

As soon as it started broadcasting, the popularity of the live broadcast room instantly rose to 100w.

On the homepage of the official website of the live broadcast platform at this time, Li Qiuran’s live broadcast room is hanging high in the most conspicuous place.


A plane and rocket were sent out.

The popularity of the live broadcast directly broke 10000000 million.

“Cough cough, hello everyone, today Little Song went to record the show, and if I was bored, I played games.” Li Qiuran said a few words to Matt Feng.

“I believe everyone has seen the title. It’s as simple as that for live streaming and ranking.” Li Qiuran’s tone was full of confidence.

The cheerful barrage suddenly skyrocketed.

“Excuse me, this is the strongest Pokemon of Warfish vs. Warlord… I’m sorry, I went wrong.”

“Come on, Puff Biran is online.”

“The next thing is: Reasonable, this one won’t lose.”

“Never lose.”

“You won’t lose, it’s impossible to lose in this life. Even if you kill me, I won’t lose.”

Looking at the cheerful barrage, Li Qiuran couldn’t help but helpless.

Before, he broadcasted the game Pokemon Survival on a whim.

He was full of confidence.

How can I be regarded as an expert in Danger Land survival.

As a result, he was directly rubbed on the ground by various experts in the game.

So there is a quotation.

No loss, this wave of death is not a loss.

“I’m here to prove myself this time.” Li Qiuran said loudly.

He drags the mouse to open the game.

“This game is my best friend.”

When the words fell, the barrage skyrocketed again.

“I said the same a few months ago.”


“Shocked, the son of a company’s Big Boss was raped in the game. Is this a distortion of human nature or a loss of morality.”

“Hmph!” Li Qiuran couldn’t help being coldly snorted when he saw the barrage of comments that were generally not optimistic about him.

Then the market opened.

Can Li Qiuran win this game?

Bang bang

In an instant, several 10000 people were overwhelmed.

0% can be better than 100% can’t.

Li Qiuran’s expression was as ugly as he had eaten stool.

Move the mouse tremblingly, point harder, and raise.


1% to 99%

“It’s too real, a certain anchor live broadcasts and presses himself to win.” The barrage is extremely cheerful.

Happy air spread throughout the live broadcast room.

In the live broadcast industry, in fact, entertainment anchors are more popular now.

And Li Qiuran is one of the few in the live broadcast industry.

So it is very popular.

The more the barrage is like this, the less happy Li Qiuran is.

He wants to be a live broadcast.

“It must be on himself.” He logged in to his account and clicked on the ranking.

The qualifying score at this time is 500.

The highest score in the world is currently 2000 points.

A win in a round will add 10-14.

The initial score is 500.

In other words, Li Qiuran has not yet been ranked.

“Isn’t this abusive?” The barrage was dissatisfied this time.

They found themselves being routine.

“It’s all a conspiracy, and a novice will definitely win, cheating on balls! It’s so dirty.”

Since the game has just been launched a few days ago, there are many newbies.

The opponent encountered with 500 initial points are all the tactics of choosing Pidgeot, Charizard, and tying A throughout.

There are basically no tactics at all.

Although the current expert has almost no tactics…….

But in this atmosphere of pecking each other, victory is that simple.

“Okay! Give me a number, and let you see how expert is.”

With the help of water friends, Li Qiuran got an 1800 ranked number.

This score is definitely ranked in the top 20 in all of China.

“The score is still low!” Li Qiuran said indifferently pretendingly.

Just such a sentence.

The live broadcast room “cannot” be full.

No one is optimistic about Li Qiuran’s victory.

“Hmph, show me well.”

Li Qiuran immediately entered the qualifying position.



opponent is…

Little Lu?


So clever!

Li Qiuran looked stunned.

The barrage immediately became active.

“Tug, China ranks first, the world first, Little Lu Sang, the first of the Elite Four, the game is over! Little Lu’s Charizard thieves are overbearing, there is also a song Smeargle, various Ability Mimics, and Major Perfection, invincible, the last one, Blastoise, is both offensive and defensive, and the damage is high.”

“It’s over, it’s going to be abused.”

“Before my roommate dies, I want to watch the anchor win a Rest.”

Li Qiuran rolled the eyes, with a smirk at the corners of his mouth, “Then I have to be disgusting and disgusting Little Lu.”

With that, he dragged Muk and Chansey into the team, “For her, 2 Pokemon are enough.”

“Let’s come to a wave of teaching this time.” ka ka ka.

Li Qiuran changed the name of the live broadcast room to “Tactical Master Sexy Teaching, No. 1 in China.”

“How did you get the sewer Pokemon? And… Isn’t Chansey a nanny?” The barrage was puzzled.

Then there is have a big laughter.

“The anchor is afraid you are going to laugh at me to death? Muk is so ugly?”

There are already Pokemon rankings that can be selected on the Internet.

Since the game has just launched, players do not have enough understanding of Pokemon.

So like Charizard, Pokemon with strong battle strength is often ranked in S-Rank.

Other Pokemon with more characteristics, such as Grimer and Koffing, are relatively unpopular.

Almost no one uses it.

Even if they are used, no one thinks they are strong.

Because compared to Charizard’s Pokemon, their damage is much lower.

“Oh, you are really too good.” Li Qiuran shook his head and sighed repeatedly.

He began to explain.

“Today I will rectify Muk and Chansey. They are definitely worthy of selection in this game.”

“You are all lucky to be able to see the next teaching. In the past few days, you can use this tactic well, and he can help you get the points.” Li Qiuran taught step by step.

However, all this has become Li Qiuran’s sophistry in the eyes of the barrage.

“Hmph! Look good!”

Li Qiuran coldly smiled, then brought black mud to Muk, and the Characteristic Trait was changed to Poison Touch.

Looking at Little Lu on the opposite side.

Charizard Characteristic Trait Blaze, carrying black charcoal.

This is Little Lu!

All are attacking.

“The strongest offense is everything.” Someone on the barrage said.

This is the current world’s general perception of games.

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