Pokemon Creation Chapter 333

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After registration.

The staff started calling people.

“The first group, Zhang Tianyu, Meng Meiqi.”

I’m coming.

A teenager and girl eagerly ran forward.

“Do you carry Pokemon?”

“Some and some.”

2 people each took out 2 Poké Balls.

“Please follow me.” The staff then led 2 people into the ranch.

“Wow! The environment is great.” This was the first time they entered the ranch, and they were immediately shocked by the environment.

The entrance is a vast grassland, Miltanks are eating grass leisurely.

“A lot of Miltank.” Zhang Tianyu exclaimed.

Now the red and white company has provided weekly milk delivery to Pokemon customers.

Every customer who makes a reservation will receive high-quality milk produced by Miltank delivered by Pidegeotto every week 2, 4, and 6.

Currently only available to Pokemon customers in S city.

And more than 200 families have ordered milk.

Milk is good and cheap.

And it is nutritious.

After drinking, I said it was OK.

On the other side of the grass, several Charmanders were entangled and rolled on the grass.

Not far away, many Doduo can be seen running.

“This is heaven.” The youngsters became obsessed and immediately took out their phone and started shooting.


Sky, a few Pidegeotto slip off.

In the lake, Squirtle and Psyduck are swimming together.

The arrival of youngsters not at all aroused the curiosity and attention of Pokemon.

They have become accustomed to humans.


At this time, a Doduo trot in front of the boy, bending his knees slightly.

“Is this for me to sit on it?” The youngsters hesitated, with the emotion of be eager to have a try in their eyes.

“Yes!” The staff faintly smiled, and then called 2 Doduo.

“I believe you have all made Doduo self-service cars in the city, right?”

“Of course.” Youngsters nodded.

Under the guidance, the youngsters and the staff sat on Doduo respectively.

“Doduo, go to Pichu.”


Upon receiving the instruction, Doduo raised his head and screamed, then walked forward happily.

Along the way, they passed the grassland.

I saw Pokemon playing in 4 places.

After passing through the forest.

Catterpie, Beedrill’s territory can be seen in the forest.

They also saw the Snivy who were in a meeting.

A naughty Snivy even stretched out Vine Whip to pay attention to the Astonish youngsters.

But the boy didn’t care, which frustrated Snivy.

After passing the forest, the youngsters saw a new lake.

“Be careful, there is a very powerful Pokemon in this lake.” The staff reminded with a smile.

Hearing this, youngsters hurriedly covered their mouths.

Doduo passed the lake safely.

After leaving the lake, the curious teenager disabled to bear asked: “What Pokemon is in the lake?”

“Gyarados. That is the lake of Gyarados.” The staff said with a faint smile.

“Gyarados?” The boy looked confused.

He has never heard of Gyarados, the Pokemon.

Even the official website does not seem to have relevant information.

“In the future, the official website will meet the information, and now it must be kept secret.” The staff member put up a finger in front of his mouth with a mysterious face.

The teenager suddenly felt a sense of responsibility that I knew this secret, and hurriedly nodded, I would never say it.

Shortly after.

Doduo stopped near the laboratory.

Looking at the laboratory incompatible with the Silent Forest, the youngsters were a little disturbed.

This is not the place where the Frankensteins in the movie scene live?

“The environment is a bit infiltrating, isn’t it?” Perhaps seeing the youngsters’ nervousness, the staff said with a smile.

“I was scared when I first came here. Mew used Psychic to scare me secretly.”

The staff’s words aroused the curiosity of the youngsters.

“Is Mew so naughty?” The youngsters were kind to this mysterious Pokemon.

“Yes, but Mew is very empathetic.” The staff then talked to the youngsters about Mew.

A few minutes later, the door to the laboratory opened, and a Pichu popped up from it.


She looked at the two teenagers in front of her and gave a soft cry.

“Ah! I’m conquered.” After all, the boy was a boy, and was immediately cut down by Pichu.


Pichu jumped to the two of them, put his hands on them, with a smirk on his face.

Seeing Pichu’s movements, the youngsters exulted, “So cute~~~ah~~~~~~~~”

The words of praise were not finished yet, their voices instantly turned into electronic sounds.

After a few seconds, their mouths slowly exhaled black air, and their hair stood up.

“Cough cough, Pichu’s current is basically the same. If you want to raise, you must be prepared to be powered at any time.” The staff said with a suppressed smile.


“I think you should be unable to book Pichu like this.” The staff sighed.

“How come! I have nothing to do.” The youngsters expression slammed his chest, trying to prove himself, but his feet suddenly softened.

“If you exercise for a while, you may be able to catch up with the next wave of bookings.” The staff lifted up the youngsters comforted.

“In fact, it is predicted that no more than 5 families can successfully book.”

“The difficulty of booking is still very high. After all, this is the first time Pichu has booked, so it will be very strict. I hope you can understand.”

Then the youngsters expressed their understanding and left the ranch in an atmosphere of reluctance to turn around after one step 3.

Soon after, each and everyone family was queuing to test the intensity of the current.

Most families are eliminated or choose to give up.

After all, Pichu’s current is not something that an average person can withstand.

After a day passed, several Pichus were also tired.

The booking test is almost complete.

In the end, only 3 families passed the booking.

Pichu’s first wave of bookings is over.

There is also a frenzy of discussion online.

Netizens learned about Pichu’s abilities from the families who were eliminated and abandoned.

The current is quite strong.

At least kill most of the Electric Type creatures on the market.

If he evolves…

“Fuck! Pichu is kind of awesome when I think about it now!”

“Will he become the best Electric Type Pokemon in the world?”

“Isn’t there another Magnemite? What is the potential of Magnemite?”

Every time, Red & White Corporation can surprise people.

at first.

People think that Red & White Corporation can only create Fire Element Pokemon.

But later they dabbled in Pokemon of other Attributes.

It also created the Grass Type.

just now!

Electric Type Pokemon also turned out.

People can’t help calculating.

As of today, Red & White Corporation has created the ice attribute for the attribute.

“But Red & White Corporation is already building an ice attribute habitat.”

Then the conclusion is obvious at a glance.

Red & White Corporation Almighty!

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