Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 862


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“Kommo-o dance style?”

“It seems that this Kommo-o should master the exclusive move of Sonic Boom.”

Looking at Kommo-o’s dancing footsteps, Luo Chen’s eyes narrowed.

Sonic Boom is an exclusive move of Kommo-o. By reducing a little of your physical strength, you can improve all your abilities.

This move, in fact, Luo Chen has been greedy for a long time, but he doesn’t know where to start, and has always been very regretful.

Now, maybe you can see this move with your own eyes, and he is immediately interested.

“Flygon, use Sonic Boom!”

At the beginning of the battle, Flygon directly launched an attack.

With the fierce flap of the wings behind it, a sound wave turned into substance and swept toward the opposite Kommo-o.

“Kommo-o, we also use Sonic Boom!”

Seeing Flygon attack first, Megan also opened the mouth and said.


The two attacks collided violently in the field, causing the entire field to tremble.

On the sonic moves, Flygon was specially trained when it was a Supersonic larva, and the formidable power is amazing.

The Kommo-o on the opposite side is also the kind of Pokemon that can sing and dance. The formidable power of Sonic Boom is also not weak.

“It looks like I met Rival!”

Luo Chen and Megan on the other side looked at each other, again ordered: “Sonic Boom!”


The two attacks fought together again.

In the process, Kommo-o’s silhouette also moved.

“Have you started? Sonic Boom!”

Looking at the Sonic Boom, who was dancing with the silhouette, Luo Chen secretly thought.

At the same time, he still let Flygon use Sonic Boom, and the sound waves of the two Pokemon turned into one after another ripple spreading and colliding in the field.

Suddenly, as Kommo-o danced, the rhythm of the sound waves seemed to change.

One after another invisible sound waves rippled around Kommo-o, like a ripple from a stone penetrating the water.

It was the usual sound waves at the beginning that directly offset Flygon’s Sonic Boom attack, making Kommo-o’s dancing silhouette completely undisturbed.

At the same time, as the Kommo-o silhouette dances, the Dragon Type energy on its body is condensed, and the faint Dragon Type energy merges into the sound waves, making the scales of Kommo-o’s whole body tremble slightly.

As these scales vibrated rhythmically, Dragon Type energy began to slowly merge into Kommo-o’s body, and began to improve Kommo-o’s physical fitness.


When Kommo-o was using Sonic Boom, Flygon observed very intently.

Actually, Sonic and Dragon Type energy are also areas where Flygon is very good at it.

Although it cannot rely on its own ability to learn Sonic Boom, it can sense the sound waves and Dragon Type energy to memorize the sound waves and the rhythm of the Dragon Type energy movement when Sonic Boom is used.


At the same time, Flygon’s sonic moves are also being used.

By adjusting the melody of the sonic vibration, the frequency of the own sonic wave is constantly close to the other party.

“Successful, Sonic Boom!”

“Through the simultaneous use of Sonic Boom and Sonic Boom moves, the other party does not seem to notice this.”

“It’s not surprising at all. Sonic Boom is a unique ability that I discovered from the ancient Pokemon dance music.”

“This move is exclusive to Kommo-o, now it is estimated that only my Kommo-o can use it!”

Looking at Flygon on the opposite side, still obsessed with pinyin wave moves with Kommo-o, Megan secretly sighed in relief.

As long as Kommo-o can use Sonic Boom for a few more rounds, he can maximize his physical fitness!

If this is the case, Kommo-o’s power can enter another level. It is not impossible to directly defeat Luo Chen and a few Pokemon!

“Dance steps, sound waves, and the use of Dragon Type energy…”

Luo Chen’s eyes stared at the opposite Kommo-o unblinking at this time, remembering the latter’s dance steps.

All of these will be the key to his cracking Sonic Boom!

“By the way, there is life energy.”

“Sonic Boom can improve all of his abilities by reducing a little of his physical strength.”

“In this, perhaps there is a deeper application of life energy.”

Luo Chen’s eyes also had a faint blue light at this time, using Inner Force to sense the changes in the life energy of Kommo-o within the body.

Nowadays, he can also be regarded as a small Psychic person. In the continuous Mega Evolution process, he is still very sensitive to the changes of life energy.

“Strong, stronger, stronger.”

On the other side, Megan already clenched his fists.

Just give Kommo-o a little more time, and its power can rise to pinnacle!

“That’s it, it’s a success, the most perfect Kommo-o!”

As Kommo-o’s power climbed to its peak, Megan clenched his fists excitedly.

When he looked towards Luo Chen on the opposite side, he suddenly found that the other person’s face seemed to be…sorry?


What’s this expression?

Why does the other party show this expression?

Just as Megan was thinking about it, he suddenly heard a painful Roar from the field.

With a roar, he watched his Kommo-o fall to the ground with his own eyes.

At this moment, not only Megan, but everyone’s faces were confused.

Just now, I was dancing with passion, using one after another sound wave to easily defend Kommo-o from Rival’s attack. Why did it suddenly fall?

Is it too tired, so tired?

This Confusion couldn’t help appearing in the audience’s mind, and then shook their head violently, feeling that their thoughts were too funny.

But if this is not the case, why did Kommo-o fall again?

Just now, the Flygon opposite did not do anything? !


Megan shouted anxiously.

But Kommo-o is motionless in the face of the shouts of his trainer.

“Kommo-o… loses combat capability.”

The referee is also very confused at this time, but this does not prevent him from making judgments.

As the referee’s voice fell, the game was settled.

However, the audience at this time was not calm, and began to put forward their own guesses.


At this time, Megan, who couldn’t bear it, finally asked her own question.

When the audience saw this, they couldn’t help but prick their ears, all wanting to hear what is going on.

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