Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 854


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2nd day, the game continues.

After yesterday’s game, the top eight players will re-draw lots to decide Rival.

On the big screen of the battle field, the players’ avatars flashed continuously, matching the two players together randomly.

“My Rival is… Megan from Aoyang Alliance?”

After seeing his Rival, Luo Chen also recalled the Elite’s information.

Megan is an Elite who is proficient in Flying Type, and he is also a dancer of world Peak Level.

And the combination of these two together creates a Peak Level Grandmaster who is proficient in flying skills.

“If Rival is very proficient in Attributes, then my lineup will need to be adjusted.”

Although the other person is not one of the three people he cares about most, no one who can become an Elite is someone who is easy to deal with.

After thinking a little bit, Luo Chen looked towards the big screen on the stage again.

In the next Pokemon lineup arrangement, in addition to releasing targeted Pokemon, there are many more considerations.

If possible, hiding some hole cards appropriately can make the next battle much easier.

After all, between Pokemon and Pokemon, the restraint of attributes and abilities can largely determine the outcome of a battle.

“en? Liberty Alliance’s Oni Elite and Burning Sun Alliance’s Deere, the two actually met in the quarterfinals!”

After seeing the list of matches, Luo Chen was also a little surprised.

In the Elite exchange competition this time, what he cares most about is Oni Elite, Cass Elite and Deere Elite.

Now it’s just the quarterfinals. The two met early. This is undoubtedly good news for Luo Chen.

In his judgment, the strength of the two might not be too different. In this case, the two must fight with all their strength.

If this is the case, he will be able to adjust his lineup accordingly when he is next to the two.

As he thought about it, the game started very quickly.

The First Stage battle is the battle of Cass from the Western Alliance.

As a Trainer who specializes in Dragon Type, Cass sends out Pokemons of Quasi-Mythical dragons.

“Why am I familiar with this fighting style?”

Looking at Cass dispatching a Salamence in the field and letting Salamence use Hurricane’s dragon skills to fight, Luo Chen also thought about it.

“Dragon Type Pokemon inheritance of Western Alliance…”

Luo Chen stroked his chin. Among all Alliances, Dragon Type Pokemon is a popular Attribute.

In each Alliance, families proficient in Dragon Type Pokemon can always play a pivotal role in their respective Alliance.

When it comes to Dragon Type Pokemon, we have to mention Dragon Type’s base camp, Dragon Valley.

“Dragon Valley…Western Alliance…”

After linking the two together, Luo Chen suddenly knew where this familiar feeling came from.

When he participated in the Battle of Dragon Emissary, he met two Dragon Emissary from Western Alliance.

The last Kevin caused him considerable trouble in the final battle.

Especially the multiple Outrage horror skills that Kevin’s Hydreigon mastered can instantly increase his Pokemon strength several times!

If Cass and Kay are in Literature there is closed, he suddenly knows why Cass wants Taunt himself.


Luo Chen’s mouth also showed a sneer.

This Cass dared to despise Charizard, but Charizard was already thinking of this Cass.

Soon, with the ebbing of time, Cass won by an absolute advantage.

The next thing to start is the battle between Oni Elite of Liberty Alliance and Deere Elite of Burning Sun Alliance.

In this battle, there is not much suspense in everyone’s eyes.

Although Burning Sun Alliance also belongs to the Big Alliance, it is still incomparable with the first Alliance of Liberty Alliance this World.

And the battle of at first is also true. Facing Oni’s starting Strength, Deere sent the Evil and Flying double attribute gentleman crow to fight.

However, in this battle that itself occupies the advantage of Attribute, the Gentleman Crow did not dominate, but was suppressed by Strength relying on Ice Punch.

“Is there something wrong with my feeling?”

Looking at this scene, Luo Chen was also lost in thought.

From the perspective of Deere’s current strength, it is not small compared to Oni.

bang bang bang!

The battle in the field continued. Finally, relying on a True Qi wave that had been in stockpile for a long time, the silhouette of the gentleman crow was bombarded from the sky and lost the combat capability.

“The strength of this gentleman crow just barely reached Elite Level.”

Luo Chen shook his head when he saw this, feeling in his heart that he might really feel wrong.

Then Diere started sending out the second and third Pokemon, but they were still mediocre.

Even though it is placed in the ordinary Elite, the three Pokemons sent by Deere are considered quite strong.

But his opposite is Liberty Alliance’s Oni Elite, which is indeed not enough.

“Doesn’t the problem come from Pokemon, but from Deere?”

Luo Chen also shifted his gaze from the battle in the field to Dill at this time.

From Dill’s body, there is indeed a special temperament revealed, with a trace of death in his cold body.

“Is it lifeless?”

Luo Chen thought of an idiom to describe Dir.

bang bang bang!

In the field, Deere’s third Pokemon also fell.

Seeing this scene, Dill slowly took out the Poké Ball to recover the Pokemon that had lost the combat capability.

“This Pokemon is… my goodness!”

Just when Deere dispatched the fourth Pokemon, the court suddenly exclaimed.

“Nightmare God, Darkrai!”

Looking at the Levitate in the midair, the whole body looks like Pokemon in the Black cloak, Luo Chen eyes shrank.

Following the three Pokemons, Deere actually sent Legendary Pokémon, which surprised everyone.

“You actually have Darkrai too!”

Looking at Pokemon appearing in the field, Oni on the opposite side was also very surprised.

Legendary Pokémon is extremely rare in the real world, and this Darkrai is the second one he has seen.

The first Darkrai to be released was from the Liberty Alliance. When it was in the World Youth Championship finals, Jock sent Darkrai to face Lucario.

Although the final result was that Mega Lucario relied on Aura Force’s restraint of nightmare energy to win, but still had to admit that Darkrai was powerful.

The Darkrai that appeared in front of me has a completely different temperament from Jock’s Darkrai.

How to describe it……

Luo Chen thought for a moment, and also thought of lifelessness.

The Darkrai that appeared at this time did not look like Dark Type Pokemon, but more like Ghost Type Pokemon!

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