Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 842


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Now, after numerous selections, the main members of Thousand City Alliance have almost been identified.

If Luo Chen is now in the middle, someone must give up the position of the main member and become a substitute.

This situation is something the main members present do not want to see.

Therefore, they are now worried that Luo Chen’s strength is too weak and lose the face of Thousand City Alliance, and they are also worried that Luo Chen is too strong to take their position as the main member. It is also very contradictory for a while.

Amidst the audience’s discussion, the battle has officially begun.

Indo-young Alliance Elite Ai Rui, standing opposite, looked very relaxed at this time.

Obviously, he also thinks that he will not lose in this 6V6 regular battle.

Soon, the big screen on the field began to roll out, and it was finally confirmed that Luo Chen would send Pokemon first.

“Elite of Grass Attribute.”

“Then my first Pokemon is you.”

After pondering for a while, Luo Chen directly released Charizard.

There is nothing to say about this, the Charizard of Fire Type and Flying Type has too much advantage on Attribute.

“Charizard was sent.”

“However, you all know that I am a grass Attribute Elite.”

“But do you know who wants to produce good food, and the land is equally important?”

Looking at Charizard in the sky, Iri folded his hands in prayer, and threw the Poké Ball in his hands.

As the white light flashed, the silhouette of Dragonite appeared in the air.

In the face of Luo Chen’s Charizard, Ai Rui sent Dragon and Flying Type’s Quasi-Mythical Dragonite instead.

“Water and land?”

Luo Chen groaned when he saw this.

It seems that Iri is not at all so simple.

“Charizard, Sunny Day.”

Just thinking for a moment, Luo Chen decisively opened the mouth and said.

Since Iri mentioned water and dispatched Dragonite, this Dragonite must be extremely good at Water Type moves.

And Sunny Day weather can weaken the formidable power of the Water Type move to the greatest extent, as long as it can be successfully used, it will be able to suppress the Dragonite.

“Indeed, my Dragonite is very close to water.”

“But if you want the best irrigated vegetation, you can rely on rain instead of water!”

Iri laughed at this, and Dragonite also used the Rain Dance move.

Suddenly, I saw that the two Pokemon in the field used their own weather moves.

On Charizard’s side, the scorching sun is in the sky, and terrifying heat radiates out, raising the Fire Type energy in the field.

On the other side, Dragonite was surrounded by rain clouds, accompanied by thunderous sounds from time to time.


The rain comes out before the thunder.

I saw a roar, and a thunderbolt fell from the thunder cloud and blasted directly toward Charizard.

Assist in the thunder cloud, Dragonite used Thunder moves.

Assist with the power of the rain cloud, the formidable power of Thunder moves has been greatly improved, and the speed is extremely fast.

Charizard was too late to react. The moment when the thunderclouds condensed, there was a thunder, making people you can’t guard against it.


The Thunder slashed in the air and directly hit Charizard.

In the case of Flying Type, the damage to Charizard by electric Attribute attacks is very great!


Charizard could not help but muffled in pain.

After that, Charizard reacted very quickly, slamming into the Fireball in the air against the thunder.

With flames burning all over, Charizard turned on the form of sunny fire and directly resisted the thunder attack!

crash-bang la la la!

At this moment, heavy rain poured down from the sky.

Relying on the fusion of thunder and lightning while the Rain Dance moves, Dragonite called out the thunder cloud and immediately launched an attack.

Facts have proved that Dragonite’s combination of Rain Dance and Thunder is perfect. While attacking Rival with thunder, it also strengthens the power of Nimbus.

In addition, when Ai Rui was breeding Dragonite, he used a special method to breed Dragonair’s Dragon Pearl, which can call the wind and summon the rain. This also makes Dragonite very controllable in thunderstorms. Powerful!

Bah, baah.

Charizard in the sky is bathed in the fire of a sunny day, and the surrounding rain is constantly being evaporated.

“Dragonite, get ready, Aqua Tail!”

After the rainy day tactics were successfully deployed, Iri ordered again.

Dragonite saw this, the water condensed on its tail, and it hit Charizard heavily!

Charizard greeted him immediately, venting flames from his mouth.

The rapid pound of water flowed down, directly suppressing Charizard’s Flamethrower under rainy conditions.

Now it is rainy weather, Charizard’s sunny fire is also suppressed miserably, and now it is a little bit outdated. At this time, Aqua Tail’s Dragonite was used.

After Flamethrower was suppressed, the wings behind Charizard quickly stirred and used Heat Wave under the command of Luo Chen.

huhuhu ~

Heat Wave roared in the field, mixed with sunny fire.

Suddenly, I saw sparks in the field, constantly evaporating water vapor.

As soon as the Heat Wave blew past, the hazy Mist enveloped the entire venue.

“Dragonite, break free.”

Behind this scene, Iri quickly ordered.

The wind screamed, and Dragonite’s silhouette rushed to the sky.


At the same time, Ai Rui’s voice sounded again.

I saw the terrifying Hurricane sweeping across the field, blowing away Mist in the field.

Hurricane is also a move used in rainy weather, and the formidable power is also very powerful.

After coming to Fly and under the thunder cloud, Dragonite began to call the wind and summon the rain, and the thunder in the sky kept flashing.

bang bang bang!

After seeing Charizard’s silhouette trapped by Hurricane, Dragonite began to call out the thunder again.

Several times of thunder fell down, directly hitting Charizard in the field, covering it with sunny fire.

Fengshui and lightning, the Dragonite at this time is really like the legendary Dragon King Normal.

“This Dragonite is so strong.”

“call the wind and summon the rain, it seems that this Dragonite must be a Pokemon cultivated by the Ai Rui family.”

Looking at the Dragonite in the field, Luo Chen’s face also became serious.

After reaching Elite Level, it is the time when these Great Family consortiums exert their strength.

Under the tilt of countless resources, even Elite Level Pokemon can grow rapidly.

In other words, the power of Elite Level Pokemon has almost reached the limit they can reach.

At this time, you must have legendary resources to improve Pokemon’s strength!

Of course, Dragonite’s strength is strong and strong, and finally being able to suppress Charizard in this way is by surprise.

No one thought that Dragonite has such a high level of mastery of rain and Thunder. It has almost merged the two moves into one. When the rain comes, the Thunder will be launched at the same time. The speed of the Thunder is too fast. It is completely you can’ t guard against it!

If you just compete for the formidable power of weather moves, Charizard may not necessarily lose!

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