Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 859


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bang bang bang!

With the performance of Sword Dance, the petals of Bellossom’s body turned into a sharp blade.

The petals filled the sky, constantly attacking Rhyperior, cutting the stone wall standing in front of it.


As if countless swords have been slashed, the stone wall instantly all split up and in pieces!

“Rhyperior, Sandstorm!”

Behind the stone wall, Rhyperior raised his right hand.

The hole on its right hand opened, and a vortex appeared in the palm of his hand.

The wind continued to scream, and in a blink of an eye it turned into a Sand Twister, caught by Rhyperior.


Next moment, the Sand Twister in Rhyperior’s dancing hand, like a normal leather whip, whips the air.

Under the sweep of Sand Twister, the petals from Bellossom condense were swept into it!

“Go on, Sha Lan!”

After Rhyperior broke the Petal Dance attack with Sand Twister, his right hand was flattened and Sand Twister kept whistling

After hearing Luo Chen’s words, Rhyperior threw away Sand Twister forcefully and swept over Bellossom with a whistling!

huhuhu ~

Sand Twister whistled past on the ground.

This move Sand Twister, which is condensed through Rhyperior’s two-handed cave, is very powerful.

Sweeping all the way, Sand Twister soon came to Bellossom.

At the same time, Bellossom also made a defensive posture.

Sword Dance and Petal Dance are two dance styles fused together. The petal Sword Dance Twister is like having countless sharp blades.

When the two Twisters collided, these blades flashed brilliance, directly cutting Sand Twister!


Sand Twister quickly shattered under the cutting of the petal Sword Dance.

At the same time, Bellossom also stopped using Sword Dance and Petal Dance, causing the surrounding petals to slowly fall to the ground.

Bellossom appeared in front of everyone. At this time, the silhouette was constantly shaking, with messy dance steps under his feet.

“Is Bellossom in chaos?”

After watching this scene, the audience couldn’t help but worry.

Petal Dance is very strong, and its formidable power is not inferior to Leaf Storm.

But Petal Dance will cause users to fall into chaos after use, which is very fatal!

“Is it really messy?”

Luo Chen frowned and looked towards Bellossom on the opposite side.

As he observed, he suddenly felt a bit of a flower in front of him.

Bellossom’s seemingly messy dance steps give people a dazzling feeling.

“Not good, it’s Teeter Dance!”

Looking at this scene, Luo Chen immediately inwardly shouted bad.

When he looked towards Rhyperior, he found that the latter also started to shake his head.

“Rhyperior, don’t look at the dance steps opposite!”

After discovering the status of Rhyperior, Luo Chen immediately opened the mouth and said.

“It’s late, Bellossom, use Petal Dance!”

When Luo Chen’s voice fell, Megan on the opposite side was also ordered.

Seeing this, Bellossom, who was originally dancing in a mess, started to change his dance steps again.

Immediately afterwards, the petals that had originally fallen to the ground were swept by an air current, hiding the sky and covering the earth towards Rhyperior!


The petals are like swords, hiding the sky and covering the earth, one by one across Rhyperior’s body.

These petals kept passing by Rhyperior, and shattered behind Rhyperior.


With the disappearance of the petals, Rhyperior’s body also fell heavily to the ground.


Luo Chen’s complexion changed.

Although these petals may seem delicate, but with the support of Bellossom’s Quiver Dance and Sword Dance, they have turned into sharp weapons and easily cut the Rock skin on Rhyperior’s body.

In addition, Rhyperior is the Pokemon of Rock and Ground double attribute. It was hit by the grass Attribute Pokemon head-on in the chaotic state, and it was also as it should be by rights.

Speaking of which, Rhyperior still has a lot of abilities unused, and it was a pity that it was defeated in a defenseless state.

“Speaking of which, through Teeter Dance, will the side effects of Petal Dance that will fall into chaos after using it be eliminated?”

“In this case, under the mixed use of the four dance moves, this Bellossom’s fighting skills are already perfect.”

Take out the Poké Ball and retract Rhyperior, Luo Chen’s eyes are on Bellossom’s body up and down.

“hu, I didn’t expect to be discovered by you.”

“A little bit, Bellossom’s hidden killer move was avoided.”

On the opposite side, Megan’s gaze is also fixedly staring at Luo Chen, and then gently put out a breath.

Although in the battle between Luo Chen and Ai Rui, he has already seen the powerful commanding ability of Luo Chen.

During the battle, being able to detect the Peak Level technique displayed by the opponent at a glance really puts a lot of pressure on people.

Now, seeing with his own eyes during the battle, Megan suddenly felt that he was also Alexander.

In the case that Bellossom’s ultimate move has already been used once, it is estimated that it is impossible to use Luo Chen for the second time.

“My next Pokemon is it.”

After taking Rhyperior back, Luo Chen released Magmar.

Magmar stood in the field, the flames burning violently.

Magmar and Rhyperior, the two Pokemon can be said to be the Pokemon with the most communication in daily life.

To some extent, the fighting styles of the two Pokemon have a lot of similarities.

Whether it is through explosive fire or Rock Wrecker, both Pokemon can improve their various qualities through similar abilities.

“Magmar of Fire Type.”

Megan gritted his teeth and asked Bellossom to perform the Petal Dance again.

Magmar’s response was much simpler, and it just launched an explosive flame.

“Magmar, suppress firepower, don’t let the other side perform Teeter Dance!”

Luo Chen directly opened the mouth and said. In the previous battle of Rhyperior, he planned to wait until the Petal Dance was over to launch an attack. It can be said that it was a strategic mistake.

Now, relying on firepower to suppress Bellossom, so that it can only be tired and cope with it. When the Petal Dance is over, it is time to tell the winner!

“I was Detected. If that’s the case, Bellossom, let’s fight it, use Leaf Storm!”

Seeing the situation in the field, Megan knew that Bellossom’s tactics had been fully detected.

Today’s Bellossom is still unable to perfectly integrate Teeter Dance and Petal Dance to perform simultaneously.

At the moment when Teeter Dance was displayed in Bellossom to offset the first side effect of Petal Dance, Magmar would surely seize the opportunity to defeat it in one fell swoop!

So what he can do now is to use the strongest attack before the side effects of Bellossom Petal Dance come.

If you can hit Magmar severely in one fell swoop, it is naturally perfect, but even if it fails, as long as you can suppress Magmar through this strongest move for a period of time, Bellossom will be able to perform Teeter Dance to counteract the side effects of Petal Dance and make Bellossom return There is a chance to fight again!

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