Pokemon Creation Chapter 330

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Coincidentally, now Little Lu is also live.

“Little Lu Sang, Li Qiuran is live, and you hit it.” A cheerful barrage floated over Little Lu’s sight.

“Little Ran? Does he play this game too?” Little Lu was overjoyed.

“She hurriedly cut the screen to log in to Li Qiuran’s live broadcast room, sure enough!

The ID is exactly the same.

In the live broadcast room, Li Qiuran was facing the bullet screen boosting.

“Let me tell you! What Little Lu, China’s first match-up Master, I only need one Pokemon! And I use what you call the sewer Pokemon, Muk! I lose if I use the second one.”


The cup in Little Lu’s hand was suddenly squeezed.

There was murderous aura in her eyes.

“Very good! Little Ran, you are dead!” Little Lu looked towards the screen, waiting for the game to start.

Her barrage looked at the broken cup with horror.

“It’s a young age, and one hand squeezed the glass. How powerful is this.”

“If this hand gives me lu…hiss! It’s horrible!”

“Don’t drive upstairs! The speed is too fast, please pay attention to traffic safety.”

“Little Lu, you dare to imagine, too much fear of life.”

The barrage crooked almost instantly.

At this point, Li Qiuran finally finished editing Pokemon.

Looking at Little Lu, I have been waiting for a long time.

He kept saying “Hurry up, I’ll wait until the flowers are gone.”

“Did your head be bit off by Victreebel!”

Looks very grumpy.

“Little Lu is angry again! The anchor is careful.” The friendship barrage hurriedly reminded.

Li Qiuran glanced at the barrage, and suddenly showed a sneer, “This game is useless to get angry. If it’s useful, I get 3000 points.”

Game start.

Li Qiuran: Muk.

Little Lu: Charizard.

“It’s really conceited, knowing that I don’t need targeted Pokemon when I’m out of Muk.” Li Qiuran disdainful smile.

“Finally, the next step is the essence of this tactic.”

“Muk Minimize.”

Om, in the game, Muk Minimizes at a speed visible to naked eye.

“It’s useless, even if your dodge rate increases, you won’t be able to win the enemy without hitting the health bar.”

The barrage immediately questioned.

This is the same reason as Pokemon Alliance.

Just kill people without pushing the tower impossible to win!

“Hmph! Charizard, use Flamethrower directly.” Little Lu coldly smiled.


Charizard directly ejected a powerful flame at high altitude.

“Hmph, it’s useless.” Li Qiuran was very calm and continued to command, “Muk uses Protect.”


The invisible Barrier appeared in front of Muk.

Boundless flame hitting the Barrier is like encountering an obstacle Normal, unable to make any progress.

“Continue to use Minimize.”

“Continue to use Flamethrower.”

“It’s useless. Although Protect can block a round of attacks, the success rate of this ability is not 100%. This also means that Charizard can keep attacking, while Muk can only passively defend.”

The barrage began a lively discussion.

“Although Muk has been in Minimize, the dodge rate is increasing. But Pokemon can carry a total of 4 Ability, Minimize, Guardian has already accounted for 2, and the remaining 2 Ability slots can carry what?”

“The core Ability of Muk is Sludge Bomb. This is a must. The remaining one can take Toxic. This is both offensive and defensive.”

“But this is not enough for a string of 3s.” The barrage was discussed in a very serious way.

In this regard, Li Qiuran disdainful smile, “Whoever told you to take the attack on Ability, let you feel the strength of Muk next.”

After that, the Flamethrower in the screen had already hit Muk.

“Continue to Minimize.” Li Qiuran ordered lightly.

The flame dissipated. Surprisingly, Muk not at all received a lot of damage and still looked full of energy.

“You see, you guys don’t like to use Muk, it’s just because of his lack of lethality and his ugly appearance.”

“But in fact, his dual defenses are very high, especially special defenses.”

“Therefore, special attacks like Flamethrower’s ability to damage him is very limited.”

Li Qiuran said slowly, just now Muk’s health bar dropped to see 14.

“My Muk has always been in Minimize, and his dodge rate has continued to increase. In the end, Charizard couldn’t even beat Muk. Even if it hits, the damage caused is limited.”

“Fuck it’s so dirty.” The barrage immediately became active.

“But even so, a string of 3 is very difficult.” But some people also raised doubts.

“Just look at it.” Li Qiuran sneered at the corner of his mouth.

In the field.

Little Lu saw that Flamethrower was not effective, and immediately changed his tactics, “Use Wing Attack.”

“It is worthy of being China’s No. 1, and the response is quick.” Li Qiuran suddenly laughed with his palm.


Minimize’s Muk dodge attacked and continued Minimize.

“Use Split!” Little Lu was anxious, and hurriedly shouted.


This time, the attack hits.

Muk’s health bar has dropped a lot.

However, Li Qiuran laughed.

I saw that Charizard began to bubble up.

He was actually poisoned.

“This is Muk’s Characteristic Trait, Poison Touch. When attacked, there is a probability to poison the opponent.”

“With holding items, black mud, Poison Type Pokemon can restore blood volume every round.”

Muk’s health bar slowly recovered.

At this time, Muk can no longer be in Minimize.

“Use Harden.” Li Qiuran ordered immediately.

“Because of Muk’s own special defense, Charizard can only be forced to use the attack series of moves.”

“However, Harden can increase defensive power and make up for Muk’s shortcomings. So in the end, no matter how Charizard attacks, it will not hurt Muk.” Li Qiuran said proudly.

“But even so, the reply from Muk Holding items can’t keep up with the consumption.” Someone questioned.

“Very good question!” Li Qiuran gave the bullet screen a thumbs up.

“That’s why I have to carry the last Ability.”

“Muk uses Rest.”


Muk fell into a deep sleep, and his health bar became full.

Seeing this, Little Lu’s face suddenly turned green.

“Come on, beat Muk to death and count me as losing.” Li Qiuran left the keyboard with both hands and said calmly.

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