Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 863


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“Want to know?”

“How about using Sonic Boom’s training method?”

Luo Chen said half-cracking a joke, this is Flygon’s hole card, how could he say it so simply.

“Sonic Boom!”

After hearing Luo Chen say this, Megan trembled all over.

He didn’t expect that Luo Chen actually knew this move!

And just now, Luo Chen apparently cracked Sonic Boom by some method, and also used this to severely inflict Kommo-o!

It’s just that Sonic Boom is completely perfect in addition to requiring a lot of physical energy.

For the improvement of all aspects of overall quality, and the ability to integrate Sonic Boom moves, he completely did not think of the fatal shortcomings of this move.

While Megan was thinking, Luo Chen also recalled the use of Sonic Boom.

Dance steps, sound waves, Dragon Type energy, and the most important way to use life energy.

All this is like one after another Pearl, Luo Chen began to connect them together to form a real Sonic Boom move.

Originally, what Luo Chen said just now was just about cracking a joke.

But next moment, he was taken aback for a moment, and Megan on the opposite side actually agreed!

At this moment, Luo Chen was also silent for a while, so the scene suddenly became quiet.

“Music and dance steps, this is my dream.”

“I think we can have an in-depth exchange on the use of sound waves.”

Megan looked at Luo Chen and spoke very seriously, and proposed that the two sides exchange research results on sonic techniques.

“Is my research on sound waves?”

“so that’s how it is, the other party’s research on sonic waves includes the Sonic Boom moves.”

Luo Chen thought for a while, and also agreed to Megan’s request. The two sides exchanged research results on sonic techniques.

When Luo Chen agreed, Megan on the other side also laughed.

Through this battle, he really saw how outstanding Luo Chen is for Pokemon’s breed.

Therefore, his direct Luo Chen’s research results must have a lot of research value.

In addition, Flygon cracked the Soul Dance Sonic Boom and directly leveled Kommo-o’s skills, he agreed to be very curious.

“In fact, it is the principle of resonance. It’s just that the ability of Flygon is related to your own race. I don’t know if Kommo-o can learn it.” Luo Chen also nodded. Most of his research results on sonic techniques are based on Flygon’s own body. To shake Pokemon’s racial abilities, I don’t know how much Megan can get from it.

Of course, all of this is an afterthought. After successfully defeating Kommo-o with a fighting method that no one understands, Flygon successfully defeated Kommo-o, and Luo Chen also officially advanced to the semi-finals!


“So this is Sonic Boom.”

In the training ground, Luo Chen came here and released Flygon and Totem Black Kommo-o on the impatient.

At the same time, he took out Megan’s research notes on sonic skills from his backpack and began to study.

Nowadays, Totem Black Kommo-o has perfectly inherited Totem’s aura, and what is needed next is a process of adaptation.

Now, Totem Black Kommo-o has acquired the Sonic Boom training method, and then as long as it can become a master of these two abilities.

Then Totem Black Kommo-o can also enter the Elite field, and with full firepower, it can also play a unique role in the Elite field!

roar roar roar!

Totem Black Kommo-o is very excited.

Subsequently, under the command of Luo Chen, he was trained to use Sonic Boom.

Now, with the training method of Sonic Boom, Luo Chen and Flygon also perfectly memorize the fluctuations of dance steps, sound waves, Dragon Type energy and life energy to a certain extent. Help Kommo-o Learn this move.


After the battle between Luo Chen and Megan, the last battle also took place.

After a lot of battle, the final four players of this time Elite Exchange Tournament are also released.

Among them, the two most intense discussions among the audience are naturally the strongest Dragon Emissary from the Western Alliance and Dier from the Burning Sun Alliance.

In the previous battles, the two of them all showed an imposing manner and strength.

At this point, although Luo Chen defeated Meghan relatively easily, he felt that he was far less powerful than Cass and Dier.

If their guess is correct, the final final must be a battle between Cass and Deere.

“Cass and Deere are really hard to deal with!”

Luo Chen is also studying the information of two people at this time.

The Deere among them is really too mysterious. The information above is only the data of a few Pokemon that Deere is good at.

At this time, after the battle of 16 to 8 and 8 to 4, Deere’s Pokemon were very common.

But with the appearance of the terrifying Darkrai, no one dared to underestimate the Trainer Dill.

“Darkrai, it seems we need to prepare a bit.”

Luo Chen thought about closing the notebook and began to devote himself to the training of a few Pokemon.


So, time flies quickly.

second round, the remaining top four players boarded the field of play.

On the big screen, the lottery for the battle also began.

“Who will Dill run into?”

After watching the big screen and rolling out, everyone held their breath.

“Luo Chen’s Rival is…Cass!”

When I saw Luo Chen’s list of matches, Thousand City Alliance immediately became worried.

If Cass can meet Dill, it will be the best.

Now Luo Chen is facing Cass. They feel that Luo Chen’s chances of winning are not that big.

But when they looked towards Luo Chen, they found that the latter was laughing at this time.

“Forget it, Luo Chen is strong enough to reach the top four.”

After that, they recalled Luo Chen’s information again, couldn’t help but smile, and secretly praised that they played very well.

In itself, the Elite Exchange Tournament this time was held in Thousand City Alliance, and their own Trainer is not easy to find.

This is an Elite exchange game after all, and there are not enough people from the opponent’s Alliance to show the strongest battle strength.

If Thousand City Alliance sends the most powerhouse here, then winning is as it should be by rights, and will not be accepted, but will be gossiped, which is totally thankless.

But the joining of 21-year-olds after Luo Chen’s age made them sighed in relief, and after seeing Luo Chen’s show, they were happy again.

Now, Luo Chen, relying on his own strength, has made it to the semi-finals all the way strongly. It has been said that he has fulfilled the expectations of the Thousand City Alliance. Even if he loses to Cass in the next game, Luo Chen has already Demonstrated the strength of Thousand City Alliance!

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