Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 852


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“Gourgeist’s words…”

“By the way, Gourgeist has the exclusive trick, Trick-or-Treat.”

“The effect of Trick-or-Treat is to invite Rival to participate in Trick-or-Treat, so that Rival will be added with Ghost Type.”

“However, simply relying on Trick-or-Treat moves is impossible to achieve this effect.”

Luo Chen pondered in his heart and began to analyze the composition of the Darkness Domain skills in front of him.


“I remember Gourgeist can also open Spirit Territory!”

“It’s not wrong, Trick-or-Treat moves plus the power of Spirit Territory, therefore constitute this special Darkness Domain!”

Thinking of this, Luo Chen also suddenly opened up, looking towards Ai Rui on the opposite side.

“Trick-or-Treat plus Spirit Territory power is indeed a good technique.”

After Luo Chen said these words, Ai Rui was taken aback for a moment, and then his face suddenly changed.

How is this possible? !

This is the strongest secrets of his inheritance and Spirit Territory clan!

But just after a glance, this Luo Chen has already seen it!

What kind of monster is this?

“It looks like you guessed it right.”

Looking at Ai Rui’s reaction, Luo Chen thought again in his heart.

The next thing he has to do is think of a way to crack the Darkness Domain in front of him.

The Spirit Territory is connected to the back of Darkness Domain. Even if Entei is Legendary Pokémon of Elite Level, there is no way to fight against it.

If so…

“Entei, melt into the darkness!”

“Don’t worry, under the cover of Trick-or-Treat, you are now also a Ghost Type Pokemon!”

After hearing what Luo Chen said, Entei was stunned for a moment. After a brief hesitation, it chose to believe in Luo Chen.

After condensing the sacred flame on his body, Entei let the darkness swallow him.

next moment, it believes that the damage from the dark not at all appears, but it makes itself feel comfortable.

Just like Luo Chen said, it now also has Ghost Type and can blend into the darkness perfectly!

“Damn it, I was Detected!”

After seeing this scene, Ai Rui’s face grew gloomy.

Since the previous Taunt, he has been holding the battle to turn the battle into a Darkness Domain and a battle for the sacred flame.

In this case, Gourgeist will be able to assist the power of Spirit Territory to suppress Entei!

But now, as Luo Chen tells Entei to give up using the sacred flame against Darkness Domain, all his plans have come to nothing!

“Even Entei has melted into the darkness.”

“But it is not a real Ghost Type Pokemon after all!”

took a deep breath, Ai Rui directly caused Gourgeist to launch a frontal attack.

Relying on Darkness Domain, Gourgeist’s strength has also been greatly increased.

As Gourgeist moved into action, a shadow ball was condense.

The terrifying energy oscillated in the Darkness Domain, causing the entire Darkness Domain to begin to twist.

“Although Entei is not a Ghost Type Pokemon, Entei can also master the flames rich in Ghost Type energy!”

As Luo Chen’s voice remained, a purple flame suddenly rose in the field.

Entei, as the Legendary Pokemon of Fire Type, has reached a very strong level of control over flames.

At this time, Entei directly used Will-O-Wisp in the field, lighting up the darkness again.

Also, now Entei’s Attribute has been added with Ghost Type, and it becomes a Pokemon of Fire and Ghost double attribute.

So Entei used Will-O-Wisp at this time, and also incorporated the energy of the two Attributes of Flame and Ghost in it, making Will-O-Wisp’s moves also increased by Darkness Domain!

After each Pokemon used their moves, the two forces began to collide in the field.

Immediately afterwards, in the incredible gaze of Iri, Purple’s Will-O-Wisp became more and more terrifying and directly swallowed the shadow ball used by Gourgeist.

Subsequently, this purple Will-O-Wisp became stronger and stronger with the increase of Darkness Domain, and it burned more and more vigorously, as if it had ignited the normal night.

And Entei, who has a fire and Ghost double attribute, stands in the purple Will-O-Wisp, completely motionless!

huhuhu ~

The terrifying purple flame burned, causing a burst of Heat Wave.

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