Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 865


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“Is this the Drought-Sunny Day form of Charizard?”

Looking at Charizard in the air, Cass sneered: “My Salamence’s anger dragon form is not comparable to Kevin’s Salamence.”

“Facing the perfect form of the dragon of anger, your Charizard doesn’t seem to make any progress!”

Cass was also unceremoniously mocking at this time, although when Kevin’s Salamence and Luo Chen Charizard were fighting, the Fire of Sunny and the Dragon of Fury had a tie.

Now it is facing its Salamence’s perfect form of the dragon of anger, and the outcome can be said to be very obvious!

“Perfect? ​​Can such a form be called perfect?”

Looking at the ridiculous words of Cass opposite, Luo Chen suddenly shook the head.

When Cass saw this, his face was gloomy.

But before he waited for anything, he heard Luo Chen say: “Let him see what a perfect flame is!”

After hearing Luo Chen’s words, Charizard roar uttered in excitement and flicked his tail vigorously.

While the tail flicked, I saw that the flame on Charizard’s tail suddenly emitted golden light, which turned into golden flame.

After that, the flame began to burn continuously, and then spread Charizard’s entire body, making it bathed in golden flames!

In the midair, Charizard is like the real sun, Normal, and the golden flame is full of sacred aura!

“What is this?”

Seeing this scene, everyone was surprised.

From the flames, they felt a strange breath.

This aura is wonderful, and it seems to contain infinite vitality.


Watching Charizard bathing in golden flames in the air, the corner of Cass’ eyes twitched.

“Only strong is perfect, what’s the use of your bells and whistles!”

Immediately afterwards, Cass could not help fly into a rage out of humiliation, and directly directed Salamence to rush up.

“If strong is perfect, my Charizard is also the most perfect!”

When Luo Chen’s voice fell, Charizard also rushed up.


In the violent sound of terror, two Pokemon bathed in flames collided.

Then, in the incredible eyes of everyone, the golden flames instantly drowned the red flames!

At the moment of collision, Salamence’s anger was swallowed by Charizard’s Sunfire, there was no suspense!

“What a scary golden flame!”

Looking at Salamence starting to fall in the air, everyone’s expressions were astonishing.

The strength of that Salamence is already very powerful, but even so, it was instantly defeated, and the two were not at the same level at all!

“How is this possible?”

On the other side, Cass’ fist made my ka beng sound. He remembered what he said before, and suddenly there was a strange expression in his heart, it was really slapped!

“Charizard had been hiding his strength before.”

Outside the field, Ai Rui Elite was also slowly shook the head at this time, and his Dragonite was not wronged.

“Come on, send your next Pokemon.”

Luo Chen looked at Cass on the opposite side, and spoke plainly.

This look and tone are exactly the same as when I treated Ai Rui before.

“you guy, don’t be too smug!”

Cass gave a low growl and released his second Pokemon at the same time.

A faint wind blows up. The Pokemon that Cass sent this time is Garchomp.

“Also…is it Garchomp?”

Looking at Garchomp waving his elbow blade in the field, Luo Chen’s eyes flashed.

The original Kevin, the Pokemon released in the second round is also Garchomp, speaking of which own Garchomp’s fighting style, is also completely inherited from the Garchomp of the opposite family.

At the same time when he was practicing in the Western Alliance, he also got the skills to further train this fighting style from Kevin.

“Next, it’s time to test the results of Garchomp’s training!”

Luo Chen took a deep breath, although Garchomp’s fighting style was inherited from the opponent.

But now, relying on the power of Mega Evolution, Garchomp has already walked out of his own way!

“Charizard, give this battle to your companions.”

Charizard in the air looks at Garchomp on the opposite side. It is also what Luo Chen wants to do, nodded.

Although I would like to see with his own eyes the look of this Cass after the defeat, if he loses in the same battle, he will definitely be more uncomfortable!


Watching Luo Chen take Charizard back, Cass’s face suddenly became gloomy.

He knew that Charizard’s form and Salamence’s anger form would disappear when he took Poké Ball back.

Under this situation, Luo Chen still took back Charizard’s strength and wasted Charizard’s strength, which is obviously looking down on him!

In particular, Luo Chen’s next Garchomp also sent him to make his face even more ugly.

Play against Charizard against Salamence, use Garchomp against Garchomp, Luo Chen, this is completely naked Taunt!

After the two Garchomps came out, they looked at each other.

Then they waved their hands, each condensing an air blade as long as one meter on the elbow!

This is to make Cass’ complexion is gloomy to the extreme. The meaning of Taunt is really too obvious!

“hmph, Garchomp’s slashing technique is the inheritance of our family.”

“Although I don’t know where you learned Garchomp slashing technique, a pirated version is a pirated version, and owning it is no better than a genuine one!”

When Cass’s voice fell, two Garchomps stepped on Ground at the same time, and the silhouette jumped out directly, and the air blade fiercely collided together.

bang bang bang!

The battle between two Pokemon is more like a battle between two swordsmen.

Without any moves, the two Pokemon are fighting completely relying on their own sword technique!

“The fighting styles of the two Garchomps are exactly the same!”

Seeing Garchomp colliding together like swordsmen in the field, the audience was surprised.

To become an Alliance Elite Trainer, his Pokemon must have reached his own path.

Send two Pokemon with exactly the same style route to fight like in the field, it is really very difficult.

bang bang bang!

The battle in the field continued.

“Garchomp, use Brick Break!”

In the Cass command room, Garchomp began to condense Fighting Type ability energy, and then merged it into the air blade to form a Fighting Type slash.

Through different combat situations, various moves are integrated into the slash to exert stronger power, which is itself the core breeding skill of Garchomp of the Cass family!

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