Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 846


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“Charizard, fly.”

immediately, Luo Chen ordered.

“Don’t let it run, use Double Edge!”

Irei saw Charizard’s movements and quickly commanded.

He sent Tauros at this time because he saw Charizard’s exhaustion.

If Charizard is allowed to fly to the sky, then his tactics will not fail!

roar roar roar!

Tauros saw this, let out a low growl, stepped forward and started running hard.

pa pa pa.

Behind Tauros, three sturdy tails kept beating.

Under the specific stimulation, Tauros’ speed was stimulated again, and he rushed towards Charizard with red eyes!

The speed at which Tauros burst out in an instant, really made Charizard also startled.

“Fire Spin!”

In an instant, Charizard made a judgment, and the tail behind him swept, and flames gushed out from his body, turning into a ball of Fireball.

At the same time, the silhouette of Tauros also rushed in front of Fireball, without the slightest hesitation!


There was a roar.

I saw Charizard’s silhouette knocked out of it.

Assist, with the momentum, the wings behind Charizard fluttered quickly, stabilizing his figure.

In the flame vortex, the silhouette of Tauros also stagnated after hitting Charizard.

Then he paused under the side effects of Double Edge.

In such a blink of an eye, I saw the fire of the Fire Spin in the field suddenly soaring and burning violently.


Tauros let out a low growl, and stepped heavily on Ground.

Suddenly, I saw a piece of rock bouncing off the Ground, directly dissipating the flames burning on my body.

There was another low roar, and these rocks shot directly towards Charizard in the air!

“Charizard, Tailwind.”

Looking at the rock roaring in the sky, Luo Chen knew that Charizard now had difficulty avoiding it.

Unfortunately, Luo Chen also directed Charizard to start using Tailwind’s Speed ​​Boost move, with its own very strong flying skills, directly avoiding the rock.

huhuhu ~

There was constant wind in the field.

Charizard spread his wings in the air, and the silhouette Levitate was in the air as if he had no weight at all.

On Ground, after Tauros broke free from the flames, he looked towards Charizard in the air with red eyes.

In the absence of a long-range attack, Tauros could not help Rival in the air for a while.

“Is the Charizard Flying Type so accomplished?”

Looking at Charizard flying in the air driving the power of the wind, Ai Rui’s face looked a little ugly.

Clearly Charizard doesn’t seem to have much energy anymore, but at this time it is still so difficult.

“If so, Tauros use Rototiller moves!”

Looking deeply at Charizard in the air, Iri began to arrange it.

Rototiller moves can plow the land to make it easier for vegetation to grow, which can increase the attack and special attack of the Grass Attribute Pokémon.

And this is also the main reason why Tauros will become another hole card of his grass Attribute Elite.

Of course, this is also one of the reasons why the soil of the fertile fields of the Ai Rui family will be so fertile.

In their farm, there are countless Tauros bred, through Rototiller moves, can make the barren land fertile in a very short time.

So, Charizard flies in the sky, and Tauros Rototiller on Ground, the scene is inexplicably harmonious.

“It turns out that I still hid such a hand.”

Looking at Tauros working hard in the field, Luo Chen also took a deep breath.

Sure enough, Elite has two tricks. Even Tauros can have great tactical value in Elite’s hands.

“Charizard, use Dragon Rush!”

After hearing Luo Chen’s words, Charizard’s eyes narrowed.

After that, I saw its silhouette flying fast in the field, sliding out of a circle.

In the process, Charizard’s silhouette quickly envelops a dragon-shaped air current.

Charizard’s within the body, at this time, the Dragon Type energy is still plentiful, and Dragon Rush is directly used.


“Tauros, Giga Impact!”

Seeing Charizard in the air taking the initiative, Iri said again.

Tauros also knows that this may be the opponent’s strongest blow, and it is also very strong.

The horrible you energy gushes out from within the body unscrupulously, and the silhouette of Tauros runs fast!

Immediately afterwards, I saw two silhouettes approaching rapidly colliding together.


A violent explosion sounded, and the loose Ground that had been cultivated was also completely exploded at this time, accompanied by a flash of fire, which turned into countless dust.

“How is this time?”

The delegations of the Indian Ocean Alliance became nervous.

According to the situation, Charizard, who has not much stamina left, has no chance of winning against the stamina Tauros.

But after two consecutive unintelligible results, they dare not decide without authorization.

Gradually, the smoke began to dissipate.

And the two silhouettes standing faintly in the smoke and dust have changed everyone’s complexity.

Is Charizard still not down?


The light breeze blew, and the smoke and dust finally disappeared completely.

I saw that Charizard was standing in the field, holding Tauros’s horns.

Tauros, on the other hand, was scorched and stood quietly on all fours. The scene looked a little strange.

“Two Pokemon… lose combat capability at the same time!”

When the audience was silent and afraid to make a judgment without authorization, the voice of referee sounded.

Suddenly, there was an uproar in the audience.

In that state, Charizard was able to counterattack Danger Land. How did this happen?

Also, Tauros’s previous state, it looks completely unscathed!

“You did a great job, Charizard.”

Luo Chen looked towards the hands of Charizard riddled with scars, and said distressedly.

Take out the Poké Ball, Charizard’s silhouette is taken back into the Poké Ball.


With Charizard’s departure, Tauros’s silhouette became unstable and fell heavily to the ground.

Irei, who was on the opposite side, reacted at this moment, still looking a little confused.

Whether it was Bellossom or Tauros, the defeat was so sudden, it was completely overwhelming to let people know what happened.

“Is it Explosion?”

The Elites in the field looked towards the messy Ground and the scorched black surrounding them, with doubts on their faces.

If Charizard uses Explosion at the last time, it is indeed possible to kill Tauros directly.

It’s just a Pokemon like Charizard, can you also master Explosion moves?

“No matter what, you must be vigilant.”

I groaned for a while, these Elites all had this idea in their hearts, and they kept a secret in their hearts.

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