Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 843

You know, his Dragonite has consumed countless resources in order to cultivate this thundercloud.

It contains a lot of legendary resources.

But even so, Charizard has begun to take advantage in the confrontation of weather moves!

“The whole body is bathed in flames, Charizard is like a sun.”

All the eyes of everyone in the field fell on Charizard who was bathing in Sunfire.

“Sunny Day weather plus Solar Power Characteristic Trait.”

“This is Champion Qing Yan’s stunt. Although I have seen Champion Qing Yan perform many times, it is still so shocking now.”

At the guest table, there are also many Thousand City Alliance Elite watching the battle. Seeing Charizard’s Drought-Sunny Day, I feel a little emotional.

“No, you can’t give up the initiative of the weather!”

“Dragonite, rush up, call the wind and summon the rain!”

Ire also anxiously watching the thunderclouds in the sky are constantly being torn apart, and the gap is getting bigger.

Dragonite is also quick to act upon seeing this.

Suddenly, you can see the blue light emitting from Dragonite’s body.

After that, a blue Dragon Pearl pendant suddenly appeared on Dragonite’s neck.

At the same time, you can see Black clouds suddenly appearing around Dragonite’s body, in which lightning flickers, turning into a thunderstorm cloud covering Dragonite’s body!

The wings behind Dragonite quickly stirred up, and its silhouette rushed into the sky and plunged into the thundercloud.

hong long long!

Following Dragonite’s movements, the thunderclouds on his body merged with the thunderclouds in the sky, turning into a more violent thundercloud.

The silhouette of Dragonite shuttles among the thunderstorm clouds, and at this time, it truly is like a dragon king who travels through clouds and rains!

“Stay steady, the collision between Sunny Day and rainy weather is not over yet!”

Seeing this scene in the field, the hearts of all the audience were raised.

Anyone can tell that the two Pokemon have now used all their answers!

“Dragonite in the form of thunderclouds and rain?”

“This move is similar to Charizard’s Drought-Sunny Day.”

“Both of them use weather moves to improve their battle strength!”

The expressions of the Elites of Thousand City Alliance also became a little dignified at this time.

They didn’t expect that the Elite from the Indian Ocean Alliance also mastered such strong skills.

From this, it can be inferred that the trainer strength of the Indian Ocean Alliance during this period is also improving rapidly.

These Peak Level skills require countless resources to develop, and some small Alliances are impossible to do this.

bang bang bang!

In the air, Charizard and Dragonite fought fiercely.

Fire and thunder are constantly colliding, Sunny Day and rainy weather each occupy half of the sky!

Through the battle, it can be seen that the strength of the two Pokemon is evenly matched.

“It seems that the final result depends on which Pokemon can’t support first.”

Some Elite who knew Charizard’s Drought-Sunny Day secretly began to speculate about the direction of the battle.

Charizard’s Drought-Sunny Day form is itself developed around the Solar Power Characteristic Trait, which can instantly increase the power of the Solar Power Characteristic Trait to the limit.

But one of the side effects of the Solar Power Characteristic Trait is that it consumes its own energy while gaining special attack bonuses in Sunny Day!

Therefore, the current Charizard’s physical strength is no longer consumed all the time, which will make Charizard’s strength continue to decay.

On the other hand, on Dragonite’s side, at this time, Dragonite’s whole body is wrapped in thunder.

Dragonite itself is not at all immune to the ability of Thunder, so it will continue to be damaged by Thunder.

In this case, as the battle progresses, Dragonite’s own physical strength will also be consumed by Thunder!

“Dragonite’s Characteristic Trait is…”

“so that’s how it is, this Dragonite Characteristic Trait has multiple scales.”

“Do you use multiple scales to defend and store the power of lightning?”

“It is indeed a very strong development ability. Every Trainer who can become an Elite has two brushes.”

Looking at the constant thunder and lightning on Dragonite, and the scales on the smooth skin surface of Dragonite, Luo Chen speculated.

Dragonite Pokemon has two characteristic traits: Inner Force and multiple scales. Among them, the role of multiple scales is to reduce damage.

“It seems that the focus is still on the Characteristic Trait with multiple scales.”

“As long as the Characteristic Trait can be broken through multiple scales, the Dragonite will be swallowed by thunder.”

After guessing the possible Peak Level skills of Dragonite, Luo Chen also made a decision.

“Dragon Dance!”

Under the command of Luo Chen, Charizard started flying in the air.

Along with the dancing of Charizard’s silhouette, the flames on it also follow the dragon-shaped air current.


At the same time, the opposite Ai Rui also opened the mouth and said.

A sturdy thunderbolt slashed straight out of the thundercloud and blasted towards Charizard.


Thunder and flames collided.

Assist the Dragon Dance to arouse the flame Twister, Charizard directly blocked the thunder!

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