Pokemon Creation Chapter 341

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The machine pulp is still making strange noises.

In this case, the helicopter cannot approach Volcano anymore

So back off quickly.

Until Volcano was never seen again.

All he could see was a thick dust.

“Bah~~” Volcano in the distance rang the bird’s call again.

This time, the air is even hotter.

The invisible air wave surged again.

“As you can see, we can’t get close at all now. There is a giant bird near Volcano. And now the visibility in the air is very low. It should be the ghost of that bird.” The anchor shouted into the camera. Tao.

There was fear and excitement on her face.

This is the most exciting live broadcast of her career.


At this time, there was a huge breaking wind from the other side.

In the rear, an orange red Charizard is approaching quickly.

“It’s Charizard! Heavens!” With an exclamation, the camera turned towards Charizard.

Charizard has a silhouette on him.

“Om.” Charizard Flying was very fast, passing the helicopter directly.

At this moment, the barrage in the live broadcast room moved wildly.

“Heavens! Charizard seems to have moved towards the big bird flying away!”

“Could it be that you are going to just face it?”

“That person is a bit like Young Master from Red & White Corporation, Li Qiuran!”

Although Charizard Flying is extremely fast, the general appearance of Li Qiuran has been noticed by many interested people.

“Quick, let’s lean up.” The anchor immediately patted his seat with excitement.

“It’s too dangerous. There are small dragons near Volcano. It’s very dangerous if you get close. Our current distance is relatively safe.” The Flying member hesitated.

“Salary increase. Quick! This is a historic scene. I have a hunch that we will see an epic battle.”

“Charge charge charge!”

The atmosphere in the live broadcast room is also very warm.

An airplane rocket was sent out.

At this time, Li Qiuran was already close to Volcano.

From a distance, you can see the fuzzy figure of the giant bird in the dense fog.


As if feeling the restless energy in the air, Little Flame also sent out an uneasy Roar.

“Little Flame, created a storm to disperse this fog.” Li Ran said with cold eyes.


Little Flame raised his head and screamed, and his powerful wings began to agitate.

Invisible energy condenses under his wings.


With the roar of wind.

A violent hurricane formed.

Hang this piece of thick smoke directly.

The line of sight is instantly clear.

“I saw it!” On the helicopter, the live broadcast continued.

“Charizard broke up the thick fog. At this moment we have seen clearly, there is a man standing on Charizard’s back. Let’s get closer.”

The anchor’s voice was a bit rush.

Everyone in the live broadcast room also held their breath.


At this time it is a loud roar again.

Little Flame issued a taunt/provoke at the mysterious creature.

Layers of sound waves penetrate the air and enter the interior of Volcano.


With the strange sound, the powerful energy in Volcano burst out suddenly.

“Boom.” A fragmented fire star burst out of Volcano’s mouth.

The rain fell into the surrounding forest.


The powerful beasts in the forest also became restless.

Each and everyone issued a howling Growl one after another.

“Hum.” At this moment, a fierce flame burst out of Volcano’s mouth.

Dye the sky above directly into red.

The air is constantly scorched by the high temperature, and it even makes breathing difficult.

“Heavens! The monster in Volcano’s mouth seems to be angry.” The anchor panicked.

The helicopter will also retreat a lot.

“The anchor don’t get close, it will be dead.” The barrage also calmed down from the excitement before, and each and everyone began to persuade the anchor.

However, the anchor continued to broadcast very dedicatedly: “We can see that Charizard did not shrink from such a natural phenomenon.”

“Living in Volcano can ignite the sky. All this symbolizes the strength of the strange bird. But in the face of such a strong enemy, Charizard not at all flinches.”

“So! Why should I back down.”

“Although I am only a weak human being, I hold on to the belief of relaying the truth.”

“So even in danger, I will not back down.” Host’s words seemed to inspire the Flying members.

He immediately piloted the helicopter and flew inward.

“The closer you are, you can feel the high temperature of the air. It’s autumn now, but the temperature here has reached 30 degrees or more.”

The anchor was already covered in sweat at this time, and the sweat-soaked clothes were attached to his body to highlight the exquisite and graceful figure.

But at this time, everyone’s attention is on Volcano’s mouth.

Volcano’s mouth was turbulent.

The fragmented fire star is still erupting, as if it is heralding the next terrible thing.


With a loud noise, a pillar of fire erupted from Volcano’s mouth, and a fiery-red giant bird sprang from it.

In the bright sun, his body almost turned into a second sun.

Hot and dazzling.


He uttered an extremely sharp Growl high in the air.

The extremely strong pressure came, and the howling wild beast of the forest suddenly fell silent.

The anchor on the helicopter also felt tremendous pressure.

Her face flushed suddenly.

Speechless for a long time.

Only the camera lens was tightly facing the strange bird.


Burst flames sprayed from the mouth of the giant bird to the helicopter.

“It’s over!” This desperate thought came to the minds of all the audience in the live broadcast room.

At this moment, an icy voice echoed in this hot Sky: “Mew uses guard.”


The pink Pokemon instantly appeared in front of the helicopter.

His fingers moved flexibly, and then the invisible Barrier appeared in front of the helicopter.


The bursting flame hits the Barrier as if the normal ice and snow melted instantly.

“Who is that man?” The anchor who survived the catastrophe was in a panic and couldn’t help being muttered.

When everyone was overwhelmed to speak out, this man could give Pokemon commands so calmly.

And the barrage at this moment has exploded.

The bystander is clear.

They have naturally guessed the identity of the man.

Become the strongest man by all Trainers.

Who owns Legendary Beast…….

Li Qiuran.

“This will be a duel between the Volcano beast and the strongest Trainer on the surface.”

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