Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 845


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roar roar roar.

Charizard’s hearing is amazing, and he also heard Luo Chen’s words, nodded.

Afterwards, its gaze looked towards Ai Rui who was standing opposite, and roared and urged him to dispatch the next Pokemon quickly.

The current Charizard, can’t wait to sweep all the Rivals here, and then directly fight the guy who mocks him!

When the time comes, it must have full firepower, making this guy regret what he said!

“Send your next Pokemon.”

Looking at Ai Rui, who was staring at him, Luo Chen spoke lightly.

Seeing that his face changed again, Ai Rui glanced at Charizard in the sky, then glanced at the scorching sun in the sky, hesitated and released Bellossom.

The Dragonite before, can be regarded as his hidden hole card, and Bellossom, the grass Attribute Pokemon, is his absolute main force.

In the Elite competition, Iri relied entirely on his own grass Attribute Pokemon to get the position of Elite, and this is why he is called the grass Attribute Elite.

Now after releasing his own grass Attribute Pokemon, he can also say that he has begun to show his true heritage!

“Charizard, do you want to continue fighting?”

Looking at Charizard in Rage state, Luo Chen asked.

roar roar roar.

Charizard as it should be nodded by rights, opened his mouth to Bellossom and used Flamethrower.

Now, although Charizard has ended the Drought-Sunny Day form, after Sunny Day weather has defeated the rainy weather, there is still a scorching sun in the sky.

In Sunny Day, the formidable power of Charizard’s this move Flamethrower has also been greatly increased.

“Bellossom, the sun is blazing!”

At the same time, Ai Rui also issued an order.

Bellossom is a Pokemon evolved by Gloom using Solrock.

It can also be seen that Bellossom has a very high affinity for Sunny Day weather.

Now, taking advantage of the Sunny Day weather, Bellossom is almost instantly condense of the sun’s flames!

With a roar, an instant sun and flame roared out, and Charizard’s Flamethrower was greeted frontally!


Two attacks collided in mid-air.

Relying on the ordinary Flamethrower, even with the Sunny Day weather bonus, it is still no match for the sun and flames.

Then the two energies were seen deadlocked in the field, but it can be seen that the flames of sunlight can definitely defeat Flamethrower.

“I am a grass Attribute Elite myself!”

Looking at Bellossom who had the advantage, Iri regained his confidence.

Grass Attribute Pokemon, in the sunny team, itself is the main Pokemon!

Even in some sunny teams, it is not surprising that they are composed entirely of grass Attribute Pokemon.

In the Sunny Day weather, Bellossom, who has a terrifying affinity for solar energy, was sent out. Iri’s hand is really perfect.

“The instant sunlight and flames are indeed strong…”

“But the sun and flames are completely ineffective for my Charizard!”

On the opposite side, Luo Chen suddenly shook the head after seeing this scene.

“This Charizard will fall down soon.”

“In this case, the battle is back to the same starting point.”

Looking at the battle in the field, the envoys of the Indian Ocean Alliance also recovered their excited expressions.

But next moment, their excited expression froze again and turned into incredible.

In the field at this time, where Charizard’s Flamethrower and Bellossom’s sunlight and flames collided, a golden flame suddenly ignited.

It looks like the Flamethrower of Fire Type ignited the sunlight and flame of Grass Attribute Normal!

Immediately afterwards, these golden flames seemed to have found the fuel Normal, burning down along the sun’s flames, and suddenly engulfing Bellossom!

All this happened so suddenly, when Iri reacted, Bellossom had been swallowed by the golden flames.

As the flame extinguished, Bellossom’s silhouette fell quietly to the ground, blackened all over.

“What the hell is this?”

A member of the Indian-Ocean Alliance’s mission weakly sat down on a chair.

This situation has happened twice, his heart is really tired, it’s so fucking shameful!

“Second…the second kill!”

Irei stared at everything in front of her blankly.

If Dragonite’s failure was due to its Peak Level technique being Detected, what is it now?

Don’t say that the flame ignited the vegetation, the Fire Type energy ignited the grass Attribute energy, so Flamethrower ignited the sun flame, isn’t all this nonsense? !

“Why on earth?”

It’s not just Ai Rui, everyone in the field is at a loss.

“Well, it is indeed the Fire Type energy that ignited the grass Attribute energy.”

After seeing this scene, Luo Chen laughed instead.

By fusing Fire Type energy and grass Attribute energy into Sunfire, this is Charizard’s new flame.

Although it is still very difficult to master Sunfire under normal conditions, Charizard can still do it easily if we just integrate Fire Type energy and grass Attribute energy into Sunfire!

However, after using Sunfire, Charizard’s state was significantly worse. At this time, it was already difficult to maintain the Flying state and landed on Ground.

“Send the next Pokemon.”

Once again, Luo Chen’s flat voice sounded.

Now in Ai Rui’s ears, the sound is so harsh.

He glanced at Bellossom who fell on the ground, gritted his teeth and took it back.

After that, he held Bellossom’s Poké Ball into silence.

After Bellossom also fell, he suddenly became a little confused.

How did Charizard defeat Bellossom?

Before I figured this out, I rashly released the Attribute Pokemon, which seemed very risky.

After hesitating again, he gritted his teeth and took out a Poké Ball and threw it out.

This time it was a Tauros who appeared in the field. After some consideration, he gave up using the grass Attribute Pokemon to fight.

“Tauros, this is what you call the land among water and land, right?”

“Tauros Pokemon is indeed a very good Rototiller Pokemon, it can make the soil full of vitality.”

Looking at the Pokemon appearing in the field, Luo Chen also said with a smile, and at the same time he secretly laughed in his heart.

In the face of Flying Type Pokemon Charizard, he sent Ground Type Tauros instead of continuing to send Attribute Pokemon, which shows that Ai Rui’s mentality has been a little jumpy now.

Before he didn’t know how Charizard defeated Bellossom, he also became scared, afraid to send his own Attribute Pokemon to try, and opposed sending Ground Type Pokemon with a disadvantageous Attribute.

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