Pokemon Creation Chapter 334

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“Pichu, how do you feel?” At the end of the day, Li Qiuran looked at Pichu who was lying on the table and asked with pity.

Pichu in the ranch is only one in ten. For this reservation, Pichu will inevitably be a little tired.


Pichu sat up and shook his fingers to show that he was in good condition.

Then he began to speak with words on the left and Qiu on the right expressing his disdain for those people.

Yau (one electric shock won’t work)

Skin (too bad)

Yau (I will use Thunderbolt in the future, not directly).

Li Qiuran who listened to Pichu’s words secretly sweated.

He hurriedly tried to correct Pichu’s 3 views.

“Electricity is wrong. You should try to restrain yourself.”

Pichu must be guided well, otherwise it will be his own suffering.


Pichu tilted his head and put his hands on Li Qiuran.


A faint electric current began to surround him.

“Ahhhh~~” Li Qiuran was electrified.

For a long time, a spit of black air spits Up from his mouth.

Seeing Pichu swaying with a smirk, tears faintly flashed in his eyes.

Pichu’s humming tune can be vaguely heard in the air.

Yau (who is it~~ knocking on my window)

Yau (who is it~~ is twitching the strings)

Yau (the people who were abused by Covet)

Yau (gradually~~I was shocked by my electric shock~~)


Charmander territory.

Charmanders were rolling comfortably on the grass.

There are already close to 5 Charmeleons in the territory.

Although it has evolved into Charmeleon, it may be affected by the atmosphere of the pasture.

These Charmeleons are not particularly irritable.

Most of the time they are lazy.

In the very center of the territory, Little Flame is lying dormant on the Rock.

As the well-deserved boss of the Charmander domain, he must maintain a compelling position at all times.

At this time, a Charmeleon trot in front of Little Flame.

Ga (Boss, Pichu, please see me)

Ga (quasi).

Little Flame raised his eyelids slightly and said lazily.

Ga (Xuan ~ ~ Pichu).

Charmeleon turned around and shouted loudly moved towards the periphery.

Ga (Xuan ~ ~ Pikachu).

The outer Charmander is passed layer by layer.

Yau (very grand).

Pichu moved towards Little Flame and ran.

Yau (Boss, boss, will you take me out to play.)

All the way, Little Flame heard the tender and excited voice of the ball.

Ga (If the shovel officer agrees, I will take you there again).

Although she loves this younger sister very much, the lazy cancer criminal Little Flame decisively uses Li Qiuran as a shield.

Based on his knowledge of Li Qiuran…

Pichu can never leave the ranch.

His age is still too young.

Go (the shovel officer has agreed).

Unexpectedly, Pichu said with his hips akimbo.

Yau (I have electrocuted him).


Little Flame looked stunned.

Pichu saw this and began to try to persuade.

Yau (I heard from Meowth yesterday that Pokemon Paradise is under construction, don’t you want to go and see)?

Ga (Pokemon Paradise)?

Little Flame suddenly became interested.

He often flying above S city, as if not at all noticed some paradise.

Yau (really, I guarantee it by personality).

Pichu stretched out 3 fingers facing upwards, vouching for it.

Finally, they called Meowth to confirm the direction of Pokemon Paradise.

Meowth’s fingers tapped flexibly on the phone.

He skillfully logged into the VIP customer service account of Red & White Corporation, and then found one of the posts in the staff discussion area.

“Pokemon Paradise”

As soon as I entered the post, I saw that the staff related to the park were discussing the construction facilities of Pokemon Park.

“I think Pokemon Paradise can be separated into Part 2, Water Park, the theme is Water Type Pokemon.”

“Plan 1: Water roller coaster. The entire track is Gyarados’ body. When falling at the highest point, it enters Gyarados’s mouth, and then wraps around the body. The surroundings can cause waves.”

“Plan 2, simulating the situation of being chased by Gyarados, the Gyarados behind will move towards the strong water curtain of the car Spit Up from time to time.”

In addition to planning for water parks, there are also plans for land.

“Our goal is to create a Pokemon park with distinctive features that is even better than Disneyland.”

“We can make the staff pretend to be Pokemon and provide group photos on the road.”

“The transportation in the park can be directly replaced by Pokemon. Doduo is used as a Bicycle tool, and Pidgeot is used as an air taxi. Of course, Blastoise can also be used to provide water tours.”

“Specific amusement facilities can also be paired with specific Pokemon. Abandon traditional thinking and innovate.”

The forum is very lively.

Almost half of the staff of Red & White Corporation participated in the discussion.

The establishment of an amusement park is not confidential, and almost everyone knows about it now.

Many people are still looking forward to it.

You know that Disneyland is the largest and most well-known amusement park in the world in this World.

Even Hua Ben opened 2 or 3 stores.

But in fact, the output of this kind of amusement park to culture is also huge.

Almost all the younger generation in China now know about Disney.

Many Disney characters have accompanied them to grow up.

Therefore, Red & White Corporation also wants to make an amusement park that can affect children in the country.

Just looking at these fragmentary projects, Pichu has already developed a keen interest.

Yau (when was the construction completed acridine)?

Pichu asked impatiently, wagging his tail.

“Meow~~~” Meowth groaned and swiped the phone.

“It is expected to be several months! It is already under construction now.”

After rummaging through many posts, Meowth came to a conclusion.

Yau (this is too slow, right).

Pichu looked dissatisfied.

“Meow, it’s already fast! Do you know how big the project is to build an amusement park?” Meowth stretched out his arms exaggeratedly, “It’s several times bigger than the ranch!”

The exaggerated remarks made Pichu’s mouth closed in surprise.

Yau (then we have to help them build an amusement park!)

Pichu looked right.

Yau (as long as the amusement park is completed, we can also enter and play).

“Meow~~” Meowth swiped his phone again, “No way, Wrist Strength and Tyrogue have gone to help.” He turned to find a post.

There are several pictures in the post.

From the picture, you can see the strength of working hard, Haoli.

“This is very good training for them. Meowth stroked his beard, said with a smile.


Pichu suddenly looked depressed.

She really wants to go to the amusement park.

Ga (we can go and inspect to see if we need help)

At this time, Little Flame, who had been silent, spoke.

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