Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 853


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“Even an Elite was oppressed like this!”

“Is this really what a 21-year-old can do?”

Looking at this scene, everyone in the room fell into silence.

Not standing in that position of Ai Rui, completely unable to feel this feeling is and so on.

But the pressure from Luo Chen started to linger in their hearts.

The feeling of being completely Detected, not knowing what to do and so on next moment, and feeling helpless, they suddenly understood.

“Hey, good job.”

At this moment, Cass Elite of Western Alliance suddenly opened the mouth and said.

He is a well-known powerhouse in the field, Luo Chen’s pressure is not too big for him.

So he is confident that he can defeat the current Luo Chen in the final battle.

Even if the tactics will be Detected, everything is empty talk in front of the strength of the decision!

“Ah, I am looking forward to it more and more.”

Oni Elite of Liberty Alliance also laughed, squeezing his fists as if eager to try.

Seeing this, other Elites came back to his senses one after another, or showed fighting intent in their eyes, or were indifferent, with different expressions.

But there is one point that they are the same. They all mentioned Luo Chen to the same level as themselves, and no longer despise Luo Chen because of his age!


After the game, Luo Chen also immediately took Charizard and them for treatment.

Although he won the match with 3 enemies and 6 this time, the three Pokemons in the battle were all injured.

As an Elite, this Ai Rui really has a few brushes. Although Charizard and Magmar didn’t play the strongest hole cards, they really had reached their limits at this time.

“It seems that you cannot underestimate any Elite.”

“Able to reach Elite Level, these guys each and everyone have their own huge background.”

“As long as one is not careful, it is really easy to fall in the sewer!”

While Charizard is performing treatment, Luo Chen is also summarizing the battle this time.

Eri’s Dragonite with the form of thunderclouds and rain is really strong.

Even Charizard, who played Drought-Sunny Day, couldn’t easily suppress the opponent.

If it weren’t for him to find the weakness of Dragonite’s multiple scales, if Charizard did not display the Sunfire form, the final result would be 80% of the draw.

There is one final game. If he didn’t have Detect Darkness Domain, Entei might really lose because of the battle with Spirit Territory.

In this case, Magmar and Shiftry are also in a tie. Relying on Darkness Domain and the remaining four Elite Level Pokemons, Ire also has some hope of winning. Although it is small, it cannot be said that there is no, after all. The power of Darkness Domain is not at all fully displayed.

“Well, it’s still impossible.”

“Unless Lucario, none of them use Mega Evolution.”

Luo Chen thought about it again, shook the head, and directly reduced the possibility of Iri’s victory from extremely small to zero.

“Luo Chen, congratulations.”

At this moment, a person came from a distance, said with a slight smile.

“Heart One Elite.”

Seeing the visitor, Luo Chen startled, also greeted him.

This Xinyi Elite is the Captain of the current Thousand City Alliance world team.

Xinyi Elite, who has just reached the age of 30, is ranked fifth in the Elite ranking and almost entered the position of the Elite Four.

In front of him, there are all Elites who are over 30 years old. Therefore, among the required ages for the competition, Yixin Elite can be said to be the most powerhouse.

In the Elite exchange competition at this time, it was actually Captain Yixin who played in person. After all, Liberty Alliance and Western Alliance played this time in their respective Alliance world team Captain.

Only Thousand City Alliance, after consideration, let Luo Chen replace Yixin’s qualification.

At first, Xinyi did have some thoughts, but when he saw Luo Chen’s performance, he was relieved.

“Next, continue to work hard, I am looking forward to you becoming my comrade in arms.”

After leaving this sentence, Xin Yi’s silhouette walked past Luo Chen and slowly disappeared at the corner.

“Comrades in arms?”

Luo Chen smiled when he saw this.

This time he participated in the Elite Exchange Tournament, just for the main spot in the World Tournament!

Soon, Charizard’s treatment was completed.

Luo Chen left the Pokemon center with a few Pokemon and returned to the dormitory where he rested.

In the training ground in front of the dormitory, Luo Chen released Charizard, Magmar and Entei.

“Bini, Bini.”

After the three Pokemon came out, Victini cheered enthusiastically and praised the performance of the three Pokemon.

Then, it also provided the infinite energy of its own within the body to the three Pokemon to eliminate fatigue.

roar roar roar.

Entei is very happy to hear Victini’s praise.

Afterwards, its gaze was also placed on Luo Chen, and his gaze flickered.

Seriously, although Victini’s suggestion, it decided to follow Luo Chen for training.

It can be regarded as the pride of Legendary Pokémon, it is still a little hard to accept that it has become a human Pokemon.

But today, after Luo Chen made it easy to get rid of the Darkness Domain through his own command, his view of Luo Chen has changed again.

This human being is very special. No wonder Regirock and Regice listen to this human like this.

“Charizard, this time you did good.”

“Magmar, congratulations on your successful breakthrough to Elite Level.”

“And Entei, how does this really feel under the command of Trainer?”

Luo Chen smiled and said to the three Pokemons, affirming their performance. Of course, there are shortcomings. He will also point out the improvement of the three Pokemon, which is a step that must be experienced to become a powerhouse.

After summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of the three Pokemons in the battle this time, Luo Chen took out the breed notes to optimize their training methods!


So, time flies quickly.

After a day of fierce battle, the quarterfinals were quickly decided.

During this process, Luo Chen also made a special trip to watch the game.

Among them, Cass Elite from Western Alliance and Oni Elite from Liberty Alliance are naturally his primary focus.

And apart from this, Captain Dier, a world team from Burning Sun Alliance, also attracted Luo Chen’s attention.

From the perspective of the discharged Pokemon, this Deere is all Dark Type Pokemon.

In the course of the battle, this Deere was also very ordinary. In the 6V6 battle, he won with a very small advantage of 5 to 6.

But after Luo Chen saw this Deere, he faintly felt that there was something wrong with this Deere. This feeling was very strange, which made him feel unclear.

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