Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 864


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“Unexpectedly, you can really get here.”

On both sides of the battlefield, Luo Chen and Cass stood face to face.

Casshuan looked at Luo Chen with his hand, said with a smile at the corner of his mouth, a pair of eyes that did not put Luo Chen in his eyes at all.

“Are you surprised?”

“I have been waiting for this battle for a long time.”

“I hope you have the strength to pay for your previous words.”

Luo Chen giving tit for tat said that when he was playing, this Cass contempted Charizard.

Now in this battle, it’s time to get back on the court!

“hmph, my temper is not small.”

Cass was sneaked, and at the same time he took out a Poké Ball and threw it out.

In the previous lottery session, it was his first hand.


With a roar, Salamence’s silhouette appeared.


“This reminds me of the battle with Kevin in Dragon Valley.”

“I remember our first round battle, Charizard vs. Salamence.”

Looking at Salamence flying in the air, Luo Chen took out the Poké Ball and threw it out.

The huge flame burned immediately, and Charizard’s silhouette came out in flames.

roar roar roar.

After Charizard came out, he immediately locked his gaze on the opposite Cass.

After that, Charizard became excited immediately, grandma got a leg, and finally caught you!


“At the beginning of the Dragon Valley, it turned out that you stole the title of the strongest Dragon Emissary.”

Listening to Luo Chen’s words, Cass’s face became slightly gloomy.

As Luo Chen guessed, Kevin and Cass are related, and Cass is Kevin’s big brother.

The original Kevin was given high hopes by his family, and he was trained as the second generation of the strongest dragon Elite.

But in the battle representing the strongest Dragon Emissary, my younger brother was defeated.

Although Kevin didn’t elaborate after he went back, he still inquired about some news. Kevin seemed to have lost terribly!

Now, he finally met the righteous master, the younger brother’s hatred, as it should be by rights, he will report it!

In this way, Cass’s eyes grew worse. Salamence in the field seemed to be affected by Trainer’s mood, and the imposing manner also began to improve.

With the two giving tit for tat, the atmosphere on the scene was suddenly mobilized.

“Salamence, use Flamethrower to say hello to the other person!”

At the same time, the game began, and Salamence’s mouth began to exhale a raging flame.

“Absorb it!”

Luo Chen smiled at the corner of his mouth, and commanded the same.

As Charizard’s body began to turn red, the temperature control ability was completely mobilized.

Salamence’s flames came in an instant, and Charizard was instantly submerged in it.

But Charizard, who was engulfed by the flame at this time, didn’t make any movement, letting the flame burn.

It’s cozy look, you can’t see that Charizard has been hurt in any way, but there is a feeling of enjoyment.

Gradually, these flames began to be absorbed by Charizard, making the flames above its tail more intense.

“Go back, Flame Dragon’s roar!”

As Luo Chen’s voice fell, Charizard opened his mouth and neck slightly back.

After that, a flame roaring like a giant dragon of fire rushed out and swept directly toward Salamence!

“Dragon Star Group!”

Looking at the flame of assaults the senses, Salamence opened his mouth and burst out the terrifying Dragon Type energy, turning it into an Energy Ball to meet the roaring Flame Dragon.


When the two attacks collided, the dragon star group exploded.

The terrifying energy oscillated in the air, and then dissipated in midair.

“The really strong Flamethrower.”

“This Charizard, the flame is completely invalid to it, but will become its power!”

“Is it Flash Fire Characteristic Trait? This ability is indeed very similar to Flash Fire Characteristic Trait.”

Looking at the first round of the two Pokemon clashes, those other Alliance missions who didn’t know the situation began to discuss.

From time to time, I can see some mission members making notes in their notebooks.

Although the battle for the Alliance Elite they represent is over, their battle is not over!

Through their eyes and the pen in their hands, they will record the next battle completely.

And this will be the hole card for their Alliance to deal with and make targeted arrangements in advance.

“Charizard, continue to attack, use Flamethrower!”

Luo Chen watched the attack dissipating in the field, opened the mouth and said again.


Charizard opened his mouth and Flame Dragon roared out again.

“Salamence, let us follow!”

Looking at the flame of assaults the senses, Salamence roared the same night.

After that, he opened his mouth to condense an Energy Ball and held it in his mouth.

This Energy Ball is surrounded by flames, and the energy of Fire Type and Dragon Type is perfectly integrated.

At this moment, Charizard’s Flamethrower also arrived, swallowing Salamence in it.


There was another roar, and I saw the flames surge.

After that, all the flames converged towards the Fireball in Salamence’s mouth.

“Salamence can also absorb flames!”

“The Peak Level that these two Pokemon have achieved in flames!”

Watching the two Pokemons use their methods separately to absorb the flames on the opposite side, the audience is also amazed.

“Dragon Rage in the form of Fireball!”

Looking at the flame wrapped in Salamence’s mouth, Luo Chen’s gaze condensed.

Later, Luo Chen also directly ordered: “Charizard, Drought-Sunny Day!”

Charizard looked at Salamence wrapped in flames on the opposite side, and the power of within the body exploded without any hesitation.

The energy of Sunny Day weather erupted within the body of Charizard, and the Assist temperature control ability directly increased the power of Sunfire Characteristic Trait to the extreme.

The horrible sunny fire is burning on Charizard, and terrifying energy is raging in the air, making it like an incarnation hanging high in the sky for the scorching sun!

As soon as Charizard started to cast Drought-Sunny Day, Salamence on the opposite side absorbed all the flames into the Fireball in his mouth.

Immediately afterwards, Salamence did not launch Dragon Rage, but swallowed it in one mouthful of everyone’s surprised eyes!


After devouring Dragon Rage, Salamence also burned with fiery-red terrifying flames!

roar roar roar!

While the flames were rising, Salamence’s face looked extremely hideous.

Under the background of the flame, it is like an angry dragon, with terrifying power constantly exuding!

“Sure enough, the form of the dragon of anger!”

Looking at Salamence who was also wearing flames opposite, Luo Chen thought secretly in his heart.

However, compared to Kevin Salamence’s angry form, Assisting Dragon Rage’s moves, Salamence through Rage’s emotional incarnation, looks more perfect.

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