Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 867


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Cass’ Garchomp responded immediately, and Earth Power used his moves to envelop his body with Ground Type energy.

This time, Garchomp not at all fully integrates Ground Type into Air Slash, but gathers his whole body.

I saw its right foot slammed on Ground, and the terrifying power exploded, so that its speed was increased to the extreme, and the earth slashed and used.

“Earth Power? Or more than that. The burst of stepping should be a Stomping Tantrum move?”

Looking at Garchomp, who suddenly burst into greater strength, Luo Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly.


The two Pokemon quickly collided.

This time, after another technique broke out, Cass’ Garchomp finally resisted the attack.

“Come again, Earth Slash!”

After seeing this scene, Cass’ eyes lit up.

Stomping Tantrum was the natural cause of Garchomp’s outbreak.

The function of the Stomping Tantrum move is to turn regret into power to attack. If the move is not hit in the previous round, the formidable power will be doubled.

Although this technique is to increase the formidable power only when the move is not hit, Garchomp has completely overcome this through secondary development.

Now, after performing the Stomping Tantrum move for the second time to burst speed, Garchomp’s speed has increased again, and the formidable power of slashing is the same!

In addition, integrating the power of Stomping Tantrum into the slash also doubles the formidable power of the slash!

“Garchomp, Mega slash!”

After seeing this scene, Luo Chen did not dare to neglect, so Garchomp burst into full force.


The two attacks collided again.

This time, with the blessing of the second Stomping Tantrum, Cass’ Garchomp still faintly gained some upper hand.

Immediately after, Cass’ Garchomp used his third Stomping Tantrum move. When he stepped on Ground with one foot, the whole Ground trembled.

“Garchomp, Mega Dragon Slash!”

Seeing this scene, Luo Chen also directly let Garchomp use the last big move.


In an instant, I saw Garchomp’s body wrapped in a dragon-shaped air current.

Then these dragon-shaped air currents converged on the blood-red air blade as Garchomp lifted the air blade.

Suddenly, on Garchomp’s air blade, the scarlet dragon-shaped air current was wrapped, and it was cut fiercely to the opposite Garchomp!

At the same time, Cass’ Garchomp Assist added to the third Stomping Tantrum move, and the earth slash was also used.


In the midair, the two slashes met.

The terrifying energy immediately spread with two slashes as the center.

Suddenly, the whole Ground trembled, and countless dusts were set off.

“What a terrifying attack.”

“For Slash, both Pokemon have reached their limits.”

“The last Dragon Slash and Earth Slash, one dragon in one place, vividly and thoroughly show the power of Earth Dragon Garchomp!”

Looking at the smoke and dust set off in the field, everyone was sighed. For the two Pokemon, it is not surprising that no matter which one falls, the two Pokemon are really too strong!

Amidst the discussion in the audience, the dust gradually dissipated, and the two Garchomps in the field had fallen to the ground at this time. The battle between Garchomp and Garchomp ended in a draw!

“It turned out to be a draw…”

“However, this is not the strongest form of Garchomp.”

Luo Chen was silent for a while when he saw this, then suddenly laughed.

If Garchomp does a real Mega Evolution, then the outcome will be obvious.

It’s just that it’s not time for Garchomp to show off his Mega Evolution!

“hu, a tie.”

On the other side, Cass was silent.

When the battle arrived at this time, the ending has greatly exceeded his expectations.

This Luo Chen, in the battle at this time, even led his own Pokemon, which he did not expect.

In addition, the strength of that Charizard, he didn’t have the confidence to beat him for a while.

Now, he remembered his contempt before the game, and he couldn’t help but regret it. In the next battle, he must use his full strength!

“Next to this battle, I must win!”

took a deep breath, Cass took out the Poké Ball.

At the same time, Luo Chen on the opposite side did the same and took out his Poké Ball.

Because the battle was a tie this time, and they didn’t know which Pokemon fell first, the two of them released Pokemon together.

“Go, Poké Ball!”

Cass shouted in a low voice, and then sent his next Pokemon.

Kommo-o, who appeared this time, is also a powerful dragon Quasi-Mythical.

Next, Luo Chen also threw out his Poké Ball and released another Pokemon of his own.

Along with the roar of a dragon roar, I saw a very huge silhouette appearing in the field.

“This is…Kommo-o?”

“It’s just that this size is too big!”

The Pokemon who played is Luo Chen’s Totem Black Kommo-o.

At this time, the two Kommo-o are standing in the field, forming a very obvious contrast.

“Totem Pokemon, and it’s still Shiny.”

Looking at the Pokemon sent by Luo Chen, Cass’s expression became more serious.

Kommo-o is the Pokemon of Fighting and Dragon double attribute, physical fitness is a very important factor.

Like this Totem Kommo-o by Luo Chen, its terrifying body shape gives a very strong oppression.

“Also… it’s also Kommo-o, you fellow!”

Watching Luo Chen face his Kommo-o, he also released Kommo-o, Cass’ complexion is gloomy.

The appearance of this Taunt really will not hide it at all!

“Dragon vs. Dragon, this battle, if it weren’t for this battle at the Phoenix Pokemon Stadium, I would have thought it was a Dragon Emissary battle!”

Jiang Family Patriarch looked at the two Dragon Race Pokemon fighting in the field, and his eyes flashed.

But looking at Luo Chen’s appearance, it seems that there really is the meaning of turning this battle into a Dragon Emissary battle!

Through the frontal battle, directly remove the title of the strongest Dragon Emissary on the head of Cass. This may be the purpose of Luo Chen!

roar roar roar!

Black Kommo-o was the first time on the official battlefield, and could not help looking towards the opponent with some excitement.

The opposite Kommo-o looked at Black Kommo-o, who was several times larger than him, and his eyes became serious.

The fighting skills it mastered were the Peak Level Fighting skills, but at this time, facing Rival in front of him, it suddenly felt extremely intense pressure.

It can be said that the battle has not yet started, Luo Chen’s Totem Black Kommo-o has already won half of it in an imposing manner.

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