Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 849


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bang bang bang!

The rumbling sound of the explosion continues, just like a blooming firework.

“Explosion is art.”

After seeing this scene, Luo Chen couldn’t help but laugh.

“Shiftry, use Hurricane!”

Watching Magmar continuously launch a fierce attack after the breakthrough, Iri opened the mouth and said.


Shiftry gave a low growl, and the leaves in its hands quickly stirred up.

It is like the palm-leaf fan Normal in the hands of the iron fan Princess, and the scene is instantly violent wind erupted.

Hurricane’s move was used in Shiftry’s hands, and rushed towards the Magmar clone opposite.

Although it is not Flying Type Pokemon, the Flying Type innate talent displayed by Shiftry at this time is definitely not weak!

bang bang bang!

After being attacked, these flame clones exploded in the arena and disappeared.

Although Magmar relies on his own flame body Characteristic Trait to create these flame clones, his defense is still weak.

After being attacked by the indiscriminate Hurricane at this time, none of them were supported and they disappeared.

“Go, use Ye Jian!”

After cleaning up the flame clone, Shiftry moved again.

From the Hurricane’s formidable power that it showed before, it can be seen that Shiftry has a very high understanding of wind.

At this time, its silhouette is as light as it is walking on the wind while it is running.

“explosive Step!”

At the same time, Magmar moved too.

After successfully completing the breakthrough, Magmar’s physical fitness has been improved again in all aspects.

The explosion sounded under the feet, its silhouette disappeared in place, and the flame-wrapped fists burst out!

In the violent rumbling sound, the two collided.

Followed by another explosion, Magmar was like a dynamite bucket at this time, going wherever he went, where he went.

Fortunately, Shiftry had been prepared for a long time, and moved away while cutting out the blade, so that it was not affected by the explosion.

But in this process, Shiftry’s slash only used two 30% of its power, and it was completely unable to threaten Magmar.

At this time, Magmar is like wearing a piece of anti-armor. All attacks will cause its body to explode, making Shiftry afraid to approach easily.

“This time is troublesome!”

Looking at Magmar standing in the field, Iri felt the trouble again.

“Razor Leaf!”

Shiftry’s silhouette hovered in the distance, waving one after another leaf, turning into a sharp blade, and flying out.

“Fire Spin.”

But when these Razor Leaf came into contact with Magmar, they were all engulfed by flames.

In the distance, Magmar has already raised the cannon with both hands.


With a roar, a Fireball puffed out from the muzzle.

Seeing this, Shiftry also moves quickly to avoid attacks.


Fireball landed on Ground and exploded violently.

After the Fireball was avoided, Magmar fired a large number of Fireballs again.

The blasting Fireball flies, and it explodes continuously in the field for a while, just like one after another real cannonball.

bang bang bang!

Like a bomber bombarding this area indiscriminately, Shiftry’s silhouette can only constantly move around the field to avoid attacks.

“Flame Burst!”

At this moment, Luo Chen’s voice sounded abruptly.

Then I saw several Fireballs falling on the ground suddenly exploding, and the bursting flames splashed around.

I don’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional. At this time, Shiftry was just in the flames.


next moment, these splashing flames exploded directly in the air.

The terrifying flame instantly enveloped an area, and was drowned along with Shiftry in it.

“Finally caught it, Barrage scored full marks.”

Looking at the scene in the field, Luo Chen showed a smile on his face.

Facts have proved that blindly avoiding will only reveal more weak spots, and sometimes taking the initiative is the way to win.

huhuhu ~

At this moment, the sudden gust of wind hung up in the field.

The flames burning in the field were also rolled up under the gust of wind, turning into a flame Twister.


The flames shattered and Shiftry’s silhouette appeared.

“Shiftry, Bounce.”

After Shiftry came out, he stepped on Ground and flew high.

Magmar is another Fireball blasted out, this time it fell directly into the empty space.

Looking up and looking towards the sky, Shiftry’s silhouette has rushed out to a high level, and is still rising.

Bounce’s move is in the hands of Shiftry, just like waiting for the normal ladder, letting its silhouette quickly ascension.

After reaching a certain height, blades of blades suddenly appeared around Shiftry’s body, surrounding the body.

huhuhu ~

At the same time, a whirlwind appeared around Shiftry’s body.

The Twister turns faster and faster, rolling in the surrounding leaf blades and turning them into a leaf Twister!

“Come on, use the last Mega Leaf Storm!”

As Shiftry’s body fell, Leaf Storm’s moves and Hurricane’s moves continued to merge together.

“Is the combination of grass Attribute Peak Level ultimate and Flying Type Peak Level ultimate?”

“Magmar, burn out!”

Looking at the terrifying blow from the air, Luo Chen said solemnly.

Magmar also quickly raised the muzzle of both hands, bringing the two muzzles together.

In the muzzle, the surrounding Fire Type energy is continuously sucked into the muzzle, and the red rays of light are illuminated at the muzzle and are continuously poured into the muzzle.


After the red light at the muzzle shone to the extreme, it turned into a terrifying flame and burst out.


Magmar roared in his mouth.

From the muzzle of both hands, it can feel a force close to its own limit is roaring, causing its body to lean back due to recoil.


In the midair, the two attacks collided.

The Leaf Storm combination of Shiftry use is like a drill at this time, and Twister is plunged into the flame beam!

Just when the two forces began to collide, rays of light were still emitted from the pillar of fire, and then the whole exploded, and the horrible flame engulfed the Leaf Storm in the sky!


At this moment, a sky-splitting sound suddenly sounded.

The terrifying fire sea was suddenly cut open, and a silhouette rushed out of it.

Shiftry, who was in the eye of Twister, relied on the defenses of Leaf Storm and Hurricane to block the burning explosion flames.

After rushing out of the fire sea, Shiftry’s hands suddenly appeared dazzling green light, and a sword light soaring into the sky was transformed into the green light, which swept directly toward Magmar across the distance of several meters!

Magmar immediately put his hands on top of his head as soon as he saw this, the flames kept wafting on his arms, and the front was hard against the cut blade!

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