Pokemon Creation Chapter 339

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“So that ghost shadow is Gastly? He works as a waiter in this restaurant?”

After straightening out the relationship, the netizens were immediately excited.

Let the ghost be the waiter, this idea is absolutely amazing!

“Stop talking, can’t I go!”

But more people’s focus is on Gastly’s Attribute.

“Is he really a ghost?” Many people questioned.

And this question was also solved by Red & White Corporation.

Soon, the Red & White Corporation official website will update Gastly’s information.


Ghost, Poison Type

Gas Pokemon

Gastly’s body is made of gas, and it can dive wherever it wants. However, its body will be blown away Minimize when exposed to strong winds, but it may be able to grow back later.

They like pranks and will lick the people they like with their tongues. PS: Lick can be paralyzed.

“Damn! Ghost Type! No entity!”

“What kind of miracle did Red & White Corporation create!”

“Impossible, it must be a gimmick. How can there be thoughts without entities? How can there be battle strength?”

The people were in an uproar.

The main reason is that Gastly’s information is too shocking.

Not only in China, but internationally renowned researchers have also expressed doubts.

“There is no entity, you can freely shuttle to any place, but you still have a mind. Then does he have a brain?”

“Gastly has dual Attribute, Ghost and Poison. The data is very limited and it is not possible to make enough analysis.”

“The ghost system is more unimaginable than the Psychic Type.”

“At least Psychic Type Pokemon has a body!”

When the outside world discussed in a frenzy, Red & White Corporation released the video again.

The video is a battle between Gastly and Charmander.


Accompanied by the roar of the beast.

Charmander raised Scratch moved towards Gastly.

In the sun, the sharp claws flashed cold light.

No creature can bear this claw.

However, in the video, Gastly is very calm and Levitate in the air.

There was a mocking smile on the corner of his mouth.

However, the thought of the claws tearing the flesh apart did not appear.

Charmander’s claws passed through Gastly’s body.

The huge inertia caused Charmander to fall directly to the ground.

“jié jié jié !”

Upon seeing this, Gastly let out a penetrating laugh.

Charmander quickly got up and opened his mouth.

Hot flames spurted from his mouth.

“Jié jié jié” Gastly’s familiar and eerie voice echoed in the air.

Then the air in front of him seemed to ripple.

The invisible Barrier appeared in front of him.


The scorching flame hit the Guardian Barrier and suddenly shattered.

And disappeared out of thin air.

It seems that Normal has never appeared.

Then, the haze of light purple began to fill Gastly’s body.

The air seemed to exude evil aura.

“jié jié jié.”

In the gloomy laughter, this layer of poison qi spreads away like a living Normal moved towards Charmander.

It is invisibly like hearing the gu lu sound of poison qi.

Then Charmander’s body shook suddenly.

He has been enveloped by poison qi.

In the poison mist, Charmander’s expression became wilted at the speed that naked eye could see.

“Jié jié jié.” There was another eerie laugh.

A shadow flashed, and the color of the entire screen suddenly became gloomy.

The strange Black Smokescreen appeared in the air, and it kept surging.


2 dark giant claws stick out from this weird Smokescreen.

In Charmander’s horrified gaze, giant claw picked up Haze and moved towards Charmander to grab it.


The shadow claw condensed from Haze actually had a solid body, and it hit Charmander firmly.


Charmander suddenly flew out like a cannonball, hitting the wall before stopping.

There were small circles in his eyes.

The video ends.

Although the video is not long, it fully demonstrates Gastly’s Characteristic Trait.

No entity.

But from his use of defensive ability, it can be seen that elemental moves can cause effective blows to him.

In addition, he has good Poison Type and Ghost Type moves.

Except it looks scary.

It seems to be pretty good in every way.

“Unsurprisingly, Gastly can be immune to all physical attacks, right?”

“That’s too strong.” Netizens began to discuss enthusiastically.

“But his defensive power must be very low.”

Netizens guessed everything.


A few days later, the Horror Restaurant officially opened.

“Our shop currently only accepts reservations”

“Fun aaahhhh!” Jin Keke began to give a violent operation.

“Make an appointment, I, Huahua, little villain, Little June 4!”

But she immediately shook her head, muttering in her mouth.

“No, there are too many little furry kids, I can’t manage, 10000 what if they are afraid?”

“Do I still hold them? Oh!”

Jin Keke’s words revealed a sense of confidence.

It seems that I am not afraid at all.

“Plus mother!”

“Aiya can’t, mother is too courageous, she must be afraid too, let’s add a father!”

“Forget it, let the whole family be together, good for reunion and harmony!”

“Number of people, 7. Reservation”

“Parents! I have reserved the horror restaurant for tomorrow, let’s go together!” The cheerful pace sounded.

Then came the voice of Jin Keke’s parents, Rage, “I killed you an unfilial daughter.”


2nd day.

Jin Keke’s family arrived at the horror restaurant on time.


The door changed and opened, making a distressing sound.

Behind the door is the darkness without 5 fingers.


I don’t know who swallowed.

“Is it time to regret now?” Jin Keke’s mother’s voice trembled.

“How can I leave when it’s here, let’s go.” Jin Keke held mother with confidence and walked inside.

“Ah! Ghost!” As soon as he stepped into the door, Jin Keke let out a Growl of fear.

In front of her.

A Gastly is wearing a suit with a white menu in his hand, with a faint light on his body and a professional smile on his face.

“jié jié jié.”


Although Gastly was smiling.

But it looks extremely scary.

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