Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 858


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“Salamence, don’t resist, use Dragon Rush!”

Looking at Rhyperior’s replay of the old trick, Megan eyes flashed.

After hearing the words of his Trainer, Salamence’s silhouette directly swooped down, his Dragon Type energy constantly raging.

After Salamence used Dragon Rush.

His figure was not at all affected by that inexplicable force, and he successfully ran into Rhyperior on Ground!

Rhyperior didn’t dare to be sloppy when he saw this. He raised his fist so that the whole body’s power was concentrated on the tip of his fist, and blasted towards Salamence who had lost Dragon Rush.

Salamence’s Dragon Rush is a Dragon Type ultimate, and Rhyperior’s Rock Wrecker, which is extended by using Rock Wrecker techniques, also belongs to the category of ultimate.


This collision is like sparks hitting Earth, and terrifying energy swept all around!


The whole Ground sank under this blow, one after another cracks appeared like Spider Web.

The smoke and dust in the sky also enveloped the entire venue at this time, and only two silhouettes still facing each other can be seen faintly.

After the smoke dissipated, I saw Rhyperior and Salamence confronting each other, their bodies were full of scars, and they were obviously injured.

“Sure enough, your Rhyperior has the ability to forbid air!”

“From the effect point of view, it should be Gravity moves? Of course, it may also be mixed with the power of Smack Down moves!”

“The effects of the two are mixed together to directly form the no-air zone, which seems to be completely targeted by you!”

Megan looked at the two Pokemon in the field, and at this time he couldn’t help but took a deep breath. Through Salamence’s attack, he also confirmed his thoughts.

Luo Chen smiled unavoidably when he saw this, relying on the forbidden air domain to defeat the opponent’s two Pokemon, Rhyperior was already enough.

In addition, as long as Rhyperior does not fall, the flying type of the opponent’s Pokemon will be blocked, and it can only rely on the battle points on Ground.

For Flying Type Pokemon, it’s like breaking the normal wings. The advantage can’t be played out at all, but it’s in a disadvantage.

It’s like the Rhyperior vs. Salamence battle Normal. On Ground, relying on the strength of Rhyperior Rock and Ground Type, these birds with broken wings really have no chance of winning at all!

huhuhu ~

After the smoke and dust in the field dissipated, Salamence’s silhouette flew up slightly, planning to launch an attack by remembering the speed of the fall in the air.

But at the next moment, I saw Rhyperior stepping on Ground suddenly, and the silhouette rushed out like a cannonball.

At this moment, relying on Rock Wrecker strength emission skill, Rhyperior broke out with a terrifying speed, and quickly came to Salamence.

At this time, Salamence was inciting his wings to fly to the sky, but Rhyperior reached out his hand and grabbed his back foot and hit the Ground heavily.

As a Flying Type Elite, the focus of breeding has always been on breeding flying ability and speed, so at this time Salamence was so weak in front of Rhyperior who used Rock Wrecker strength emission skill. , I was directly beaten as a sandbag.

During this process, Salamence is also constantly using Air Slash to cause damage to Rhyperior, but these attacks are like scraping, unable to shake Rhyperior at all.

“Come back, Salamence.”

“It’s you next, let’s dance!”

After recovering Salamence, Megan released the next Pokemon.

As his voice fell, he saw petals suddenly appear in the field, and then a green silhouette appeared in the field.

As soon as this Pokemon came out, he immediately danced in the arena, just like a dancer Normal.


Looking at the Pokemon dancing in the field, Luo Chen’s face became a little serious.

Although the Pokemon sent by Megan this time is not a Flying Type Pokemon, it is more difficult to deal with.

At the same time, Luo Chen recalled Bellossom’s information in his mind and discovered that this Pokemon is a natural dancer.

Including Quiver Dance, Petal Dance, Sword Dance and Teeter Dance, Bellossom can perform up to four dance moves!

“Dancing, Bellossom!”

After Bellossom came out, Megan was also quickly ordered.

At the same time, you can see that his silhouette is also dancing, performing a wonderful dance with Bellossom in the field.

With the dancing of the Bellossom silhouette, petals blossomed around Bellossom’s body.

“It’s the Petal Dance move!”

“Rhyperior, use Rock Tomb!”

Looking at the dancing Bellossom use moves, Luo Chen ordered.

The role of Petal Dance is that within two to three rounds, the petals are scattered and attack Rival, and then you will fall into chaos.

Moreover, Petal Dance is a very powerful long-range attack, and its formidable power is not even worse than Leaf Storm.

It’s just that the side effects of Petal Dance are also very big, and after performing it, you will fall into a mixed state.

Luo Chen also knew this side effect of Petal Dance, which allowed Rhyperior to defend and wait for the side effect of Petal Dance.

huhuhu ~

As Bellossom dances, it starts to twist the air around it.

With the help of a blast, the petals were turned into one after another. The sharp blade shot out!

Fortunately, Luo Chen gave the order early, and a stone wall had already been erected in front of Rhyperior.


The sky-splitting sound continued, and the petals continued to swept and plunged directly into the stone wall.

“Quiver Dance next!”

Megan murmured in her mouth, and at the same time her dance style changed.

Seeing this, Bellossom was immediately understood’s own Trainer’s instruction, and the silhouette began to dance, like a butterfly flying around.

The role of Quiver Dance is to dance a mysterious and beautiful dance lightly to improve your special attack, special defense and speed.

At the same time, the petals surrounding Bellossom’s body still haven’t dispersed. With the continuous blessing of Quiver Dance, the power of the petals has become stronger, and the rising stone wall of Rhyperior is constantly baptism.

“It turned out to be Quiver Dance.”

“This can’t be done, and Bellossom can’t be used forever.”

Seeing this, Luo Chen also cursed secretly, letting Rhyperior launch Stone Edge.

“Sword Dance, stop it!”

Facing the whistling Stone Edge, Bellossom’s silhouette began to sweep in place.

Suddenly, the air current brought by Sword Dance began to revolve around Bellossom, and the petals surrounding the body, suddenly turned into a petal Twister!

At this moment, Bellossom Petal Dance, Quiver Dance and Sword Dance are alternately used, Assist is attacking Petal Dance, Quiver Dance is strengthening, and Sword Dance is defending, showing very strong strength!

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