Pokemon Creation Chapter 332

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A few days later.

A new group of researchers came to the ranch.

There are about ten researchers in this group who came to receive Pokemon.

Most of them are youngsters.

Before coming, they had already obtained the Pokemon information they could receive.

This time, Magnemite information has been added to the information.

Electric Type Pokemon!

“Sure enough! Electric Type Pokemon, Magnemite, looks like a Magnet.” The researchers murmured.

At this time, the staff of the ranch came to them, loudly said: “You are all researchers from the International Pokemon Laboratory. You can get a Pokemon from the ranch. l

“However, the Pokemon must be willing to go with you. Moreover, you are mentally prepared. Adopting a Pokemon means that you are responsible for his life.”

The researchers are serious and nodded.

They are ready to take Pokemon as family.

Finally, after running in with Pokemon, 4 researchers took away Magnemite, 2 researchers took Pidegeotto, 1 researcher chose wrist strength, 2 chose Catterpie, and the last one chose Psyduck.

at the same time.

The official website is updated with Electric Type Pokemon.

Information on Pichu and Magnemite.

Pichu had a short appearance in the elder sister riding the wind and waves before.

At that time, it won the love of many audiences.

Not long after the information was updated, people copied Pichu’s information on the Internet.

“Found it, the true identity of the mysterious Yellow Pokemon.”

“He is Electric Type Pokemon. No reservations are currently supported.”

“She is so cute.”

Subsequently, Red & White Corporation updated Pichu’s video.

In the video.

A staff member wearing white clothed was introducing to the camera.

“Pichu, Electric Type Mouse Pokemon, their personality is more naughty and mischievous.”


Pichu in the back kept rolling on Ground.

It looks very cute.

“They are very small and can emit electric currents that paralyze adults.”

“But they don’t have enough control over the electric current. When they are young, they have to laughed heartily or surprised when all the big emotions are ups and downs, they will release a strong electric current, like this.”

The staff smiled and knelt down and tickles Pichu’s stunned eyes.


mound! ! ! !

Pichu immediately laughed and rolled frantically.

Then a strong current erupted from him within the body.

“Ahhhhhhh~~~~~” With a burst of feeling Growl, the staff’s hair stood up, and he exhaled a black breath, looking towards the camera.

“So, their current is still very strong.”

“When Pichu evolves, the control of electric current will be greatly improved. But Pichu’s evolutionary condition is intimacy.”

“So at present Pichu will not open bookings for ordinary families, because Pichu is still dangerous for ordinary families.”

The video ends.

“It doesn’t matter, so cute Pokemon is no matter how dangerous I am.” A lot of similar comments suddenly appeared on the Internet.

From the video, Pichu’s current is strong, but it is not enough to kill an adult.

So many people began to stir.

Pichu in the video is innocent and romantic. His appearance can be ranked in the top 3 among all Pokemon.

It can be compared with Mew by its appearance.

even more how Pichu is still an Electric Type Pokemon.

Very rare Attribute.



“Little Ran, when can I book that Pichu?”

Not long after the video was released, Li Qiuran received a call from Little Lu.

“Do you want to book?” Li Qiuran asked back.

“Some thoughts, looks pretty strong.”

“How do you see that he is very strong.”

Li Qiuran has a black line.

Pichu’s little look doesn’t match Qiang at all.

Little Lu’s brain circuit is really amazing.

“Isn’t it strong?” Little Lu asked again.

“In fact, it’s quite strong.” Li Qiuran said in a deep thought.

After all, Pikachu is an anime pro son, but they are all Pokemon who can wrestle with Legendary Beast.

Its speed and attack direction are relatively sudden, and it is still a very good assassin-type Pokemon.

It would be even more powerful if you could carry batteries.

“But Pichu needs company. Only when the intimacy is reached can it evolve. You must know that Pichu is difficult to control its own current, so being electrified should be daily.” Li Qiuran repeatedly reminded.

“Getting electric?” Little Lu frowned, “I shouldn’t be afraid.”

She looked at her hand.

“I caught the glass without any damage, am I still afraid of electricity?” she asked.

“I shouldn’t be afraid.” Li Qiuran had a black line.

Little Lu is an iron man in the real world.

“Then wait a few days, I’ll send someone to send Pokemon eggs over.”


Currently, Pichu reservations are only available to families with 2 Pokemon and experience in raising them.

Not only that.

Have to go through layers of review.

Soon, Red & White Corporation opened the reservation.

Participation in booking is easy.

1. Possess 2 or more Pokemon raising experience.

2. Be able to come to the ranch in person.

After filling in the details, those who passed can come to the ranch to feel the current of Pichu.


On this day, dozens of people were waiting at the gate of the ranch.

Although Pichu’s booking requirements are strict, China has a vast land and resources, and many people still pass.

They gathered at the gate of the ranch waiting for the opening of the ranch.

During the opening, they chatted.

“What Pokemon do you have at home?”

“Pidegeotto and Servine.”

“Your Snivy has evolved?”

“Yeah! I remember becoming more arrogant after evolution.”

“My Snivy is also very arrogant. I obviously want to rest with me, but it seems that I was forced by me.”

“Hahaha, it’s the same.”

“My 🏠 is Charmeleon.”

“Charmeleon is very grumpy.”

“Fortunately, my house has a playground of several 100 square meters for him to play. After all his energy is consumed, he will be irritable.”


During the chat, dedicated staff walked out of the ranch.

“Please line up at the door and register. We will report names to each and everyone later.”

Under the command, people began to leave their registration information in an orderly manner.

Many of them also brought Pokemon.

However, Pokemon was taken back into Poké Ball.

“Can we also bring Pokemon into the ranch?” someone asked.

“No problem.” The staff was nodded.

Pokemon also need to run-in.

So it is good to be able to bring your own Pokemon to meet Pichu.

At least let Pokemon know what his future partner Pichu looks like.

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