Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 866


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“Garchomp, we also use Brick Break!”

Looking at the opposite action, some Luo Chen who tested Garchomp was also ordered.

The current Garchomp has already been shedding body and exchanging bones after the exercise of Fantasyland and 6 Heavenly Layer Secret Realm.


Garchomp roared, and greeted him with Fighting Type’s slash!


In the field, the silhouettes of two Pokemon collide.

At the same time, two identical slashes also collided together, and then they froze there.

If you only compare physical fitness and slash, the strength of the two Pokemon is almost the same!

And just as the scene fell into a stalemate, a blast of air pressure suddenly blasted out of Cass Garchomp’s slash.

Under this sudden air pressure attack, Luo Chen’s Garchomp silhouette quickly retreated.

“Sword pressure?”

Looking at the collision of two Pokemon, Luo Chen brows frowned.

He remembers that the only Fighting Type move Garchomp can learn is Brick Break, right?

bang bang bang!

While Luo Chen was thinking, the two Pokemon confronted again.

As the confrontation between Pokemon continues, Cass’ Garchomp’s slash is better than one.

The invisible air pressure has been surrounding Garchomp’s Air Slash, each time it can shake Luo Chen Garchomp’s slash away.

“Garchomp’s slash has become stronger!”

“No, this move is Sword Dance!”

“Turning the Sword Dance moves into a sword-squeeze and continuously accumulating abilities, it actually fooled me!”

Looking at Garchomp’s slashing sword is better than a sword, Luo Chen’s suddenly guessed the reason, and the complexity changed.

“Has it been discovered?”

“But I have forgotten that, for Garchomp, every sword swing is equivalent to a Sword Dance enhancement!”

Seeing Luo Chen guessing the key, Cass’s gaze condensed, somewhat surprised at Luo Chen’s insight.

However, although this move Sword Dance was discovered early, Garchomp has now accumulated enough Sword Dance energy!


As Cass’ voice fell, Garchomp broke out completely.

Strongly slashed shatter void and knocked Luo Chen’s Garchomp into the air!


Garchomp’s feet stepped on the Ground to stabilize his figure.

With his feet supporting Ground, he also moved out horizontally, and also saw how strong the slash that the opposite side blessed with Sword Dance was.

Every time a sword is cut, it is equivalent to a Sword Dance enhancement. The use of this move Sword Dance is indeed very powerful for Garchomp!

At this stage of your strength, the opponent is almost impossible to use defenselessly to let you use complete strengthening moves.

Therefore, the strengthening moves are developed and displayed at the fastest speed. Only in this way can the strengthening moves be used in battle.

It’s like Sandslash’s high-speed Rollout moves. In the Elite Level battle, the opponent’s impossible gives you time to continue your strength.

In addition, the previous Megan’s Bellossom has also used similar skills, through the fusion of Petal Dance and Sword Dance and Quiver Dance to achieve an amplification effect.

However, the development of enhanced moves is much more difficult than the development of normal energy form moves. After all, some knowledge of rules is designed in it.

Compared with the development of Garchomp’s slashing technique, the development of Sword Dance might be even more difficult!

There is also a very terrifying fact, that is, the special use of Sword Dance’s sword pressure is totally unstoppable!

Strengthen oneself while attacking, this move is completely unsolvable!


In the field, Cass’ Garchomp cut out again with one sword.

While attacking, the sword pressure of Sword Dance is condensed on the Air Slash. While slashing, the sword pressure can also strengthen the formidable power of slashing.

With a roar, the two slashes collided, Luo Chen’s Garchomp backed away again.

“Interesting, Sword Dance is really strong!”

“And now, the real battle has just begun!”

Looking at Garchomp who started to perform Garchomp’s slashing technique, Luo Chen laughed.

Although Cass’ Garchomp has the skills to strengthen himself, his Garchomp also has it!


As Luo Chen’s voice fell, Garchomp’s body began to emit a faint red light.

Outrage moves, which were activated immediately, completely released the wildness.

At the same time, with the angry roar, the power of the Mega Evolution stone of Garchomp within the body is completely mobilized.

The power of horror converged on the air blade at the elbow, turning it directly into blood red!

Furious and wild, Luo Chen’s Garchomp, imposing manner has completely changed at this time!

Compared to the Sword Dance moves, the Outrage moves can instantly stimulate the power of Pokemon within the body. Of course, compared to the Sword Dance, the Outrage moves have very large side effects.

At this time, Luo Chen’s Garchomp was standing in the field after using Outrage, his eyes were flushed with a brutal atmosphere.

However, Assisting with the power of the Mega Evolution stone, Garchomp at this time squeezed the tyrannical power into the air blade so that he can still stay awake.

“What a scary atmosphere!”

“This is nothing inferior to Sword Dance’s sword pressure increase technique!”

Looking at Garchomp, who was full of tyrannical aura in the field, Cass’s heart tightened.

At this time, his eyes were fixed on Luo Chen, and it was hard to believe that this was just a 21-year-old.

Through his own abilities, the opponent has developed a skill that is not inferior to the crystallization of his entire family!

“Mega Slash!”

At this moment, Luo Chen spoke.

Garchomp’s silhouette flashed and rushed directly up.

The blood-red rays of light flashed in the air, and two Garchomp’s attacks collided in the field.


The blood red air blade and the sword air blade collided.

This time, the sword pressure on the cover and air blade failed to rebound Luo Chen Garchomp’s attack again.

The blood-red rays of light flashed, and the sword broke apart, causing the silhouette of Garchomp of Cass to recede.

Through the Sword Dance’s multiple attack enhancements, it was still lost to Garchomp, who turned on the Outrage state and turned the bleeding red air blade.

In the collision of the two Pokemon’s frontal slashes, Luo Chen’s Garchomp won an absolute overwhelming victory!

After using the power of the within the body Mega Evolution stone, Garchomp’s blood red air blade completely inherited the power of Mega Garchomp!

“Damn it, Garchomp use Earth Slash!”

Cass gritted his teeth and ordered, the strengthening of the sword pressure of his Garchomp’s Sword Dance has not reached the limit.

In addition, his Garchomp’s ability is more than just Sword Dance!

As long as Garchomp’s full hole cards burst out, he believes that the final victory will belong to him!

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