Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 857


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“This…fly faster than the eagle!”

Looking at the running silhouette of Rhyperior, the members of the Aoyang Alliance mission became nervous.

They clasped their hands tightly, their heartbeat began to become violent, and the whole person was tense.

“It’s just an attack of that level, it won’t make Bi Diao Shi incapacitated?”

Looking at Bi Diao who is still falling, some Elites are also puzzled, and some don’t understand the situation.

As everyone watched the falling Bi Diao nervously, they saw that Bi Diao’s wings were fluttering, and then he started to fling his wings quickly to stabilize the silhouette.

After seeing this scene, the members of the Australian Alliance’s mission sighed in relief.

But before they started to celebrate, they saw a huge silhouette had come behind Bi Diao.

Rhyperior stretched out his right hand and firmly grasped Bi Diao’s head, as Gravity took Bi Diao and fell towards Ground!


When the silhouette of Rhyperior fell from the sky, the whole Ground trembled three times, and the dust was shook up to the sky, and it was spilt down.

Rhyperior grabbed his head, and Rhyperior directly pressed it towards Ground.

Assisting the falling and Rhyperior’s own power, the silhouette of the eagle was completely smashed into the Ground, leaving only two bird claws hanging weakly.


After seeing this scene, everyone was stunned.

They couldn’t react a little for a while.

Before, it was obvious that Bi Diao had an advantage. Why was Bi Diao so miserable in a blink of an eye?

Now, there is no need to referee to announce the result of the game, they all know that Bi Diao must lose the combat capability.

All this really ended too suddenly, the victory and defeat were reversed in an instant!

“What happened in the sky before?”

“With the speed and flying skills of the carving, it is impossible to show such an obvious weak spot!”

“At that moment, Bi Diao really seemed to be rooted.”

After this battle was over, the Elites off the court also had discussions.

“Damn it.”

On the other side, Megan frowned at this time.

Obviously the praise has just begun, but everything is over. For a dancer, this is a complete shame!

But in the same way, he also began to think about the reason why Bi Diao was defeated, and that kind of mistake was made by Bi Diao impossible.

“It seems to be some kind of restraint move similar to Confusion.”

Thinking about it, Megan took out another Poké Ball.

After the Poké Ball is opened, a Pokemon with cotton-like feathers appears in the field.

“Altaria, this really matches the dancer very well.”

Luo Chen said with a smile, it’s a pity that this World doesn’t have a Contest competition like a Pokemon game

Otherwise, with this Megan’s tactical style, he must be able to win the glory of a Peak Level Coordinator!

Shaking his head slightly, he also made Rhyperior use Stone Edge again.

“Altaria, use Dragon Breath!”

Looking at these sharp stones, Megan directly asked Altaria to attack.

He thought about it just now, and felt that the biggest problem might be the sharp stone.

bang bang bang!

Altaria’s Dragon Breath moves across the air.

The whistling Stone Edge was immediately resisted, and countless sharp stones exploded, turning into countless stone chips.

“Altaria, blow away the dust!”

Meghan opened the mouth and said loudly, and Altaria’s hurried Growl responded to Meghan.

huhuhu ~

When Altaria fanned its wings, the smoke and dust in the sky was quickly blown away.

What appeared in front of people was Altaria, whose wings were constantly stirring up.

It’s just that the situation in the field is a bit weird. Altaria’s wings are rapidly inflamed, and his head jumps towards the sky, as if he is going to fly high.

But no matter how desperately Altaria fanned its wings, its silhouette did not rise a bit. It seemed that something was faintly pulling Altaria Normal underneath, trying to pull it from the air!

“Rock Wrecker!”

Just when everyone was looking at Rhyperior, Luo Chen’s voice sounded abruptly.

Immediately afterwards, I saw Rhyperior raising one hand and holding his front hand with the other, aiming at Altaria in the air.

As Rhyperior’s hands swelled up, energy began to gather in the cave in the center of his hand!


With a violent roar, a Rock Wrecker was launched by Rhyperior.


The sky-splitting sound was thorough, directly hitting Altaria in the air.

Next moment, the silhouette of Altaria was directly blasted into the sky by Rock Wrecker.

Then, like a kite with a broken wire, the silhouette fell straight from the air!

“Altaria, cotton defense!”

Seeing this scene, Megan called out loudly, already disregarding the grace of being a dancer.

In the air, Altaria reluctantly fanned her wings, and the cotton-like feathers on her body began to collide.


In the end, Altaria still smashed on the Ground. Fortunately, the cotton defense did not directly pass out.

After getting up quickly, Altaria looked towards the other side.

And what appeared in its eyes was another roaring Rock Wrecker.

Immediately afterwards, Altaria felt a cloud in his head and immediately lost consciousness.

“What the hell was that just now?!”

At this time, everyone reacted and recalled the previous scene of Altaria in Struggle in the air.

Obviously, Rhyperior has a move that can restrain Rival’s actions, which makes the enemy in the air unable to do as one pleases flying.

Although I don’t know the specific reasons and restrictions of this move, it is certain that the restrictions are very large for Pokemon in the air.

“Come back, Altaria.”

Two Pokemon were defeated by unfathomable mystery, and the smile on Megan’s face disappeared.

Close his eyes, he is also lost in thought at this time.

After a while, Megan sent his next Pokemon again.

A dragon roar roared in the air, and Megan released a Salamence.

Salamence, as the Quasi-Mythical of the dragon and Flying double attribute dragon, has become the standard equipment of almost all flying or Dragon Type Pokemon Trainers at this time.

It’s just that depending on your own training, the focus of Pokemon training is different, and the abilities you display are also different.

As a Flying Type Elite Pokemon, this Salamence is naturally very good at flying. Its blood-red wings pull out a red phantom in the air, showing terrifying speed.

“Rhyperior, Stone Edge!”

Facing the enemy in the air, Luo Chen still has this command.

Facts have proved that this move is very loud for the silhouette of the enemy in the air.

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