Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 848


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“Does that Charizard have similar skills?”

At this moment, everyone couldn’t help but sounded Tauros who was killed by Charizard.

Judging from the traces of the scene, it seems that this is really possible!

“Catch up, Explosive Step!”

Just as the Elites were thinking about it, Luo Chen ordered again.

Magmar stepped on Ground with both feet, and the terrifying explosion sounded like a rocket.


But just when Magmar was about to catch up with Magmar through the burst speed, I saw the silhouette of Shiftry galloping, the flying energy of both feet wrapped in the void, and the Sheer Force changed direction, silhouette high and high Splash !

“Air Blade!”

Shiftry’s silhouette rushes up to the sky, and then the silhouette reverses.

On its original blade blade, at this time Flying Type energy is wrapped.

I stepped back on the sky, and the Bounce move was activated again, causing Shiftry’s silhouette to quickly fly down from the sky.

All this was done almost instantly, Shiftry’s proficient movement in one go, the air blade was heavily cut behind Magmar!


Magmar was caught off guard, and the silhouette was bombarded directly into the protective wall!

“This one, it seems that I won!”

Iri said with a smile confidently to Luo Chen. At this time, he seemed to have completely regained his confidence and forgot how miserable he was before.


But just as his voice fell, flames suddenly erupted in the field.

Among the flames, Magmar’s silhouette appeared in it, step by step to the center of the field.

“Cut, haven’t you fallen yet?”

After seeing Magmar standing up again, Iri made a cut and commanded Shiftry to attack again.

The silhouette kept flashing in the field, and Shiftry’s speed was raised to the extreme.

And with Bounce’s moves, Shiftry can even leverage in the air to launch attacks from all directions.

The rays of light flashed again, and the Shiftry blade and air blade were alternately used, and they began to launch a fierce attack on Magmar.

roar roar roar!

Magmar growled in his mouth.

Use the explosive Step under your feet to gain explosive speed, and at the same time swing the Exploding Punch in your hand, trying to face Shiftry.

But Shiftry’s fighting style is the assassin’s way of getting out of Norman without a hit, and Magmar was helpless for a while.

Chlorophyll Characteristic Trait in Sunny Day Weather The terrifying speed bonus makes Shiftry like a tiger that has grown wings, assassin-like assassination attacks often succeed.

“Status Move.”

Looking at Magmar’s uncomfortable look, Luo Chen thought about opening the mouth and said.

After hearing what Luo Chen said, Magmar’s silhouette paused, not at all listening to Luo Chen’s use of Status Move.

Just as Shiftry’s silhouette approached, Magmar’s body was suddenly covered with fiery flames.

At the same time, Shiftry’s silhouette appeared behind Magmar, and the blade blade fiercely cut it off!


Just as Shiftry’s blade hit Magmar, an explosion suddenly sounded.

I saw Magmar suddenly roar to the sky, and some energy from his body burst out, blowing Shiftry away!

All this happened very suddenly, Shiftry didn’t react at all, and the silhouette was thrown out directly, hitting the protective wall heavily.

“Is this…breakthrough?”

Looking at Magmar bathed in flames, Luo Chen said in surprise.

The response to Luo Chen was another roar from Magmar. It raised its head and chest, folded its hands in front of it, and then slammed it to the sides.

During this process, the energy accumulated by Magmar within the body exploded, and a terrifying explosion suddenly sounded in the field!

It was like Magmar performing Self Destruct himself, and a large area of ​​his body was swallowed by flames.

But only Luo Chen knows that the flame that Magmar is burning now has completed its transformation and turned into an explosive flame.

At the same time, Magmar’s Flame Body Characteristic Trait was also sublimated in this brief moment and turned into an explosive body!

“this aura, has reached Elite!”

“Magmar, unexpectedly assisted Shiftry’s pressure breakthrough!”

The other Elites in the field also noticed this, and their faces were surprised.

With the help of Shiftry, Magmar can complete the transformation and enter the Elite Level. This seems to be the real purpose of Luo Chen sending Magmar!

“Damn it, it was a breakthrough!”

“But even if Magmar’s strength has reached Elite Level, it has just entered Elite Level!”

“And my Shiftry can already enter Elite Level!”

Iri looked at this scene and snarled impatiently, while letting Shiftry continue to attack.


The sky-splitting sound started, and Shiftry’s silhouette moved again.

Assisting with his own terrifying speed, Shiftry came to Magmar’s side.

At this speed, even if Magmar’s breakthrough reached Elite, he still didn’t react, leaving the blade to slash on him.


Just as Ye Jian slashed on Magmar, the explosion broke out again.

Magmar’s body is like a normal explosive barrel that explodes at the touch of a touch, bursting out!

This time Shiftry has already had Present defense, backing away from the attack.

But it was still a little late, and it was burnt a little by the explosion flame, a little embarrassed.

“Status Move!”

Luo Chen opened the mouth and said again.

At this time, Magmar did not violate, and the silhouette split out a large number of clones in a flash.

Then these clones rushed towards Shiftry under Magmar’s control.

“Razor Leaf!”

In the distance, Shiftry waved his hands, and a large number of leaves turned into sharp blades and shot out.

huhuhu ~

Razor Leaf whizzed through these clones.

But Iri believes that the disappearance of the clone did not happen.

After these howling Razor Leaf touched the clone, they were all burned by flames!

“It’s all strength!”

Seeing this scene, Iri was surprised again.

Just as he glanced around to find out Magmar’s real body, a clone had already arrived in front of Shiftry.

Without any use, the flame clone slammed into it straight up.

After knowing that these flame clones were entities, Shiftry didn’t dare to be careless, and the silhouette disappeared in a flash.

Just as the Shiftry silhouette left, the flame clone suddenly exploded!


A Tiny Mushroom cloud rose, and a terrifying flame swept away.

“These flame clones can explode!”

Seeing this scene, Ire startled again.

His gaze looked towards the large number of flame clones in the field, as if he saw each and everyone normal body bomb.

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