Pokemon Creation Chapter 335

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Laboratory room.

It seemed to sense that and so on Mew slipped out of the laboratory and flew in the direction of Little Flame.

From afar, you can see the people shrinking together and discussing and so on Pokemon.

Miyo (what are you talking about)?

Mew asked curiously.

Yau (we are going to Pokemon Paradise).

Pichu looked mysterious.


Mew came in interest.

After Meowth described it vividly, Mew also decided to go to Pokemon Paradise to urge the workers to work.

With the help of Little Flame, Pokemon soon came to the Sky of Pokemon Paradise.

Pokemon Paradise is located on the coast of S city.

Pokemon Paradise is surrounded by bustling cities.

The largest shopping mall in S city is only 2 kilometers away from Pokemon Paradise.

And there are many expensive residential villas near the mall.

It can be said that many rich people live in this Region.

The construction of Pokemon Park is not confidential.

Therefore, many people passing by have discovered that the S City Park, which has already closed down, is actually being renovated.

After the interested people asked, they naturally learned that the land had been contracted by Red & White Corporation.

“Could it be Pokemon Paradise?” People were puzzled.

I think of the revelations on the Internet that claim to be employees of Red & White Corporation.

Then everything is clear!

“Pokemon Paradise is under construction, and we are expected to see you at the end of the year.” A newspaper posted the news directly.

Children are naturally the happiest.

They began to imagine the facilities that Pokemon Paradise would have.

Many interested people list Pokemons and give corresponding facilities based on the characteristics of Pokemon.

“Diglett-build a roller coaster-like facility that can shuttle underground.”

“Blastoise-Blastoise water bungee jumping. The car climbed along the tail of the Blastoise to the top. Then on the top of the Blastoise building, people installed bungee jumping equipment and flew down under the water from the fort.”

“Charizard-Charizard roller coaster at sky Fly.”

The imagination of netizens is abundant.

This has more or less accelerated the construction progress of the amusement park.

On the other side, the Sky of the amusement park crossed black shadows.

Then Little Flame landed slowly.

“Why is it dark?”

The people working below and Pokemon lift the head curiously.

“Is that Charizard?”

In the sky, the silhouette of Little Flame keeps approaching.

Finally fell to the ground smoothly.

Several Pokemon jumped from his back.

Pichu, Meowth and Mew.

Mew can fly, but he wants to be a passenger more than he works hard.

Yau (Hello everyone).

Pichu moved towards very well and waved around.

“This…Do you want to report it?” The staff began to whisper as soon as the Pokemon appeared.

Finally, their leader took out his mobile phone to make a call to Red & White Corporation.

The rest of the staff are also back to work.

They often deal with Pokemon, but they don’t take pictures of the disabled to bear with the citizens.

They are very professional.

You can rest early if you work hard.

These can’t be taken as a meal.

As for the wrist strength and Tyrogue also quickly returned to training.

For a while, Little Flame and other Pokemon were left out.

Originally they wanted to urge the workers to work hard, but now they seem to be unnecessary.


At this time, Meowth’s cell phone rang.

“Moses Moses?”

As soon as I turned on the phone, I heard Li Qiuran’s Hedong Lion roar, “How come you Smelly Brat got to Pokemon Paradise, come back to me soon.”

“Meow~~” Meowth calmly moved the phone ten centimeters away from his ear, and said in a very calm tone: “The signal is not good, hang up first.”

“If you dare to hang up, I will make your signal extinguished.” Li Qiuran gnashing teeth voice came through the phone.

“Meow~~Can you not do this! Childish!”


The phone hangs up.

Yau (hello man).

Pichu looked admiring.

Ga (Dare to be tough with the shit shovel officer, you really are a child chosen by God).

Miyo (you really impressed me).

Listening to the compliments from the friends, Meowth felt that the whole cat became stiff.

“Have you seen~ We can’t give up, we can’t be afraid of the difficulties of the shit shovel officer, only hard spirit is our way to prove ourselves! Meow!”



“Meow is wrong!” Meowth’s heartbreaking cry came from the room.

The camera zooms in, and Meowth is being held up by Li Qiuran with two legs in one hand, Tickle itchy.

“Do you know what is wrong?”


“Do you dare to be tough?”

“Don’t dare.”

“Who is the boss of the family?”



These days.

While the researchers who have received Magnemite cultivated tacit understanding, research addiction also emerged.

On the empty ground, a researcher is directing Magnemite to discharge the equipment.


Electric current surges at the bipolar of Magnemite.

Then a strong current hits the device.


The device absorbs current and makes a slight noise.

The researcher waited for the data in front of the computer excitedly.

“How is it?” his colleague asked curiously.

“Very good. At present, the human body can bear it.” The researcher looked satisfied.

“After Magnemite completes the evolution, his electric shock may be fatal.”

Magnemite shook his body to absorb the nutrient cream, and nestled in the researcher’s arms with attachment.

After a few simple tests, the researcher determined that Magnemite itself is not low in potential.

As an Electric Type Pokemon of Red & White Corporation, it is already very outstanding.

“It’s just a pity that we don’t have Pichu’s data, otherwise we can still make a comparison.” The researchers sighed slightly.

They then uploaded the data into Magnemite.

In the Pokemon Laboratory at this moment, researchers are still working.

However, none of their Pokemon stayed in Poké Ball.

Some of them are helping researchers with research, serving tea and water.

Some Pokemon play in the children’s area specially set up by the Laboratory.

The expressions all of the researchers looked towards Pokemon were full of pampering.

With Pokemon’s company, the originally boring research life has become more colorful.

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