Pokemon Creation Chapter 342

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Li Qiuran stared intently.

That fiery-red giant bird turned out to be…


Although I saw Legendary Beast, Li Qiuran was actually not at all particularly surprised.

To be precise, I already had a hunch.

This World is being moved towards the Pokemon world in the memory.

Li Qiuran felt it from the decayed sword long ago.

A guess came to Li Qiuran’s mind.

All this may have something to do with Berry.

After the emergence of Berry in the world, these original beasts also undergo mutation.


At this time, the Little Flame beneath him made a restless sound.

He felt unprecedented pressure from Moltres.

However, all this did not make him flinch.

It even made him excited.

He already wanted to fight impatiently.

“Come out on Pidgeot.” Li Qiuran released Pidgeot and asked him to fly with him.

In this way, Little Flame does not need to worry about his safety.


Moltres screamed again, looking towards Little Flame filled with murderous aura.

He has always been a well-deserved Totem position in the jungle.

Now he feels taunt/provoke.

In the face of the threatening Moltres, Little Flame has no fear.


He immediately uttered a taunt/provoke roar.

“Come! Come! Charizard and this strange bird will fight! We can feel the Rage of this strange bird.”

The helicopter began to approach slowly.

Moltres is only a trifling 100 meters away.

“Om.” Suddenly, a heat wave began to surge in the air.

Moltres is like a Fire Spin.

Suck the surrounding air towards yourself.

The air is rolling out with a tossing heat wave.

A powerful energy converged in his sharp beak.

This is Flamethrower!


Burst flames spurted out of Moltres’ mouth.

The intensity of the flame is enough to kill all Fire Element creatures in seconds.

“Take off and avoid it.” Li Qiuran’s command sounded at the right time.


Little Flame’s wings immediately brought strong winds and lifted into the air at an extremely fast speed, dodge a strong flame.

“Use slash.”

High in the sky, Little Flame descends vertically from a high place.

Assist is inertial, his chopping can cause more damage.


The sharp claws made a loud noise.

Passing through the scattered fire sea of ​​Sky, like a sharp sword across Moltres’ chest.


Moltres exploded with blood in his chest and immediately let out a heart-piercing roar.

Moltres has dominated this jungle for a long time, and no creature dares to challenge him.

So it has been a long time since the fight.

Little Flame is different.

He has been keeping training in the ranch.

So the strength is growing at a steady rate.

The blood in the sky fell, and Moltres’ expression became more and more Rage.


Moltres in the air suddenly burst into flames around his body.

Look far away.

Moltres is like a Fireball radiating light and heat.

With a loud noise, the flames wrapped around him began to spread.

The spreading flames turned into countless fire birds.

Converged with a harsh scream moved towards Charizard.

Before long, Little Flame’s body was completely surrounded by fire bird.

This is Fire Spin.

Fire Spin can continue to cause damage to the enemy.

Feeling the small fire bird surrounding the body, Little Flame didn’t panic.

“Don’t worry about this, just solve him by Flare Blitz.” High school, Li Qiuran’s voice is very clear and calm.

“Weng!” The surface of Little Flame’s body burst into flames, instantly forming a Golden Yellow Fireball.


The fire bird of Fire Spin dissipated with sorrow instantly after touching Fireball.

Moltres, who was originally arrogant Rage, had a hint of fear in his heart at this moment.


The Little Flame, which condenses infinite light and heat, turns into the second sun of sky.

Then it fell away like Meteorite Tackle Earth Normal moved towards Moltres.


With the sound of an explosion that shook the sky, a fierce fire broke out from the center of Moltres.

The billowing heat wave moved towards the periphery spread rapidly.

“Mew, adapt to guard.”

“Kadabra uses guard.”

Li Qiuran’s calm command sounded.

The words fall.

A huge invisible barrier rises in front of the helicopter and in front of Pidgeot.

“Shua.” The heat wave immediately turned into a cool breeze when it hit the Barrier.

“What’s the situation now!” The audience in the live room was surprised.

The screen has been shrouded in flames from the sky.

A black mushroom cloud rose slowly from the sky.

Moltres’ painful screams can be faintly heard in the mushroom cloud.

Smokescreen dissipated.

The line of sight became clear.

In the field, Little Flame stayed in the sky full of energy.

Opposite him is a Moltres riddled with scars.


A red and white Pokemon traversed a beautiful arc and hit Moltres’ body accurately.

The Poké Ball separated, and a red light quickly hit Moltres.

With Rage and unwillingness, Moltres was immediately sucked into Poké Ball.


Little Flame flew forward and took Poké Ball in his hands.


Poké Ball kept shaking.

Inside, the Moltres is trying its best to break free.

But for a moment, Poké Ball stopped shaking.

This unruly Moltres finally failed to break free.

Li Qiuran took Poké Ball, placed it on his waist, and took Kadabra back to Poké Ball.

His purpose of coming here has been achieved.

So he directed Pokemon to leave without hesitation.

The helicopter hovered in the air for a long time.

Everyone was filled with surprise.

Just now.

Poké Ball caught the big bird that seemed to trigger a Volcano outbreak.

This Pokemon is the most common Poké Ball on the market.

“Can Poké Ball capture other creatures”

People feel puzzled.

Many videos have posted relevant content.

Use the red and white Poké Ball on the normal Genetic Organism.

But the result failed without exception.

Poké Ball can only capture Pokemon.

Then …

Is Moltres Pokemon? !

Could he be a creature created by Red & White Corporation.


War weapon.


There is a lot of speculation.

The Laboratory is studying Moltres seriously.

They extracted flesh and blood tissue from the body of Moltres for research

“He is similar to the giant bird discovered by the jungle more than ten years ago. But he has mutations within the body cells and so on.”

“If you guessed it correctly, he had a mutation after eating Berry.”

“The reason why Poké Ball can be captured is because Poké Ball is a technology discovered from Berry!”

There is no need for Li Qiuran’s explanation, the Laboratory has already completed everything.

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