Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 855


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“Black hole!”

After Darkrai appeared, Dill’s hoarse voice came out.

I saw a dark Energy Ball appearing on Darkrai’s hands.

As Darkrai’s hands pulled, the black hole suddenly spread across the field!

In a blink of an eye, darkness enveloped the entire venue, making everything in darkness!

“Is it Darkness Domain again?”

Looking at the darkness of the field, the audience was surprised again.

After that, everyone involuntarily looked towards Luo Chen.

In the previous battle between Luo Chen and Ai, Gourgeist also displayed a similar ability.

At the beginning, Luo Chen cracked Darkness Domain very simply, but didn’t know the difference between the two Darkness Domains.


As the audience was discussing intensely, there was a sudden roar in the field.

Afterwards, I saw a silhouette suddenly shot out from the Darkness Domain and hit the protective wall heavily in mid-air.

“Strength, is the one that wears three strengths!”

After seeing the silhouette of the shot flying, the audience slowly opened their eyes.

Before, this Strength was one enemy three, but it showed very strong battle strength.

But in front of him, in the Black realm created by Darkrai, Strength was killed in seconds!

What happened in Darkness Domain? !

“Gourgeist’s Darkness Domain relies on the power of Spirit Territory.”

“The Darkness Domain used by Darkrai is based on black hole moves.”

Luo Chen has a contemplative expression on his face, thinking about the difference between the two.

The black hole move is Darkrai’s exclusive move, which can force Rival into the dark world, so that Rival can fall asleep.

However, this black hole move was used by Darkrai at this time, but it brought the dark world to reality!

“Really strong Darkrai.”

After thinking about everything, Luo Chen’s face showed fear.

Legendary Pokémon itself is very strong depending on race ability.

And a Legendary Pokémon that has walked out of its own way, it will be terrifying!

“How can it be so strong?”

It turned out that Oni Elite, who was smiling because of Strength’s one-to-three, turned his face completely black.

After thinking about it slightly, he sent Medicham of Fighting and Psychic double attribute to fight.

After Medicham appeared, the Darkness Domain in the field swept over again, covering Medicham.

bang bang bang!

The sound coming from the darkness can tell that two Pokemon are fighting fiercely in it.

With a burst of Psychic piercing the darkness, the sound of fighting stopped abruptly.

next moment, the entire dark vortex was distorted, and the silhouettes of two Pokemon in the field appeared.

I saw Darkrai stretched out his paw and was holding Medicham’s head at this time.

Medicham was weak at this moment and let Darkrai grab it, without any reaction.

“Medicham is in a dream!”

“Darkrai used Dream Eater. This battle is over!”

Looking at the situation in the field, Luo Chen also immediately made a judgment.

Darkrai is a nightmare god, its nightmare ability is definitely a very powerful ability!

At the beginning, Lucario, if it weren’t for Mega Evolution and Aura Force, I guess he couldn’t get rid of the nightmare.


When Luo Chen’s voice fell, Darkrai waved his hand and Medicham’s silhouette was flung out.

Medicham’s physical strength was drained directly in his sleep!

huhuhu ~

In the air, Darkrai’s silhouette Levitate is moving, and his cloak-like body is constantly floating.

After eliminating Medicham, the cloak on Darkrai’s body was lifted, and darkness surrounded it, making its silhouette gradually melt into the darkness.

“Damn it!”

Looking at this scene, Oni Elite fiercely gritted his teeth.

In the darkness that enveloped the audience, he had no idea what was going on.

This also makes his command completely impossible. You must know that as a Fighting Type Pokemon, fighting skills and attack rhythm are the most important!

“How can I crack Darkness Domain!”

The fists of Oni Elite clenched fiercely together.

Originally, he wanted to use Psychic breakthrough with Medicham, who has a Psychic Type, but he completely failed.

After some thought, Oni sent Blaziken to let the flame on Blaziken penetrate the darkness.

It’s like Luo Chen’s Entei Normal, using light to restrain darkness.

However, how does Blaziken’s flame compare to Yan Dan’s Pill God holy flame, and Gourgeist’s Darkness Domain is also far from being compared with Darkrai’s Darkness Domain.

The battle takes place in the dark, but no one can perceive the situation in the dark.

While Oni Elite was anxiously waiting, Blaziken’s silhouette flew out from the darkness, already losing the combat capability.

Before, the strength of Oni Elite was a series of three, so that everyone could see the strength of Oni Elite.

But at this time, the court is quietly terrifying.

The previous victories of Oni Elite are in stark contrast to the current situation on the court.

Compared with this Darkrai, that Strength is really too weak!

“It seems that Oni Elite has no way to crack Darkness Domain.”

Looking at Oni who fell into silence in the field, some Elites shook the head, looking towards Dier with very solemn eyes.

It’s not just Oni Elite, all of them here, at this time, also feel powerless against this tricky Darkness Domain, and don’t know how to crack it.


During Elite’s discussion on the court, Oni’s fourth Pokemon also fell.

Next is the fifth and sixth, all fell into the darkness!

After the last Pokemon fell, Oni Elite was also stunned.

As an Elite of the Liberty Alliance, he never thought he would have this day.

I was directly worn by Darkrai, which made his chest a little blocked, and he couldn’t help but feel a little trance.

Let’s come together. Behind him is the Liberty Alliance. He didn’t know how he would explain it after he returned!

“I was really worn out.”

After Oni Elite’s last Pokemon was defeated by Darkrai, everyone was sucked in a cold breath.

This Deere is a bit too strong!

“This Darkrai may have reached the peak of Elite.”

At this time, the Elite who was watching the battle in the guest seat also guessed, and started to compare with the Champion who was fighting in his mind.

Although because the battles took place in the Darkness Domain, they couldn’t make accurate judgments, but they could rely on a Pokemon to sweep the audience. The strength of this Darkrai has surpassed the Normal Elite Level Pokemon by too much.

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