Pokemon Creation Chapter 343

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The results of the research survey are finally announced.

At present, living things all over the world are facing mutation.

And at the same time.

Pokemon of Red & White Corporation is also constantly being created.

As Poké Ball’s ability was confirmed, the profession of Pokemon Trainer began to be widely recognized and supported.

China subsequently opened a special Pokemon school.

Internationally, major countries are also entering the negotiation stage with China.

Now weird phenomena are happening all over the world.

They also need the assistance of Poké Ball.

At the same time, their local Genetic Organism battle strength is not enough to resist those powerful creatures.

Earth subsequently formed the Pokemon Alliance.

Divide Earth into 4 large areas.

Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh.

In the next ten years, unique Pokemon will be developed in various regions.


Ten years later.

Pallet Town, Kanto District.

“Aiya! I’m going to be late! Today is the day to distribute Pokemon.” A boy wearing a red and white hat sprang out of the house.

His mother’s anxious voice followed behind him.

“Red, you didn’t have breakfast!”

The violent boy immediately turned around and rushed home.

A few seconds later, he strode out again, holding a piece of bread in his mouth.

Soon after, he came to the Laboratory in Pallet Town.

“Professor! I’m sorry I’m late.” The laboratory door suddenly opened, and the boy gasping for breath leaned on his knees.

“You are too slow.” Inside the Laboratory, a young man with yellow hair was dismissive.

“Gary, are you here?” Ash, the boy said with a smile in a whisper.

At this time, a white-haired old man walked out.

“Today is your first day as Trainer, I believe you have all been waiting for a long time!”

Ash and Gary stood together and shouted, “Of course.”

“I will defeat Little Lu and become an Alliance champion!” Ash clenched his fists confidently.

“Champion? Just you?” Gary looked disdainful. “This champion is mine.”

“Okay, okay, come and choose Pokemon.” The Professor stopped the quarrel between the two.

There are 3 Poké Balls on the machine in the Laboratory.

“Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander. They are very good Starter Pokemon. You can choose one each.”

Ash stepped forward first, looking at Poké Ball lost in thought.

“Little Lu’s Trump Card is Charizard, and its strength is even comparable to Dragonite, so… I also choose Charmander! Little Lu is my idol.”

Ash picked up a Poké Ball.

Inside the Poké Ball, a Charmander is curiously looking at his future owner.

“Hmph, in that case, I will choose Squirtle.” Gary stepped forward and decisively picked up another Poké Ball.

“Cut!” Ash rolled the eyes.

Charmander was defeated by Squirtle on Attribute.

“Do you want to fight?” Gary asked with a smirk.


At this time, the door of the Laboratory opened and Gary Ash’s battle was interrupted.

The visitor was a handsome man with black hair.

He is wearing the white costume of the Alliance senior.

The chest of the costume is studded with golden stripes.

A pink Pokemon followed the man.

That was Mew.

“Alliance Leader Li.” Seeing the person coming, the Professor suddenly looked respectful.

“Heavens! Alliance Leader Li is here.” Ash Gary suddenly looked excited.

His little face flushed and stood aside, looking towards the coming person in admiration.

“Are they the youngsters with great potential you have always mentioned?” Alliance Leader Li, Li Qiuran, asked with a smile.

“Yes, they are called Ash and Gary.”

A hint of surprise flashed in Li Qiuran’s eyes.

These two names are very familiar.

It reminded him of something in his previous life.

I miss it very much.

Li Qiuran came back to his senses, took out 2 Poké Balls from his arms and handed them to them.

“Since we are destined, I will give you something good. This is the latest Poké Ball and Master Ball developed by Alliance, which can catch Pokemon 100%.”

“Will this be too expensive.” Professor hesitantly said.

“It’s okay, you can keep it for them first.” Li Qiuran faintly smiled looking at the two children holding the Poké Ball who couldn’t put it down.

“There are still many Legendary Beasts waiting for their Trainers in this world. I am very optimistic about you.” Li Qiuran said to the two children.

“We will work hard!” Ash and Gary nodded excitedly.

They looked at Li Qiuran in admiration, and their hearts became stronger.

Li Qiuran, a few years ago revealed his identity as the creator of Pokemon.

The whole world was in an uproar.

The world’s youngest and most accomplished successful researcher and trainer.

Although the current Alliance champion is Little Lu.

But everyone knows that Li Qiuran is the strongest Trainer.

He was the man who convinced Legendary Beast.

Soon after, a message came from the Professor’s computer. After reading the e-mail, he handed 2 child Pokemon Pokédex, and then waved to drive them away.

“This is how your journey begins! Hurry, hurry.”

Ash Gary looked towards the computer curiously. Pokemon was being transported on the computer terminal.

The transportation region is Alola Region.

“Professor, I want to subdue a mystery Q, when will I take me to Alola Region?” Ash unable to bear asked.

“Next time.” The Professor looked at the computer intently, and waved his hand perfunctorily.

At this point, the journey of the two teenagers began.

They will fight in the Alliance competition, and the one who decides the winner will challenge the champion, Little Lu.

The once jungle has been developed at this moment, and there are countless Pokemon in every forest.

In each Region, there is a legendary Pokemon.

We call it Legendary Beast.

Li Qiuran sat on the back of Little Flame and looked down at the world from above.

Countless Pokemon are running on the street.

Transportation such as cars, airplanes, etc. have been replaced by Pokemon.

Pokemon has fully integrated into human society.

Here is the second Pokemon world

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