Pokemon Creation Chapter 337

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With the deep sound, the cube-shaped car began to move slowly with the track.

The Pokemon in the car suddenly made nervous Growl.

“Tweet (I’m so scared)”

The little villain whispered.

“Da Na (don’t be afraid that I will protect you).”

“Ga (what’s so scary).” Only Huahua scratched his head incomprehensibly.

“Get ready to scream.” Jin Keke was very free and easy.

She likes this kind of exciting project the most.

“You crazy girl.” Jin Keke’s parents helplessly cover their heads.

At this point, the car has entered the Tunnel.

Behind him, the last light gradually disappeared.

It was dark all around.

Only the sound of a car driving on the track can be heard.

call out.

Suddenly, the screen at the front of the car lights up.

Countless lights surrounding the car also flickered.

Accompanied by the exclamation, people suddenly discovered that the square car turned out to be orange red. Next to the car is the illusory red wings.

It looked like they were sitting on the back of a huge Charizard.

This creativity is absolutely amazing.

“Zi zi babble.”

At this time, the screen in front makes a sound, and then the image focuses.

A white-haired Professor appeared on the screen.

Professor looked panicked.

Roared with a heart-piercing voice: “Warriors, now you have reached Dark Continent and have been attacked. Hold the handle in front of you, we are about to start running for our lives.”


Everyone looked dazed.

Even some panic.

Their emotions were aroused by the words of the Professor.

Dark Continent!

This is the new world,

Is this the theme of this event?

“Look below,” someone suddenly exclaimed.

At this time, they discovered that there was a sky of Cianwood below.

They are like Fly Normal in sky.


Suddenly, a huge howl of horror Growl sounded behind him.

The people turned their heads in horror.

“What is that monster?”

Behind them, a huge Black Charizard was looking at them with face looks sinister.


Black’s flames condensed in Charizard’s mouth.

You can feel the powerful oppression from far away.

“Jiu (Ahhhhhhh Ahhhh)”

“Da Na (Save, save, save, save, save).”

Huh? ? (‾᷄‾)


The powerful Black flame moved towards everyone gushing out.

“The enemy has launched an attack, hurry up, we are about to start avoiding.” The Professor’s urgent voice suddenly sounded.

People subconsciously cling to their hands.

Then the speed of the car suddenly increased.

And a strong sense of weightlessness came.

In sight, they are rising into the air at an alarming speed.

“Go ahead, run, Charizard,” the people in the car yelled.

This experience is so real, it’s as if they were really chased by Black Charizard.


Countless Black flames passed by them, and people’s backs were also covered with goose bumps.

“Damn it, I can’t go on like this, fight back.” Charizard turned around as he roared.

In the excited Growl, Charizard moved towards Black Charizard head-on.


Accompanied by dragon roar, the red flame exploded directly on Black Charizard.

The rich Smokescreen burst open, filling the entire sky.

Countless fire stars spilled, following the Black Charizard moved towards Ground.

The people burst into violent cheers.

“Boom ~”

Charizard crosses the Smokescreen, but the crisis is not over yet.

“Good job, but more enemies are approaching, hold the handle, and a new round of escape will begin.”

Professor’s voice gradually became high-pitched.

The excitement and fear of people and Pokemon sounded in the Tunnel.


“Oh my God~ It’s really fun!” Ten minutes later, Jin Keke and his family walked out of the tunnel with Pokemon.

Their legs are a little weak.

Excited expressions all over his face.

“Tweet (really fun~~not scary at all)!”

The little villain looked excited and kept discussing with Little June chirp chirp twitter twitter.

“Hey? (・◇・)”

Huahua still held Jin Keke’s hand in a naive manner.

She doesn’t think this device is so exciting or fun.

Isn’t it just escaping on Charizard’s back?

Nothing great!

“This facility is really amazing.” Unlike the Pokemons, Jin Keke’s father flashed wise rays of light in his eyes.

It seems that Red & White Corporation has mastered the advanced technology of this World level.

Very strong!

At this time, the tourists who were still in the queue asked curiously: “How is it? Is it fun?”

“Very fun! Even if you wait 3 hours, it’s worth it.” Jin Keke’s family gave thumbs up and praised them.

There are at least 5 facilities in the experience area.

Each has to queue for more than an hour.

Due to limited time, Jin Keke’s family could only regretfully moved towards the next large area.

In the past, they learned that there is a huge 4D cinema in the experience area.

There will be a Pokemon movie with a good experience.

But that movie theater has to queue for at least 3 hours.

Regrettably, the Jin Keke family can only reluctantly give up.

Soon, they came to the stimulation zone.

As soon as I arrived at the division line of the region, I could see the towering Gyarados.

On the back of Gyarados there is a cable car to the highest point.

And above Gyarados’ head, the player will jump down.

And the moment they jumped off, Gyarados would also Spit Up Hydro Pump.

It will turn into a huge rain curtain and fall in the air.

Far away, you can hear the sharp Growl of tourists.


“This is too scary.” Jin Keke’s father palpitated.

“I don’t dare to play.” Jin Keke also shook the head.

But seeing Huahua suddenly raised his hand, pointed finger towards Gyarados, “Gah (I want to play).”

“Little Darling, this is not a facility for people to play, it’s too scary.” Jin Keke’s family immediately earnest and well-meant advised to persuade Huahua.

Even the little villain and Little June started making exaggerated gestures.

Describe this bungee jumping facility as Great Desolate wild beast.

“Hey (but I’m not a human).” Huahua bit his finger, looking towards the bungee jumping with eyes full of Covet.

At last.

She got her wish.

“You are the first Pokemon willing to bungee.” The staff looked admired.

Then they took pictures of Huahua as a souvenir.

The expansion and contraction tied to Huahua are all special ropes.

Very sturdy, the kind that keeps cutting even if Huahua uses his best.

Then it’s time to start!

Huahua stands on top of Gyarados.

People below are as small as ants.

Huahua looked at the 5 colored lights below, 2 rows of nasal mucus slowly dripping out.

“Huahua Young Lady, it doesn’t matter if you regret it now, you are already very brave.” The staff thought that Huahua was scared at the last moment, and said softly.


Huahua shook his head with a firm face.

“Gah (I want to jump!)”

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