Pokemon Creation Chapter 340

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“This is the attention who came up with, what a ghost.” After Jin Keke screamed, he was panicked.

It turns out that the horror restaurant is really scary.

Jin Keke suddenly regretted it.

“Jie~ (please come in)” Gastly turned Black’s claws in the air with a professional smile.

There is a white towel on his paw.

“Let’s go.” Jin Keke’s family held hands and walked towards the inside.

“Jié jié jié.” Gastly behind him immediately let out an incomparable smile.

The laughter made Jin Keke’s family back covered with goose bumps.

“Tweet (a bit scary).”

“Da Na (very scary).”

“Ga?” Σ(゜゜)

The temperature in the restaurant is a bit low.

The breeze keeps blowing.

But in the feelings of Jin Keke’s family.

There seems to be countless yin winds surrounding this restaurant.

It seems that weird laughter can be heard in 4 places.

Gastly behind him always made some penetrating sounds.

“We are here to eat, or to seek abuse.” At this moment, Jin Keke regretted it.

Jin Keke’s family didn’t know how they ended this meal.

Although this meal tastes good.


The appearance of the dishes is too scary.

It is simply the food of the dark cooking class.

Never want to experience it again!

Jin Keke’s family shivered fiercely.


Time goes back to one hour ago.

In the dark dining room, a faint light lit up.

Through the faint light, the Jin Keke family read the menu.

The menu made them frightened.

“Blood experience”

“Steamed hands”

“Looking at the stars”

“What the hell is that name.” Jin Keke looked horrified.

Fortunately, there is specific information after the name indicating what ingredients are made.

Finally, Jin Keke’s family trembling with fear finished their dishes.


The faint light came on.

They are Gastly’s white eyes.

“jié jié jié ”

Gastly took the menu and gave a piercing smile again.

At this time, the little villain and Little June had already fallen into the arms of Jin Keke’s parents.

And Jin Keke hugged Huahua tightly.


A big question mark appeared on Huahua’s face.

Why is his shit shovel officer suddenly so vulnerable.


Horror restaurant is really scary.

So 1 month later.


“The Horror Restaurant has achieved the ultimate in Horror, but it is a pity. The two parallel lines of eating and Horror are not going to be handed over. Therefore, due to poor performance, the Horror Restaurant announced its closure.”

This can be considered for the first time Red & White Corporation’s stumbling block.

But they are not discouraged.

Two months later, we will continue our efforts and launch Haunted House-Horror Hospital.

this time!

Business is very good!

And Gastly’s “jié jié jié” laughter unexpectedly exploded on the Internet.

After launching Ghost Type Pokemon, Red & White Corporation continued to make efforts to launch Rock-based Pokemon one after another.



Rock Pokemon

Geodude is like a gray stone with expression. There are raised stone eyebrows, trapezoidal eyes and brown irises, as well as a pair of muscular arms with 5 fingers.

However, Geodude not at all caused a particularly big sensation.

But think about it too.

Ghost Type Pokemon is officially in existence.

Rock is not so unusual in comparison.

Afterwards, under the test, Geodude’s ability was also confirmed.

He can use Rock to cause a series of effective blows.

Geodude also opened the booking soon.

So far, all Pokemon of Attribute have been launched.

Inside the Laboratory.

A well-known research professor in China, Professor Oak is looking at the detection data with a stern face.

“Volcano the past few days in our country, which has been silent for a long time, has a tendency to explode.”

It can be seen from the computer data.

Volcano is very restless at the moment.

The internal dark tide surged.

“It is expected to erupt within a week.”

Volcano is located in the jungle.

The mysterious creatures in the jungle seemed to be able to feel Volcano’s threat and began to commotion.

The guards guarding the entrance of the jungle have been constantly responding to many beasts trying to attack the entrance.

For a time, it was chaotic.

In such a severe situation.

China immediately assigned the powerful Genetic Organism to guard it.

“How? Can Pokemon join the team?” a senior asked in the Laboratory.

“There is no problem for Pokemon to deal with these beasts at present. But the problem is that the wild beast in the depths has not acted yet.” The Professor looked serious.

No one knows what kind of monsters exist in the depths.

And this unusual Volcano event seems to symbolize something.

the other side.

Mew playing in the ranch seems to be bringing something.

He lifts the head and looked towards the distant Volcano direction.

From there he felt the reaction of the powerful Pokemon.

Li Qiuran also sensed all this.

Inside the Ranch Laboratory.

Li Qiuran is studying a mysterious slab.

Arceus slate.

Arceus is the Pokemon of the god who created the world.

It is said that all Pokemon were created by him.

So this slate is of great research significance.

Li Qiuran recalled every bit of how he came to this world.

Create a Pokemon system.

Afterwards, I gradually learned about Pokemon research.

You can create Pokemon without relying on system.

And just a while ago.

The system disappeared strangely, but there was an Arceus slab left in his laboratory.

All this seems to mean something.

There seems to be some connection between this system and Arceus.

He already knew about Volcano’s upcoming eruption.

Although far away, the Pokemon in the ranch was a little restless during this time.


At this time, Mew flew into the laboratory.

Pointingly express something.

In a moment, Li Qiuran made a final decision.

“Let’s go to the Volcano area to take a look.”


“Welcome to the evening live broadcast, I am Xiao Liang. As you can see, we are on a helicopter right now. The sound of the machine pulp is very Uproar.”

On the live broadcast platform, the famous evening live broadcast was opened again.

Their influence on the Internet is equivalent to BBTV in reality.

This time, they were allowed to enter the high-altitude shooting in the Volcano area.

But they can only wander around the jungle, not deep.

From afar, you can see the towering Volcano.

“We can feel the smell of gunpowder in the air. The visibility is not high, and the air can always see fly ash.”

“We can feel the temperature abnormality. Compared to the city, the temperature here is much higher.”

The anchor brow beaded with sweat yelled at Matt Feng.

hiss~ ~

Suddenly, there was a sharp cry from Volcano in the distance.


The invisible wave in the air spreads outward, blowing the fly ash far away

“Ka ka ka”

Under the huge air current, the helicopter was whirlwinded several meters backward.

The machine pulp also made a crunching sound.

The anchor’s tone became frightened.

“Just now, we heard the weird Growl. It seems to be a bird. Then a huge air stream moved towards the helicopter. We don’t know what happened. But now we have to step back!”

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