Pokemon Creation Chapter 336

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A few days later, Little Song eagerly, who finished recording, returned triumphantly.

The first thing I did when I came back was to take Li Qiuran to see the elder sister riding the wind and waves.


Believe me, this show is beautiful.

I am the most beautiful in there.

Little Song slapped Li Qiuran on the sofa with a small mouth.

Take out the remote control and press it hard at the TV.

By Li Qiuran’s side, Meowth, Cubone, Pichu, Nini and other Pokemon all looked towards TV seriously.

zi zi 呲.

The TV screen turned around and came to the elder sister’s preview.

In this program, elder sisters will perform songs.

Pokemon are holding popcorn, sipping drinks, and waiting for Little Song’s appearance.

The first long-established female singer to appear.

She went directly to the stage to beat a Qinghai-Tibet Low Plains, and got a high score of 80.

“As expected of a big-name singer, he is really good at singing.” Meowth put on sunglasses and commented faintly.


The technology is really good. It is one of the strong opponents of this Young Lady.

Little Song also sent a comment.

After seeing a few little elder sister Sings, it was finally Little Song’s turn to appear.


A familiar sweetness flows slowly in the sweet air.

“It sounds good~~”

The Pokemon slowly closed their eyes, and a picture of shame appeared in their minds.

Pichu’s mind.

A pink Pichu is holding a bunch of flowers, affectionate.

Yau, for you~.


Hate, people are shy like this.

Pichu took the flowers shyly.

Pink Pichu gently took Pichu’s hand and kissed the back of his hand.


So happy.


The illusion is over.

Pichu has burst into tears.

No matter how happy it is, it is fake.

The reality is that I am alone.

Why do I burst into tears?

Because the sadness in my heart could not stop pouring out.


With the popularity of the show, Little Song has once again returned to the public eye. At this moment, she has the potential to become a superstar.

After that, she made persistent efforts and withdrew from bitter songs such as “Survival of Hate” and “Sad Until Daybreak”.

Once again, the music Ranking List will be slaughtered.

Little Song has made an appointment to become the best female singer in China this year!


Here, I want to thank BBtv and Strawberry TV Station for their great support.

I want to give special thanks to my shit shovel officer. Without him, I would not be alive today.

I also want to thank my family. Without their baptism that accepted my singing 24 hours a day, there would be no successful me now.

Finally, I want to thank my Teacher, Grandma Li.

Thank you for your meticulous care, and thank you for bringing this wonderful color of musical notes into my world.

On the speaking stage, Little Song held the microphone and burst into tears.

Not easy!

It is really not easy for her to go to this day.

Meowth on the side was also full of tears, perfectly translating Little Song’s words.

This time, he has not undergone any modification.

Plain and simple words are enough to touch everyone.

Little Song won the prize.

Li Qiuran sat in the audience with tears secretly.

At this time, a camera was aimed at him, and he hurriedly wiped away tears in embarrassment, revealing an embarrassing smile.

Seeing Little Song standing next to the huge gold trophy, Li Qiuran suddenly felt a sense of pride.


On the other hand, Pokemon Paradise finally opened in these few months.

People lined up in hordes at the door.

During the queue, they all got the map of Pokemon Paradise in their hands.

Open the map.

Pokemon Paradise is divided into 4 regions.

The first large area is the water park, visitors need to wear swimsuits to enter.

The second area is dominated by stimulus projects.

The third district focuses on parenting.

The content inside is more child-oriented.

The last area tends to experience.

Use high technology to give tourists an immersive experience.

Today is the first day of the opening of Pokemon Park, and the Jin Keke family naturally caught up with this wave of play.

“Let’s go to District 2 first!” Jin Keke raised his hand.

She has seen commercials on TV, and the roller coaster in the stimulation zone has a unique style. She has been fascinated for a long time.

“No, it’s too dangerous, let’s go to Zone 3. The babies in the house are all children.” However, Jin Keke mother directly rejected Jin Keke’s proposal.

“I want to go to the experience area.” Jin Keke father trembling with fear raised his right hand.

Finally, after the decision of The head of the family, they went to the children’s area.

People coming, people going, can be seen everywhere People in Pokemon costumes.

They are all staff members here.

You can choose to take a photo with them, or you can buy the items in our trolley.

As soon as I entered the children’s area, I saw a huge castle in the shape of Pikachu.

The air is filled with colored lights, and Pikachu’s pickups can be heard~~

There are many humans dressed as Pokemon near the castle.

What is more surprising is…

There are several well-behaved Pokemon around these staff.

Pokemon are wearing funny costumes and holding flyers in their arms.

Enter the castle.

Inside are various small playgrounds.


As soon as I saw the playground, Huahua, the little villain, and Little June rushed in like they were happy.

Jin Keke follow closely from behind.

The children’s area smells so good.

After leaving the children’s area.

They came to the experience area.

Compared with the children’s area, the experience area has more passenger flow, and each device has a long line.

In front of a dark tunnel, Jin Keke’s family stopped.

There is this long line in front of Tunnel.

“Dark Pokemon World Adventure”

This is the name of this project.

You can faintly hear the sharp Growl from the Tunnel.

People who walked out of Tunnel were full of praise.

“So fun, so creative!”

“Pokemon Paradise is definitely the best amusement park in the world.”

With so many positive reviews, Jin Keke’s family is full of expectations.

After waiting for nearly an hour, it was finally Jin Keke’s turn.

The equipment in the tunnel is a huge black square.

There are an ordered list of chairs.

Jin Keke walked into the Tunnel excitedly, and under the arrangement of the staff, they sat on the seats.

The seat belt is fastened.

The 3 Pokemons are also protected by special Pokemon safety belts.

The people around kept talking excitedly.

“Please make sure that the seat belt is firmly buckled on the other side. Don’t panic and move around at will.” The staff said precautions as usual.

Pokemon and people listened carefully.

There are not only Jin Keke family but also at least ten people in the entire facility.

There are also several Pokemon.

Squirtle, Snivy.

Everyone is looking forward to it.

After talking about the precautions, the staff gradually retreated.

Leave a sentence in Dark Space, “I wish you all a good time.”

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