Pokemon Creation Chapter

You can search for “The Pokemon I created is too outstanding. Miaobi Pavilion (imiaobige.com)” in 100 degrees to find the latest chapter!

As a Rookie author, the results of this book are actually very good.

At first, I was very confused and didn’t know what style I wanted to write. I probably had my own thoughts when I wrote about chapter 50, so I moved towards that direction.

But the problem followed.

Heat slowly.

The rhythm is too slow.

In fact, most of the book is the warm daily life between Pokemon, which should be quite contrary to the main line of this book.

Later, I wanted to speed up the plot, and then I couldn’t control it.

I found that the plot written later is not what I wanted.

So just…

I want to end soon.

thanks for your support.

I learned a lot in this book.

The new book will still open pm.

After all, PM has experience, so I can write better.

The new book Pokemon Cunning is really not what I teach, joy, 2 dimensions, reality is integrated into Pokemon.

There will be some links with this book.

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  1. thanks…finished another pokemon fanfic..can’t wait for the next pokemon fanfic to be uploaded here..its just this fanfic was way too short…thanks again btw..

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