Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 860


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huhuhu ~

After Leaf Storm was displayed, countless leaf blades appeared.

At this time, Bellossom perfectly mixed the petals and leaf blades together, and began to increase each other through the Petal Dance.

With shouted in a low voice, all the power Bellossom gained through Quiver Dance and Sword Dance was also blessed in Leaf Storm. The silhouette flashed, carrying a blade storm directly towards Magmar!

“Is the strongest move?”

“Magmar, Overheat status!”

After hearing Luo Chen’s words, Magmar directly exploded with the power of her within the body.

Suddenly, Magmar’s flame-burning body still turned red, with a faint red light in the red.


In an instant, a terrifying energy wave suddenly exploded in the field.

A pillar of fire rose to the sky!

next moment, Magmar stepped on her feet, dashed directly up in flames, and pulled out a long flame tail behind him.


In the field, the two attack distances collided together.

The flames and storms are constantly colliding, even faintly matched!


After watching this scene, everyone became nervous.

“It seems that the Overheat status is enough.”

Looking at this scene in the field, Luo Chen also laughed.

Magmar’s growth during this time is really great.

In the past, Magmar wanted to withstand this level of attack, and it had to rely on nuclear power skills to withstand it.

Now, only relying on Overheat status, Magmar has successfully resisted Elite’s strongest blow, and progress is visible to naked eye.

“I… lost.”

On the other side, Megan took a deep breath.

Although the scene looked evenly matched, he knew he had lost.

With Leaf Storm unable to suppress the opponent, Bellossom has no time to relieve the side effects of Petal Dance.

“I gave up.”

As Megan’s voice fell, Bellossom couldn’t help but glance back at his Trainer.

With a light breath, Bellossom’s silhouette quickly backed away.

In the process of retreating, Leaf Storm slowly dissipated.

The silhouette stepped back in front of Megan, and Bellossom made a dance-closed pose to the audience.

Seeing this, Magmar also retreated to Luo Chen’s side, looking towards the other side.

Seriously, the battle has just begun. Magmar is not happy at all and is waiting for the next Pokemon to be dispatched.

“It’s really nice that you are not injured.”

Megan came to Bellossom, touched the latter’s head to encourage him, and then took it back to Poké Ball.

Although Bellossom was defeated, it was enough to replace the Rhyperior!

“My next Pokemon is it!”

Megan threw the Poké Ball again, and the silhouette of Dragonite appeared.

After Dragonite came out, it quickly stirred up the wings behind him, bringing up a breeze.


Looking at the Dragonite in the sky, Magmar frowned.

It’s favorite is the box-to-fist fight. This Rival can fly, how to fight?

“Magmar, Flame Burst!”

Seeing Dragonite coming out, Luo Chen ordered.

Magmar immediately raised his two-handed artillery and aimed at the Dragonite in the air.

Several rumbling sounds sounded and Magmar launched six Fireballs at the fastest speed.

These Fireballs are arranged at a certain angle, blocking Dragonite’s course of action as much as possible.

bang bang bang!

After reaching a certain height, the Fireball in the air exploded immediately, like a firework.

sparks flying in all directions, covering an area one after another!

bang bang bang!

The sparks flew in mid-air and exploded a second time under Magmar’s control.

In the solemn gaze of everyone, the explosion directly enveloped the silhouette of Dragonite.

“No way, Dragonite was swallowed by the explosion like this?”

Looking at this scene, the audience were all puzzled. In this case, Dragonite’s strength is too weak, right?

“Magmar, flame vortex!”

As the audience’s sights were all hitting the smoke and dust of the explosion, Luo Chen suddenly spoke.

Magmar didn’t hesitate at all, opened her mouth and exhaled a raging flame, wrapping herself in it.

Although Luo Chen did not say whether it was offense or defense, without knowing and so on, Magmar knew that it was defense.

Just as Magmar’s Fire Spin was just set out, a silhouette suddenly appeared beside Magmar, and Dragon Claw made a move.


As soon as Dragon Claw touched the flame, the explosion sounded loudly.

When Magmar felt the attack, he detonated the flame without any hesitation!

Although the flame exploded violently, Dragonite could only fly away again seeing this silhouette, avoiding the engulfing of the flame.

“Dragonite, it’s Dragonite!”

Looking at Dragonite appearing in the air, the audience exclaimed.

After reacting, everyone’s pupils shrank again.

From avoiding explosions in the air to attacking, the speed displayed by Dragonite at this time is too fast, right? !

“Sure enough, your Dragonite masters the Extrreme Speed ​​move.”

Luo Chen looked at Megan said with a smile on the opposite side, but he was not surprised.

Although Dragonite with Extrreme Speed ​​moves is very rare, it is undoubtedly the most consistent with Megan’s breed route.


On the other side, Megan also cut a bit uncomfortably.

Relying on the Extrreme Speed ​​controlled by Dragonite and his already strong speed for Sucker Punch, he can be said to have tried repeatedly.

Just now, it is obvious that Luo Chen’s pre-reading of Dragonite’s next action has allowed Magmar to arrange the defense of the flame vortex early, otherwise Dragonite’s this time Sucker Punch must be able to hit Magmar.

“Dragonite, use Air Slash!”

The silhouette of Dragonite flies high again, with wings fluttering, and several air blades shatter void.

Magmar saw this, the gun muzzles of both hands began to continuously eject Fireball, and the two collided in the air.

Fireball exploded in the air like fireworks, and the terrifying explosive formidable power also smashed the air blade into the air.

After a round of attacks, Dragonite’s silhouette constantly changes its position in the air while waiting for the opportunity to attack.

Dragonite with Extrreme Speed ​​moves, absolutely tops the audience in speed.

If there is a competition for flying speed, Megan’s Dragonite definitely has the strength to compete for the 1st place.

Assisting with his own terrifying speed, Magmar was tired of coping for a while.

During such a long game, Luo Chen has seen many Dragonites, and many of them have mastered Peak Level skills.

But this Dragonite in the field, which only controls the Extrreme Speed, made Luo Chen wonder how to deal with it.

The physical quality of Pokemon itself is the source of their power. If one of the physical qualities can be cultivated to Peak Level, it will not be inferior to any Peak Level skills!

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