Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 850


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When the two touched, the explosive flame broke out again.

It’s just this time that Magmar’s explosive flame is not at all capable of smashing the leaf blade, and the body suddenly sinks.


After the leaf blade slashed on Magmar, a dazzling green light burst, instantly sweeping all around.

Under the strong light, everyone involuntarily closed their eyes.

When they opened their eyes again, they saw both Pokemon falling to the ground.

“Is that trick just…Solar Blade?”

“In Sunny Day, Solar Blade can be condense in an instant.”

“The previous attacks were all false moves, this move is the real killer move!”

“I didn’t expect Shiftry to hide a hand. It was my carelessness.”

Seeing Magmar falling down, Luo Chen also shook the head with a smile.

Solar Blade this move corresponds to Solar Beam, which is the sun flame. It is just a melee attack and a long-range attack. The two are the absolute big moves of the grass Attribute Pokemon, the formidable power is naturally extremely terrifying!

Although Magmar still has a lot of unused hole cards, it is enough to fight this way.

Its Rival is after all the real Elite Level Pokemon, and it also has its own combat system. The battle strength is really amazing.

And Magmar just broke through to Elite Level. It is indeed very strong to be labeled this way, and Magmar’s purpose has been completed, which is the biggest gain.

“Come back, Shiftry.”

Ire still looked a little unwilling to watch Shiftry fall.

Under the dual blessing of Sunny Day weather and the Rototiller venue, he was still suppressed by this Magmar, who had just reached Elite Level, which made it difficult for him to explain for a while.

Now, there are only two Pokemon left in his hand, and the opponent also has at least two Elite Level Pokemon in his hand, which directly defeated his intention of at first.

“The next two Pokemon are from Lucario and Milu Mehta.”

Thinking about it in my heart, Eric took out another Poké Ball in his hand, with some choices.

At the same time, Luo Chen on the opposite side took out a Poké Ball after taking back Magmar.

This time, both Pokemon lose their combat capability at the same time, so both parties also release their Pokemon at the same time.

“Go, Poké Ball.”

The two sides throw Poké Ball at the same time.

Iri’s side is no exception, Fighting and Bloom of double attribute.

And Luo Chen here…


Along with a roar of a lion, a Pokemon emerged from the flames.

“This Pokemon is…Entei!”

Seeing Entei appearing in the field, everyone was shocked.

“This is the Entei swallowed by Groudon.”

“Unexpectedly, it was eventually taken over by Luo Chen.”

“Speaking of which, Luo Chen was the one who took Entei before, but later only lent it to Alliance.”

“Now that Groudon has been wiped out, there is indeed no problem with him taking Entei back.”

Some of the Alliance executives who knew this Entei showed a thoughtful expression on their faces. In that matter, they really lost Luo Chen.

roar roar roar.

After Entei came out, he glanced at Luo Chen, then turned his head arrogantly.

After successfully defeating Groudon before, Entei was also successfully rescued.

Later, Luo Chen returned to Alliance with Entei and Victini and treated Entei.

The matter of subduing Entei was put forward by Entei himself, and the reason is very simple, one is to return, and the other is to become stronger!

After experiencing his partner being caught by the opponent and unable to do anything, Entei also deeply understands the importance of strength.

In addition, it has also seen growth from Victini. Under the training of Luo Chen, Victini’s strength is even stronger than it.

And this is also the most important reason that makes it determined to follow Luo Chen cultivation, it doesn’t want its companion to be hurt anymore.

“Bini, Bini.”

After Entei played, another Poké Ball on Luo Chen’s waist opened.

I saw the silhouette of Victini appear, and then jumped onto Luo Chen’s shoulder, looking like he was waiting for a good show.

And with the appearance of Victini, some people who knew Victini were shocked again.

It’s not just Entei, Luo Chen even won Victini!

“Entei, show me your recent training results.”

Luo Chen’s gaze looked towards the opposite Bloom, faintly smiled and said.


Entei saw this, his eyes became solemn.

Although the Pokemon on the opposite side is just a Bloom, Entei doesn’t look down on it.

During this time, in Luo Chen’s hands, Entei finally experienced the treatment Regirock had when he first joined the team.

Mega Charizard, Mega Garchomp, Mega Tyranitar, Mega Lucario and Totem Sandslash…

These Pokemon are just ordinary Pokemon, but after the battle, it has deeply felt the strength of these ordinary Pokemon.

The legendary Pokemon is mysterious and powerful, but ordinary Pokemon can reach the same height after growing up through hard work!

Of course, this is also the main reason why Entei will listen to Luo Chen’s words. From the heart, it has already recognized the strength of Luo Chen, the Trainer.

“Damn, there are Pokemon like Entei.”

“What the hell is going on with Luo Chen!”

“Why the proud Legendary Pokemon will follow the command of a Trainer!”

Looking at Luo Chen who commanded Entei to prepare for battle, Ai Rui’s face was very ugly.

With this Entei, the Elite Level Pokemon owned by Luo Chen will become three!

“Breloom, ready to fight.”

took a deep breath, Ai Rui cheered up again.

Although Legendary Pokemon’s strength is inherently strong, it possesses special ability.

But as an Elite, he is already on par with Legendary Pokemon in terms of strength.

In the usual experience, he has not defeated Legendary Pokemon!

“Entei, Flamethrower!”

Seeing this, Luo Chen directly ordered.

I saw a pillar of fire spit out from Entei’s mouth.

“Breloom, avoid it, then move closer.”

Seeing this, Ire also commanded immediately, letting Bloom’s silhouette move quickly.

Breloom’s speed is very fast, from which we can also see some of iResearch’s breed style.

He is really good at Pokemon breed with high attack speed.

However, Entei is not Magmar.

Immediately close to Breloom, Entei Locked On Breloom.

The whole body is covered with flames, Entei does not retreat but advances, and the energy-storing flame attack is displayed, and the speed that is not inferior to Breloom burst out instantly.

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