Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 856


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“hu, there really is a problem with this Deere.”

“Darkness Domain…compared to the lifelessness of Darkrai’s body that makes me more concerned.”

Luo Chen also sighed softly at this time. In this battle, Darkrai obviously didn’t use all his strength.

If he really met this Dier when the time comes, his Mega Lucario might not be able to defeat this Darkrai.

“If it is true, some means must be arranged in advance.”

“Moreover, this Dir seems to be hiding something. The previous three Pokemon and Darkrai are not of the same level.”

“If this Deere still has a few other Pokemons of the same level, maybe Charizard can only be able to cope with Mega Evolution!”

While Luo Chen was meditating, Deere and Oni, who had a plain face, also walked off the battlefield.

The next thing to be played is his match with Megan of Aoyang Alliance.

Coincidentally, the player channel that Luo Chen entered is exactly the same as Oni.

“Luo Chen, that Dier’s Darkrai has a problem.”

In the player channel, Oni Elite’s silhouette and Luo Chen passed by.

While the two were staggered, the silhouette of Oni Elite stopped suddenly, opening the mouth and said.

“Well, I know.”

“The Darkrai is full of Death Aura.”

Luo Chen’s silhouette also stopped, and then Oni Elite said.

“It looks like you have found it too.”

“However, it should be more than just Death Aura.”

“From Darkrai’s body, I also feel the ignorance and destruction.”

“In addition, in Darkness Domain, the strength of Dark Type Pokemon will be greatly improved.”

“In order to confirm this, I also released Pangoro. It turns out that my guess was not wrong.”

Oni Elite nodded, and then told Luo Chen the information he had obtained from the battle. After speaking, he also left without looking back, leaving only Luo Chen who showed his thinking expression.

“Death, ignorance and destruction, and the Darkness Domain that can enhance the power of Dark Type Pokemon.”

Luo Chen murmured in his mouth, and suddenly a flash of light flashed through his mind, making his vague feeling suddenly clear.

“hey hey hey, shouldn’t it really be it, the legendary Mega Legendary Pokemon.”

“If that Pokemon is really born, with this Pokemon’s character, the world will definitely be messed up!”

Recalling the Pokemon message in his mind, Luo Chen’s face also became a little dignified.

“It seems that Must meet this Deere in person.”

“You must get the accurate information of that Pokemon from his mouth!”

took a deep breath, Luo Chen walked towards the battlefield at the end of the contestant’s passage.

At this time, Megan Elite has been waiting for a long time on the battlefield.

“Let you wait a long time.”

Luo Chen apologized to Megan on the opposite side after boarding the battlefield.

“Let’s get started.”

Megan was nodded, saying that he didn’t care, and looked towards referee.

Afterwards, under the referee’s signal, the relationship between the two was determined on the big screen.

“Am I first hand?”

“The Pokemon on my side is it.”

Megan glanced lightly at the big screen and threw out his Poké Ball at the same time.

Along with the rays of light shining out, I saw a sturdy statue appearing in the air.

“Bi Diao, then my Pokemon is it.”

Luo Chen also took out a Poké Ball and opened it.

A low roar sounded, and Rhyperior’s strong body appeared directly.

After seeing this silhouette, the other Alliance missions off the court were immediately surprised.

Rhyperior, like Magmar, is Pokemon that requires special evolution methods to evolve.

Nowadays, there is only Rhyperior’s evolution method in Thousand City Alliance.

Rhyperior, Magmar, and Electivire, the three evolution methods of Pokemon, have always been regarded as the foundation of Thousand City Alliance.

If other Alliances want to exchange these evolutionary methods, they must pay the corresponding bargaining chips. Thousand City Alliance also makes a lot of money. Like a monopoly, the patent this thing is also a huge profit.

“Have you sent a Rock Type Pokemon that restrains Flying Type?”

“Although it has an advantage in Attribute, Rhyperior must be able to feel the comparison!”

“Compare, use Tailwind moves!”

Megan looked at Pokemon appearing in the field and said to Bi Diao.

With the use of Tailwind’s moves, the speed of Bieniao has increased again.

In addition to the extremely fast speed of Bi Diao, at this time, he directly pulled out one after another afterimage in the air.

“Rhyperior, Stone Edge!”

At the same time, Rhyperior on Ground also launched an attack.

Just stepping on Ground with one foot, the whole Ground trembles fiercely.

After that, I saw a sharp stone being condense, and lasing it towards the eagle in the air.


Megan looked at the sharp stone blasting at sky and snapped his fingers with both hands.

Compared with the carving, the silhouette directly drew across the air diagonally, constantly shuttled among the sharp rocks.

Flying skills of Bi Diao are very Contest, but in the eyes of the audience, Bi Diao’s silhouette is just a stroke.

“Too fast, really too fast!”

When Bi Diao’s silhouette appeared in the distance again, the audience couldn’t help but marvel.

Relying on this flying speed and skill, Rhyperior is completely impossible!

“Go on, Stone Edge!”

Luo Chen’s flat voice came out again.

Rhyperior is also nodded here, and once again condense Stone Edge.

Although it is also a Stone Edge, this time Rhyperior’s Stone Edge is several times more than before.

The whistling sharp stones shuttled in the air, just like normal arrows, covering the entire sky!


Megan’s tone was very calm.

The Bi Diao in the air responded immediately, and the silhouette shuttled through the air.

“I was avoided, Bi Diao was really too fast.”

Looking at the silhouette flashing in the sky, the audience also shook the head.

But when they were surprised at Bi Diao’s speed, they suddenly saw Bi Diao’s silhouette sluggish in the air.

A sharp stone whistled past, taking advantage of the opportunity of Bi Diao’s body to pause, directly hit Bi Diao.

Along with the silhouette of Bi Diao being hit, I saw Bi Diao’s silhouette begin to fall from the air quickly!

At the same time, Rhyperior’s silhouette also moved, swiftly running towards the direction where Bi Diao fell.

Its feet are constantly on the Stomp Ground, and there is a roar. The heavy footsteps and the huge body shape immediately give people an invisible oppression.

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