Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 851


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“The strength of this Entei…”

“Damn it, this Entei must be a Pokemon of Thousand City Alliance breed.”

“You unexpectedly gave a god to a young man for victory!”

“Even if you can win, such a victory will not increase your reputation of Thousand City Alliance!”

Looking at Entei, who completely suppressed Breloom in the field, the delegation of the Indian-Ocean Alliance looked very angry.

At the age of Luo Chen, it is the limit to breed a Charizard with all his strength, and own a Magmar that has just broken through to Elite Level.

And the strength that this Entei showed at this time was even higher than that of Charizard before. Luo Chen was basically impossible to subdue Entei.

Therefore, this Entei can only be a Pokemon of the Thousand City Alliance breed, and then transferred to Luo Chen.

And the goal is naturally to help Luo Chen achieve good results. In their opinion, this method is indeed by fair means or foul.

bang bang bang!

In the field, two Pokemon continued to fight.

I saw Entei had already used the sacred flame at this time, and the white flame was rolling over his body.

It stepped hard under its feet, and four groups of white flames burst out, making Entei’s silhouette disappear instantly.

When he reappeared, Entei had already come to Breloom’s side, and an energy-storing flame attack made him speed up again.

Immediately afterwards, Entei wrapped Sacred Fire’s body Tackle onto Breloom’s body, and directly knocked the latter into flight.

After seeing this scene, the envoys of the Indian Ocean Alliance clenched their fists, and Rage couldn’t hide the face.

You can win by fighting head-on, but relying on the Pokemon given by Alliance to fight, they are very disgusted with it!

At this time, the leader of the Indian Ocean Alliance was already organizing language. After the battle was over, he must publish an article criticizing Luo Chen and Thousand City Alliance.

“This Entei was given to Luo Chen by us?”

At this time, Thousand City Alliance also discovered the situation on the Indian Ocean Alliance, but they all shook the head helplessly.

“If possible, I want to keep Entei.”

“However, this Entei itself was subdued by Luo Chen, and also voluntarily followed Luo Chen, we are also very helpless.”

“In addition, in the Luo Chen lineup, there are two Legendary Pokémons, Regirock and Regice!”

“If you all describe these Pokemon as the Pokemon given to Luo Chen by our Alliance, then we are also helpless!”

In the Thousand City Alliance mission, Fire Type Elite, Rock and Ice Type Elite were all jealous at this time.

Actually, with Luo Chen’s current strength, he can show very strong battle strength without relying on these three Legendary Pokémon.

In comparison, they are the talents who need to be helped. If they can get a Legendary Pokémon, it will be a qualitative change for their strength.

“Holy flame!”

When the people outside the court discussed spiritedly, the battle on the court was over.

Under the terrifying sacred flame of Entei, Breloom did not have much resistance, and his body was charred and lost the combat capability.

“Well, only the last Pokemon is left.”

Luo Chen’s voice was still flat at this time, making the face of Ai Rui on the opposite side very ugly.

At this point in the battle, he knew that he had lost, and he couldn’t help feeling of powerlessness in his heart.

“What should I do?”

Iri clenched his fist tightly.

He put his other hand on his waist, and stroked his hands on one after another Poké Ball.

In the end, he seemed to have made up his mind and put his hand on one of the Poké Balls.

Although this Pokemon may not be his strongest Pokemon, if you have to deal with Entei, you may only be able to gamble!

As the Poké Ball was opened, two flames suddenly appeared in the air, and then shadows appeared, and a Gourgeist appeared in the field.

Gourgeist is a kind of humanoid Pokemon. Its belly looks like a pumpkin, with red hair-like objects on its head, and its body is very slender.

In addition, Gourgeist has four different sizes. The Gourgeist of Iri is very huge, and it should be a very large Gourgeist.

“Does Ghost Type have Pokemon?”

“The sacred flame of my Entei can drive out darkness. This is not a good choice.”

Looking at the Gourgeist with Levitate in the air, Luo Chen was slightly shook the head.

“hmph, is the light expelling the darkness or the darkness engulfing the light? Only after the battle is known!”

Ire seeing this is also coldly snorted, directly ordered: “Gourgeist, darkness is coming!”

As Iri’s voice fell, Gourgeist’s body continued to emit Dark Aura.

Immediately afterwards, Dark Aura continued to spread towards all around, covering the sky’s scorching sun.

In an instant, darkness fell on the entire venue, obscuring everyone’s sight!

“What is this?!”

After seeing this scene, everyone was surprised.

Darkness Domain?

Among all the moves, is there any such move?

At this moment, in the darkness, a sudden gust of wind blows, causing everyone to shiver inexplicably.

Involuntarily, everyone looked towards a dark field, wanting to see two of them Pokemon.

“Entei, drive out the darkness!”

Looking at a dark venue, Luo Chen quickly ordered.

I saw a blazing white flame suddenly rising in the field, trying to drive away the darkness.

The collision between the two is the collision of black and white, which is so visually impactful.

However, no matter how dazzling the white is, it is still in the shadow of darkness, like night lights. No matter how dazzling, there is no way to replace the night Normal.

“Entei’s Sacred Fire can’t dispel the darkness?”

After seeing this scene, all the audience was surprised at this moment. This is Entei who holds the most sacred flame!

Entei’s Rival Gourgeist is just a very ordinary Pokemon. This contrast is really surprising.

“There seems to be hope to defeat Entei.”

“And this Darkness Domain is a bit scary. If the Darkness Domain cannot be destroyed, it is estimated that it will be difficult to defeat Gourgeist!”

The delegations of the Indian Ocean Alliance were all pleasantly surprised when they saw this, and felt that they had found hope of winning.

“What the hell is this Darkness Domain?”

At this time, Luo Chen is also observing the Darkness Domain in front of him.

According to his understanding, Darkness Domain does not exist, so it can only be a certain Peak Level technique.

Since it is a Peak Level technique, it must be supported, or moves, or Characteristic Trait, or special ability……

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