Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 861


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“If it’s better than Flying… then let’s have a sky hegemony!”

Luo Chen groaned, took out the Poké Ball and took Magmar back.

Although Magmar now wants to fight very much, he can’t fight at all.

Magmar saw this situation, hesitated for a moment, dropped his hand, and let Luo Chen take it back.

This kind of battle that even Rival can’t touch, no matter if you don’t fight, there are still many opportunities to fight next!

“My next Pokemon is it.”

After taking Magmar back, Luo Chen threw the Poké Ball.


A clear, soft moan sounded, and Flygon’s silhouette appeared in the air.

“It turned out to be Flygon?”

Looking at Flygon appearing in the field, Megan frowned.

Although Flygon also has wings, it can also fly.

However, compared with the pure Flying Type Pokemon Dragonite, the flying ability is still a bit weak.

He doesn’t think that in terms of speed, Flygon can keep up with Dragonite. Two Pokemon are not the same type at all.

“Dragonite, rush forward, Dragon Claw!”

Megan thought about it for a while, but also let Dragonite attack directly.

The silhouette flashed quickly, and Dragonite displayed Extrreme Speed, and the silhouette disappeared into the air.

When it reappeared, Dragonite’s silhouette had reached behind Flygon, and the green paw fiercely grabbed it!

“So fast, I can’t hide it!”

After seeing this scene, the audience couldn’t help but think of this idea.

But at the next moment, they all startled all of a sudden, and their eyes widened slightly.

When the Dragon Claw of Dragonite was caught, Flygon, whose back was facing the Dragonite, suddenly twisted slightly, and then dodge the attack lightly.

It’s so casually avoided, making everyone feel unreal.

“Flygon, Twin Strike!”

After evading the attack, Flygon’s backhand was a Twin Strike use, directly hitting Dragonite, who was also a little confused, and flying its silhouette upside down.

“What’s the situation?”

“Could it be that the speed of Flygon is faster than Dragonite with Extrreme Speed?”

At this time, they reacted, and they looked towards Flygon in the field with all their gazes.

“Dragonite, Extrreme Speed!”

Megan on the other side also blinked at this time.

Its Dragonite is Pokemon that has trained its speed and flying skills to the limit!

How could it be slower than Flygon?

But next moment, Megan was a little dumbfounded by the situation in the field.

After Dragonite showed Extrreme Speed, Flygon waved its wings and steadily kept up with Dragonite’s speed!

“Really, the speed of this Flygon!”

At this time, everyone was really confused, and the speed Flygon showed was too shocking.

And this is still when Flygon hasn’t used any moves!

Only relying on its own speed, Flygon has caught up with the Dragonite using Extrreme Speed!

“This is…air flow?”

At this moment, in the corner of the field, Jiang Family Patriarch frowned.

As the Dragon Type Elite of the older generation, he also knows Flying Type Pokemon very well.

At this time, watching Flygon’s Flying trajectory, he had some guesses in his mind.

It’s just that Flygon at this time can actually control Dragonite’s flying airflow, which is too strong for airflow control!

Of course, Jiang Family Patriarch would have this idea, but I don’t know how much Flygon has gotten.

If he knew that Flygon inherited Rayquaza’s ability to control airflow, he might not be so surprised.

“Flygon, use Sonic Boom wave!”

At this moment, Luo Chen also suddenly opened the mouth and said.

After that, I saw Fly in Flygon behind Dragonite and suddenly opened his mouth and let out a roar!

Suddenly, the terrifying sound wave turned into substance, and one after another ripple spread out, directly blasting towards the Dragonite in front.


During the flying process, Dragonite shook all over, and took the terrifying blow directly!

“Dragon Rush!”

Seeing that Dragonite’s silhouette paused in midair, Flygon rushed directly up.

There was a dragon-shaped airflow wrapped around his body. Assisting the airflow brought up by Dragonite, Flygon ran into Dragonite directly at a terrifying speed!


This time, Dragon Rush also hit Dragonite head-on.

Under the power of horror, Dragonite’s body fell directly from the sky and hit the Ground heavily!


After the Dragonite was dealt with, Flygon turned gracefully and flew to Luo Chen’s side.

At the same time, the smoke on the ground also slowly dissipated, and the silhouette of Dragonite was lying in a big pit at this time and had lost its combat capability.

In the face of Megan Trump Card Pokemon Dragonite, Flygon did not spend too much effort to solve it, which undoubtedly made Megan on the opposite side feel very much pressure.

Of course, the reason why Flygon was able to defeat Dragonite so easily was entirely because of the restraint of ability. If Megan let Dragonite fight head-on at first, the outcome is really hard to say.

But Megan didn’t know. At this time, he looked at Flygon in front of him, and cold sweat slipped from his cheeks.

After the previous Ai Rui Elite, the mentality of Megan Elite at this time was also destroyed by Luo Chen.

“Speaking of which, this Flygon seems to be the king of the sky celebration.”

Sky Clan’s clansman looked at Flygon in the field, thought of the sky celebration, and couldn’t help but narrowed his eyes.

If you think about it this way, Flygon is the real king of sky, and Megan, the Flying Elite, is not enough!

“Send your last Pokemon.”

Luo Chen’s flat voice sounded, making Megan startled again.

At this moment, he suddenly knew a little bit about the thoughts in the heart of Eric.

“sky… forget it.”

“My Flying Elite, I lost in the sky competition.”

Megan Elite took a deep breath and said somewhat self-deprecatingly.

After that, he also took out the Poké Ball and released his last Pokemon.


A dragon roar groans.

After that, a Kommo-o appeared in the field.

Compared with the Normal Kommo-o, this Kommo-o looks a little petite.

But its body shape is very perfect, but it gives people a very comfortable feeling.

After this Kommo-o came out, his feet could not help but began to dance, and the scales all over his body kept making noises.

Obviously, this Kommo-o, like the previous Bellossom, is also very good at dancing.

Now, Megan knows that he has lost the identity of Flying Elite, then he has to find his place in the identity of the next dancing Elite!

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