Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 868


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“Dragon Dance!”

Fighting at first, Cass directly opened the mouth and said.

After these rounds of battles, he no longer dared to look down upon Luo Chen.


The opposite Kommo-o let out a low growl, and the Dragon Type energy throughout his body quickly filled his body, and the scales on his body continued to rattle.

“Break it, use Brick Break!”

Luo Chen saw this, also directly opened the mouth and said.

In this case, how can it be possible for you to easily use the move reinforcement.

bang bang bang!

He ran up in the dark Totem Kommo-o shape at this time, and suddenly made the whole Ground vibrate.

“Clanging Scale!”

Looking at the fast approaching enemy, Kommo-o’s scales filled with Dragon Type energy immediately trembled violently.

Suddenly, I saw that one after another sound wave spread out, making the whole space sway one after another ripples.


Sound attacked, and the silhouette of Black Kommo-o immediately stopped.

These sound waves contain terrifying Dragon Type energy, which is quite harmful to the Black Kommo-o of Dragon Type.

Struggling to endure the noise damage, Black Kommo-o rushed to Kommo-o with the Condense Fighting Type energy in his hand, fiercely blasted out!

But just as Black Kommo-o’s fist was about to hit Kommo-o, suddenly the scales on Kommo-o’s body turned into a rain of arrows and shot towards Black Kommo-o.

clang clang clang!

The scales collided with the scales, and there was a burst of metal collision sound, accompanied by one after another power erupting on Black Kommo-o, blasting its entire silhouette out!

“Are these scales… are they scaly shots?”

Looking at the golden scales that fell on the Ground, Luo Chen’s expression became serious.

First, use Dragon Dance to intensify. In this process, Dragon Type energy is poured into the scales, then Clanging Scale is used for sonic attacks, and finally the scales are used to finish.

During this process, the scales on Kommo-o can be said to have been used to the limit.

In addition, the squash move is a move that can increase the speed of Pokemon. With the addition of the Dragon Dance move, in this combo, the speed of Kommo-o is directly increased by two levels.


At this moment, Cass ordered again.

Then I saw the metallic luster on Kommo-o flashing, and several scales were thrown off.

At the same time, the scales that were thrown out once again lased out through a scaly shot, causing the Black Kommo-o silhouette who stood up to step back a few steps.

In this first round of battle, Black Kommo-o was obviously suppressed. Kas’s Kommo-o not only strengthened itself, but also caused damage to Black Kommo-o. The tactics can be said to be very effective. perfect.

“Very well, the speed of Kommo-o has increased.”

“In this case, Kommo-o will once again take the initiative in the scene.”

After seeing this scene, Cass finally smiled.

In terms of positive power, his Kommo-o is definitely no match for Luo Chen’s Totem Black Kommo-o.

But from another perspective, his Kommo-o is still very dominant in speed and flexibility.

So, through Dragon Dance, Autotomize and scaly shooting moves to increase the speed to the extreme in one fell swoop, his Kommo-o obviously has taken the initiative of the scene!

“Run now!”

After Kommo-o’s speed was increased to the extreme, Cass commanded.

Afterwards, I saw Kas’s Kommo-o silhouette disappear in a flash, and the speed has indeed reached a very terrifying level.

In addition, Dragon Dance moves have a huge increase in attack power. Now Kommo-o Yanran has become a high-attack and high-speed assassin.

“Solve it, use Dragon Claw!”

In the process of Kommo-o Agility, Cass ordered.

“At this time, Totem’s aura!”

At the same time, Luo Chen’s silhouette rang.

As his voice fell, Totem Black Kommo-o also suddenly opened his Totem aura.

Suddenly, a terrifying wave of energy erupted on Kommo-o, sweeping across all directions between his feet.

Mixed in these energies, there is also a very terrifying imposing manner, hiding the sky and covering the earth towards Kommo-o.

While running at extreme speed, Cass’ Kommo-o was also affected by the imposing manner, and the silhouette suddenly stagnated.

At this moment, Kommo-o’s gaze looked towards Totem Black Kommo-o with his back facing him, and suddenly there was a thought that this was his king.

As this thought appeared, it also had an inexplicable idea in its mind asking it to stop quickly and not be able to attack its own king.

Suddenly, Kommo-o was confused, and his silhouette slowed down uncontrollably, still thinking about the idea in his mind.

“Kommo-o, hurry up and avoid.”

At this moment, Kommo-o heard his Trainer’s anxious voice.

Kommo-o looked forward, and suddenly saw a thick Black tail beginning to fill his eyes.

Before it could react, he found that his body was suddenly flying into the air, followed by a sharp pain.

Then…there is no more.

The moment Kommo-o felt the severe pain hit, his spirit suddenly went into a trance, and then he didn’t know anything.

“What is going on?”

Seeing the Kommo-o in the field being blasted off, everyone was dumbfounded.

Just now, Kommo-o has just shown his terrifying speed.

But just when they were about to win Kommo-o, Kommo-o was blown away directly, which made them very confused, not knowing what happened in Dao Field.

“It seems successful.”

“In addition to improving the physical fitness of the Totem aura, the more terrifying thing is the dominance of the same race.”

“Even the Kommo-o of Cass is also affected by Totem’s aura.”

Looking at the silhouette that was smashed into the protective wall, Luo Chen’s mouth was grinning. He at first prevented Kommo-o from launching the Totem aura, just to wait until this moment.

The Kommo-o on the opposite side was greatly improved in attack and speed thanks to various amplification techniques, but correspondingly its defensive power was completely abandoned.

In this case, Totem Black Kommo-o only needs to seize this momentary opportunity to directly establish the victory!

“This is the third one. Send your next Pokemon.”

After referee announced the victory of Diablo Totem Kommo-o, Luo Chen again calmly said.

Kath on the opposite side was immediately frowned when he saw this, his hand reaching his waist paused, and then he placed it on one of the Poké Balls.

“Go, my strongest Trump Card!”

With a flash of intense energy, Cass dispatched his own Hydreigon.

roar roar roar!

After Hydreigon appeared, both heads roared at the same time.

Looking like this, it’s as if Hydreigon’s three heads all have their own consciousness Normal.

“Are you playing?”

Looking at the appearance of Hydreigon, Luo Chen took a deep breath.

Afterwards, he withdrew Kommo-o and threw out the Poké Ball in his hand. With a crisp sound, Flygon’s silhouette appeared.

In the final of the Dragon Emissary battle, Luo Chen relied on the Supersonic larva to defeat Kevin’s Hydreigon.

Now, facing Cass’s Hydreigon, he sends Flygon again.

Although Kevin’s Hydreigon is no longer facing him, his Supersonic larva has also evolved into a Flygon.

“You guy, it looks like you want to beat me 1 to 1 completely.”

Seeing Luo Chen’s behavior, Cass was extremely angry and laughed. This is his Trump Card Hydreigon, and this battle must be won.

“Come on, Hydreigon, Outrage!”

took a deep breath, Cass directly ordered.

With a roar, the dragon head by the right hand of Hydreigon roared.

Immediately afterwards, the dragon head began to envelop with the breath of Black, and his eyes became red.

At this moment, Assist is using Hydreigon’s head to bear the side effects of Outrage, and Hydreigon fully exerts the power of Outrage to the extreme.

Hydreigon itself is the most ferocious Dragon Type Pokemon. At this time, it completely released its evil power through Outrage and swept away into a terrifying energy storm.

At this time, the Elites in the field also set their sights on Hydreigon, and they couldn’t help but startled secretly. This power is really too strong!

“Evil dragon?”

Luo Chen took a deep breath and said at the same time: “Flygon, Sandstorm!”

After hearing Luo Chen’s words, Flygon groaned, and his wings blew the terrifying Sandstorm.

huhuhu ~

The strong wind swept through and began to spread across the field, covering the entire field.

pa pa pa.

Some pebbles mixed in Sandstorm were swept by the strong wind and smashed towards Hydreigon in the field.

But before the gravel approached the Hydreigon on the opposite side, it was resisted by an invisible Dark Pulse.

These Dark Pulses are not moves, they are just substantial fluctuations of the energy emitted from Hydreigon.

“Have you started? That trick.”

Cass groaned and continued: “Outrage Second Layer!”


Under Cass’ order, the faucet on the left hand side of Hydreigon also began to be wrapped in black light.

As the blood-red eyes opened, the imposing manner on Hydreigon began to climb again.

And this is not over yet, after Hydreigon opened the Outrage Second Layer, immediately began to open the Third Layer Outrage!


3rd-layer Outrage, at this moment the fierce violence of Hydreigon within the body is completely aroused.

Suddenly, a bloodthirsty aura appeared on Hydreigon’s body, like a dragon of the last days about to destroy the world.

huhuhu ~

Just as Hydreigon opened the 3rd-layer Outrage, Flygon also controlled the airflow and used Dragon’s Prestige: Driven Rolling Ground.

Suddenly, I saw a sudden change in the field, and the sweeping Sandstorm began to converge towards the center under the power of Flygon.

In turn, an updraft rushed to the sky, and under the control of Flygon, it turned into a giant dragon roaring to the sky!

“Is this… a dragon?”

Looking at the exaggerated changes in the field, the other Alliance missions were surprised.

If you want to turn Sandstorm into a giant dragon, this can only be done with strong control from the opposite side!

“che, the dragon of Sandstorm, and it’s just a fake that is condensed through energy.”

“But my Hydreigon turned into a magic dragon after turning on the 3rd-layer Outrage!”

“Go on Hydreigon, use Dragon Rush!”

As Cass’s voice fell, I saw Hydreigon angry roar in the air.

Afterwards, a large amount of Dragon Type energy was gushing out of his body, which turned into a dragon illusory shadow around his body,

At the same time, the black energy around Hydreigon also surged, and slowly merged with the illusory shadow condensed by Dragon Rush, causing the entire dragon-shaped illusory shadow to suddenly turn into pitch black, just like a normal dragon, emitting A terrifying energy fluctuation!

“True Dragon?”

“Flygon, then we also use Dragon Rush!”

After hearing what Cass said, Luo Chen also responded with a smile.


Flygon yelled in response.

At the same time, a large amount of Dragon Type energy appeared around its body, and it began to wrap up the huge Sandstorm dragon around its body!

Under the influence of the Dragon Rush dragon-shaped air current, the entire desert dragon is constantly flying, and the whole is merged with the dragon-shaped air current of Dragon Rush.

In a blink of an eye, the Sandstorm dragon flew around in the air, before suddenly waving its tail, like a Dragon Ascent, rushing towards the opposite Hydreigon.

This move Dragon Ascent is exactly Rayquaza’s exclusive move. Of course, Flygon has gotten Rayquaza’s scales, but it is impossible to learn Dragon Ascent. This is only in Mimic.

But even if it is Mimic, adding Dragon Rush moves at this time, it still shows a very terrifying power, just like a sky dragon diving into Ground Normal!

“Dragon Rush!”

At the same time, the voices of two people came out.

In turn, I saw two Pokemon rushing together in a terrifying imposing manner.

Suddenly, the black air and the violent wind began to collide violently in the field, and the chaotic air current enveloped the entire field.

In everyone’s surprised eyes, the dark dragon and the Sandstorm dragon started to scatter in the collision, and the dragon-shaped illusory shadow began to slowly dissipate.

During the head-on collision of Dragon Rush, the two Pokemon were evenly matched, and the dragon-shaped illusory shadow collapsed into the air at the same time.

Immediately afterwards, the Hydreigon and the Sandstorm dragon wrapped in black light collided together, and the Sandstorm dragon began to crumble at the same time, and Sand Twister instantly.


After the energy reached its limit, a terrifying explosion roared in the field.

With the thunderous roar of the sky, the world seems to change its color!

At this moment, the whole audience held their breath and looked at the ever-changing sky in the field without blinking.

“What a terrifying power, what happened to the final result?”

Looking at the horrible scene in the field, everyone was staring at it, as if they wanted to see the situation in the field directly through the smoke and dust of the explosion.

“Lucario, blow the smoke away.”

Outside the court, Luo Chen’s face suddenly condensed as he watched the situation in the court.

As Poké Ball opened, Lucario’s silhouette suddenly appeared in the field.

After Lucario’s Aura Force condensed, it immediately blown away the smoke and dust in the field, revealing the silhouette of two of the Pokemon.

I saw in midair, a silhouette Levitate shrouded in black air. Under it, Flygon had fallen into the yellow sand.

In this battle, it is obvious that Hydreigon won, or when Lucario appeared, it meant that Luo Chen had given up.

roar roar roar!

After Hydreigon appeared in the air, there was another roar in his mouth.

After that, I saw its blood red eyes staring at Flygon on Ground suddenly.

Dark Pulse condensed in the mouth and burst out!

At this time, facing Flygon, who had fallen to the ground and lost its combat energy, Hydreigon launched another attack!

Just when Dark Pulse was about to attack Flygon, I saw Lucario’s silhouette appear.

The Aura Force in the hand was condensed, Lucario just casually pressed, and directly blasted off Hydreigon’s Dark Pulse.

Silhouette stood in front of his companion, Lucario looked towards Hydreigon indifferently, with an Aura Sphere in his hand.

“This battle is over here.”

Cass glanced at Hydreigon, who was shrouded in darkness in the air, then glanced at Lucario on the opposite side, and said flatly.

At this time of the battle, he also knew that his Hydreigon didn’t have much stamina left.

Because of the previous battle, the 3rd-layer Outrage state of Hydreigon at this time has faintly reached the edge of collapse.

So, this battle is his best choice so far, Hydreigon defeated Flygon, that’s enough.

He is confident now that if his Hydreigon is invincible in a one-on-one battle, that’s enough!

Although he lost in this 6V6 battle, his Hydreigon has already won, so winning or losing is not important.

“This…Cass gave up?”

When he heard what Cass said, everyone was stunned. They didn’t react until Cass took back Hydreigon and walked off the battlefield.

Although Cass was behind Luo Chen in this battle, the outcome is really hard to say before the final result.

At least, it seems to them.

But now, Cass suddenly surrendered, making them unable to react for a while, unable to accept the fact that Cass was defeated.

“Luo Chen, cheer for the final finals.”

“You can only lose in my hands.”

After walking off the battlefield, Cass suddenly turned around and said.

This is just an Elite exchange game. Their real victory or defeat is to wait until the world game!

“Is there no winner or loser?”

“This Cass is really cunning!”

In the field, some people also reacted and couldn’t help but sneered.

“That’s good.

“In this case, only the Dier will remain.”

Seeing the silhouette of Cass disappearing into the player channel, Luo Chen also took a deep breath.

Seriously, even now Luo Chen, facing the Darkrai of Diere, still felt a lot of pressure.

What he has to do now is to prepare for tomorrow’s battle with all his strength, and verify some of his guesses through this battle!


After the game, Luo Chen took Flygon to the Pokemon Center.

During the battle at this time, Flygon still failed miserably under spare no effort, which made Flygon feel very depressed.

“Flygon, that is the opponent’s Trump Card after all, and there is nothing wrong with defeat.”

“In the next time, I will help you absorb the power of Rayquaza with all my strength.”

“As long as you can fully comprehend the power of Rayquaza, next time you will be able to hang to that Hydreigon.”

At the Pokemon Center, Luo Chen is comforting Flygon, and if he remembers correctly, Dragon Valley’s four-year Dragon King Festival will begin too?

This may also become the hope of Flygon breakthrough. After all, the winner of the Dragon King Festival can gain entry into the Dragon Tomb and gain its inheritance.

After pacifying Flygon, Luo Chen also took out Dier’s information collected by Alliance.

Through the research of the information, he was also taken aback suddenly. The identity of this Dill was really not simple.

The situation is similar to him. This Diere was also born in an ordinary family, and he got here with unremitting efforts all the way.

“If this is the case, this Deere is even more simple.”

Luo Chen took a deep breath, and at the same time, he planned to spare no effort tomorrow.

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