Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 847


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“Send the next Pokemon next.”

After taking Charizard back, Luo Chen said flatly again.

This is the third time that Luo Chen said the same thing, and immediately made the opposite Ai Rui feel extremely terrifying pressure.

Hesitated for a moment, Iri took out the Poké Ball and put Tauros away, then fell silent again.

There are only three Pokemon left. How can he reverse everything in front of him?

Thinking about it, a drop of cold sweat couldn’t help falling from Ai Rui’s forehead, making his hands tremble.

“No, I haven’t lost yet.”

“Sunny Day weather, and Rototiller venue.”

“Charizard has fallen down now.”

“In this case, my grass Attribute Pokemon is impossible to lose!”

Fiercely took a deep breath, and Iri began to comfort himself.

After that, he saw the Poké Ball in his hand thrown out and a Shiftry appeared in the field.


After Shiftry came out, his gaze immediately looked towards the scorching sun in the sky.

Under the Sunny Day weather, it immediately felt a burst of lightness all over its body, and what power within the body was awakened to Normal.

At the same time, its feet stepped on the Ground, and a little green light suddenly appeared in the ground, continuously submerging within the body.

After the Rototiller moves to cultivate the earth, it is also full of vegetation energy at this time, making Shiftry’s attacks and special attacks have been greatly improved.

“The Shiftry of Chlorophyll Characteristic Trait?”

After seeing Shiftry’s actions, Luo Chen immediately saw Shiftry’s Characteristic Trait.

Now in the Sunny Day weather and Rototiller field, this Shiftry may become a high-speed high-attack assassin.

After that, he did not hesitate too much and released his Pokemon.

As the flames of the explosion burned in the arena, Magmar’s silhouette appeared.

The flames all over the body burned, Magmar was bathed in the scorching sun, and the body of the flame emitted terrifying energy waves.

“Is this the evolution of Duckbill Fire Dragon?”

Looking at the Pokemon appearing in the field, most of the people in the field were surprised.

The evolutionary form of the duckbill Fire Dragon, Magmar, was discovered by Luo Chen, and now only Thousand City Alliance has mastered the evolutionary method of Magmar.

This is also one of the foundations that Thousand City Alliance has mastered. It can make Thousand City Alliance a trainer with a duckbill Fire Dragon.

During this time, Thousand City Alliance also gained a lot of resources through Magmar’s evolutionary method, and Luo Chen also gained a lot.

The appearance of Magmar suddenly reminded these Alliance missions that Luo Chen’s identity is not only Elite, but also a Pokemon Researcher Grandmaster.

Whether it is Elite or Pokemon Researcher Grandmaster, each one is full of real value titles, and when these two titles are concentrated on a person in his twenties, genius is not enough to describe his achievements. !

roar roar roar!

After Magmar came out, he roared.

Then its gaze also looked towards the opposite side.

After realizing Shiftry’s strength, Magmar growled in excitement.

“Leave it to you, Magmar.”

Luo Chen also smiled and said to Magmar.

During this time, Magmar has been conducting high-intensity training.

After the state of nuclear power has become more and more perfect, Magmar’s strength has also steadily improved.

Especially after Victini’s infinite energy bath, Magmar’s current strength has faintly approached Elite Level.

If you want to become a real Elite Level Pokemon, it’s just a miss!

In addition, in the illusion built by Mismagius, Magmar is already able to fight Elite Level Pokemon.

Of course, it is limited to the strength of Mismagius. The strength of Rival in the illusion does not fully represent the strength of Pokemon in reality.

Now, Magmar will play against the first Elite Level Rival in his own reality, and this is also a very good experience for Magmar.

“The strength of this Magmar… only the Quasi Elite?”

The opposite Ai Rui looked up and down Magmar, his eyes slowly lit up after receiving secret feedback from Shiftry.

This Luo Chen’s Charizard is indeed strong, but the other Pokemon in his hand seem to be very Normal. Can’t even the full Elite lineup come out?

“No matter what, this is a very good breakthrough.”

After regaining confidence from Magmar, Iri also cheered up and started to command.

If Luo Chen’s other Pokemon’s strengths are only at this level, then he still has great hope of winning.

“I just said how Luo Chen could be so strong.”

“It seems that he put all resources and Pokemon on Charizard.”

After seeing this place, the delegation of the Indian Ocean Alliance was finally sighed in relief.

Nowadays, the Elite Level Pokemon that Luo Chen really exposes are Charizard, Meilu Mehta and Lucario.

In this case, they acquiesced that Luo Chen only had three Elite Level Pokemons. Without Charizard, there were only two Elite Level Pokemons left.

Thinking of it, there are three Elite Level Pokemon Iri, it seems that it is an advantage?

“The battle has begun, Shiftry is running!”

After the battle started, I saw Shiftry’s silhouette quickly moving around the field.

Through the addition of Chlorophyll Characteristic Trait, the speed of Shiftry at this time has been directly raised to a terrifying level.

“Magmar, use Fire Spin!”

Luo Chen was also ordered at the same time, and then he saw Magmar’s mouth spraying flames, turning into a circle of fire around his body.

If Shiftry wants to attack from the front, he must go through the circle of fire.

“Leaf Blade!”

Seeing this, Ai Rui ordered directly.

As the green light flashed, Shiftry’s hands with three large leaves turned into leaf blade shapes.

Immediately afterwards, Shiftry quickly rushed towards the ring of fire, the blade rose and fell, and slashed directly on the Fireball.

a ray of magnificent light flashed in the air, and the ring of fire was suddenly cut open, and the cut was as smooth as a mirror.

At the same time, Shiftry’s silhouette appeared in front of Magmar in a flash, and the leaf blade fiercely in his hand was cut off!

“Exploding Punch!”

As soon as the ring of fire was cut open, Magmar also shot.

The horrible flame energy exploded in the muzzle of both hands, directly facing Ye Blade!


An explosion sounded, and the flames swept away instantly!

But just when the flames were about to pounce on Shiftry, the latter’s silhouette pulled away and quickly dodged the attack.

“Explosive flames!”

Looking at the exploding flame, some Elite were surprised.

The multiple nature changes of the flame, this is the Peak Level of the multiple techniques.

Unexpectedly, this Luo Chen’s Magmar actually mastered this Peak Level technique!

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