Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 844


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Nowadays, with Luo Chen, each Pokemon controls their own energy.

The simple and practical technique of the Shield of Counterattack has already been mastered.

After a Dragon Dance was strengthened, the flames on Charizard’s body were flying, and the burning became more intense.

Immediately afterwards, before Luo Chen could speak, Charizard used the second stage Dragon Dance again, and the aura on his body gradually became more terrifying.

“No, you can’t let Charizard continue to strengthen, Dragonite rushes up, use Dragon Rush!”

Iri watched Charizard strengthen himself while defending, and quickly ordered to command.

If Charizard continues to be strengthened, Dragonite will be very difficult to fight against!

“Come on, Charizard directly, Flare Blitz!”

Looking at the Dragonite approaching quickly, Charizard immediately stopped using Dragon Dance.

Afterwards, Charizard was wrapped in flames, and the power of Assisting the Dragon Dance turned into a roaring Fire Dragon.


In midair, two Pokemon collided together.

At the same time, they were wrapped in flames and thunder began to collide!

bang bang bang!

After approaching, the two Pokemon immediately began a melee combat.

Dragon’s Claw vs. Dragon’s Claw, fighting for a while is also inextricable.

Although Charizard has undergone a period of Dragon Dance enhancement at this time, the physical fitness of this Dragonite is amazing, and it doesn’t lose the wind at all.


It was another collision between Dragon Claw and Dragon Claw, and the two Pokemon retreated.

Fighting to this extent, both Pokemon are unspeakably exhausted, and begin to gasp.

“Really strong, is this Luo Chen really only 21 years old?”

After seeing the strength of Luo Chen Charizard, those Elites who originally thought Luo Chen was just rounding up were surprised.

Now it seems that Luo Chen is clearly at the same level as them!

Even if they sent their main force Pokemon, they dare not say that they can win this Charizard.


As the audience was discussing, Charizard suddenly let out a low growl.

At this time, Charizard’s body has undergone the double increase of Drought-Sunny Day and Dragon Dance.

The two forces merged within the body of Charizard, and at this time they were already faintly uncontrollable.

Seeing this, Charizard immediately released the Drought-Sunny Day state, and the flame on his body went out.

“Charizard is defeated!”

After seeing this scene, the delegations of the Indian Ocean Alliance became excited.

Now the flames on Charizard’s body in the field have disappeared, but the thunder on Dragonite’s body is getting stronger and stronger, and the outcome is very obvious!

Seriously, Ai Rui’s Dragonite is his absolute Trump Card. They were surprised that the battle turned out like this.

Fortunately, the result is good.

During the head-on confrontation with this Charizard, Dragonite still won.

At the same time, they also believe that this Charizard must also be the Trump Card of Luo Chen’s young Elite.

Being able to breed Trump Card to this level at this age, Luo Chen is indeed an innate talent, but their Ai Rui Elite is significantly stronger!

“What are the people in the Indian Ocean Alliance happy about?”

“Now in the field, is Dragonite really winning?”

In the players area, some Elites suddenly raised their brows looking at the cheering excitedly Indian Ocean Alliance delegation.

In the field, it was obvious that Iri had discovered something at this time, and his face became harder to look.

crack crack.

At this moment, an abrupt voice suddenly sounded.

I saw the Dragonite in the sky at this time, and the multiple scales that had originally spread on the skin suddenly shattered.

With the shattering of multiple scales, the terrifying thunder and lightning swallowed the Dragonite in an instant!


An explosion sounded.

I saw the Dragonite in the air thunder package falling straight down from the air like a broken kite.


There was another roar.

The silhouette of Dragonite hit the Ground, making the whole Ground tremble.

As the Dragonite’s silhouette fell, the cheers of the Indian-Ocean Alliance delegation came to an abrupt end.

They all looked towards the black Dragonite in the field, completely confused about what happened.

Dragonite, which had the upper hand, suddenly fell down?

All this happened so suddenly that they couldn’t react completely!

“Dragonite, lost?”

A member of the mission asked tentatively.

After hearing this silhouette, the members of the mission suddenly froze.

Now they ring the cheering excitedly look they were before, and they really want to dig a hole in.

But they really don’t understand why Dragonite suddenly lost?

“It seems that Dragonite’s Peak Level technique has been Detected.”

“The scales all over the Dragonite body should be the key to Dragonite’s ability to withstand the thunder.”

“But in the battle with Charizard, these scales shattered.”

“And this also caused the thunder on Dragonite to run away completely, and finally backlash Dragonite.”

An Elite who saw the situation in the field explained it, and at the same time, he could see the amazement in his eyes.

In such a short period of time, this Luo Chen actually saw the flaws in Dragonite’s move Peak Level technique. What kind of insight is this!

Now, they suddenly felt that Luo Chen, the Trainer, seemed even scarier than his Pokemon!

“However, this also reflects the strength of this Charizard from the side.”

“If it is strong enough, you only need to rely on your own strength to defeat Dragonite.”

“The result now is that Dragonite is defeated by its Peak Level technique being Detected. In terms of hard power, the Dragonite is still stronger.”

After explaining the reason for Dragonite’s failure, this Elite turned the other way around, and didn’t look at Charizard at all.

Other Elites heard this sentence, but they were also slightly nodded.

As the strength of this Dragonite is very strong, they are confident that they can defeat it in a frontal battle.

Speaking of which, it is very commendable to defeat the strong with the weak, but the weak is still the weak, and miracles will not happen all the time.

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  1. Roar roar.

      In the field, the fire-breathing dragon also seemed to have heard the comments about his weakness off the field.

      At this moment, he roared involuntarily, and looked directly at him.

      Seeing this, Luo Chen also looked in the direction the fire-breathing dragon was facing, and quickly locked onto a white man.

      ”Cass of the Western Alliance.” After

      looking at this man, Luo Chen’s eyes narrowed.

      According to data records, Cass is also a dragon envoy.

      And his strength is naturally extremely strong, indeed he has the confidence to despise the dragon.

      But… despising the fire-breathing dragon, this Cass seemed a bit too arrogant to Luo Chen.

      ”Fire-breathing dragon, we will retaliate later for this grudge.”

      Withdrawing his gaze at Cass, Luo Chen squinted his eyes and whispered, with a chill in his tone.

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