Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 869


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It’s another new day, and autumn is growing.

At this time, the Phoenix Pokemon stadium is full of people.

Today is going to be the final of the Elite Exchange Game. Everyone is waiting for the start of the final.

“The final finals turned out to be Diere vs. Luo Chen.”

Before the game started, some people were also discussing today’s final.

Seriously, this result is something that no one thought of.

In their guess, this finals should be Oni Elite vs. Cass Elite.

After all, there are two people in the field, one is Burning Sun Alliance of Africa Region, which is relatively backward in Alliance development, and the other is 21-year-old Luo Chen.

The identity and strength of the two are not directly proportional. This is why everyone did not expect that from the very beginning they did not expect the two to be here.

“This Deere is really good.”

“It seems that this time we Burning Sun Alliance picked up the treasure.”

“As long as he is well trained, he will definitely become the next Alliance Champion!”

A black-skinned middle age person from Burning Sun Alliance, stroking his beard and smiling, became more satisfied with Dill as he looked at it.

The Burning Sun Alliance owns a vast land and a wealth of materials. There are a large number of Secret Realms in the Alliance, and they are fully capable of creating a group of powerful Trainers.

It’s just that the development of their Alliance is relatively late, which makes them a little bit behind.

But they believe that only by giving them enough time, their Alliance will definitely become a big Alliance like the Western Alliance and the Liberty Alliance!

Before the start of the game, the Burning Sun Alliance was in high mood, imagining that Diere would bring them a Champion.

At the same time, their eyes are secretly wary. Everyone knows that Dill is very outstanding, and they are afraid that other Alliances will come to dig the wall.

In the past, the Liberty Alliance did not do things like high-paying digging people, and this kind of thing must be resolutely stopped.

Gradually, time passed.

In the player passages on both sides, the silhouettes of Luo Chen and Deere appeared.

“Death Aura, you can’t go wrong.”

“I just don’t know the relationship between this Deere and that Pokemon.”

Luo Chen looked at Dill on the opposite side, thinking about how to confirm his identity.

It’s okay if Dill is only accidentally involved with that Pokemon. If the other party is someone with ulterior motives, then things are in trouble.

“Now that is about to start is the final final of the Elite Exchange Tournament, where players from Deere will play against players Luo Chen.”

As the two entered the venue, the referee also began to introduce immediately, and began to confirm the order.

“Is it my first hand?”

“Go on, Darkrai!”

Dill glanced lightly at the big screen.

Then, the Poké Ball in his hand was thrown out, and Darkrai Levitate came out, the cloak-like body floating in the air.

“The first one is Darkrai!”

Luo Chen focused his gaze and threw the Poké Ball at the same time.

As the white light in the Poké Ball diffuses out, it transforms into Lucario’s silhouette in mid-air.

It’s just that Lucario not at all stood as usual at this time, but Panxi Levitate was in the air.

“This is…Lucario?”

When seeing Lucario appear, Ai Rui from the Indian Ocean Alliance was taken aback.

If it is not certain that this is Lucario, does he think it will be a Medicham?

Medicham Pokemon, as the iconic Pokemon of the Indian Ocean Alliance, is really familiar to him!

“Here, Lucario.”

At the same time, Liberty Alliance’s Oni Elite is also staring.

The Liberty Alliance audience who watched that World Youth Championship match knows that it was this Lucario who defeated the champion Jock’s Darkrai who won the championship at the time.

Judging from the situation at the time, Lucario seemed to have some special ability to completely restrain Darkrai’s nightmare energy.

Now, Lucario is facing Darkrai again, making it difficult for him to predict the outcome of the game.

“Darkrai, Dark Pulse!”

After the battle started, Dier first asked Darkrai to conduct ordinary battles, not at all, and immediately opened Darkness Domain.

Think about it, although Darkness Domain is powerful, it consumes a lot of Darkrai.

Under normal circumstances, Darkrai only needs to use the power of his magical Pokemon to solve the enemies of overwhelming majority!

In the field, Darkrai’s hands were folded in front of his chest, and the Dark Type was energized into Energy Ball and shot out.

“Lucario, Power-Up Punch!”

Faced with the Dark Pulse blasting from the front, Lucario’s silhouette also moved.

Contacting a pose similar to yoga, Lucario wrapped Fighting Type energy on his fist and punched out.


Along with Lucario’s punching gesture, a blast of air suddenly blew in the field.

With a roar, Lucario smashed Dark Pulse’s attack frontally with his fist.

“Really strong Power-Up Punch, is Lucario’s power fully restored?!”

Outside the field, Wen Cheng stared at Lucario’s different fighting style.

If in normal times, Lucario would definitely use Aura Sphere or Psychic to attack.

After all, Lucario’s Inner Force has even surpassed most Psychic Type Pokemon under the exercise of Luo Chen.

But this time, Lucario chose to use Power-Up Punch to fight, and he also showed terrifying power.

This involuntarily also made Wen Cheng a little confused. Although Dark Type’s Darkrai is immune to Psychic Type attacks, relying on Aura Sphere and Focus Blast, Lucario still has the power to fight?

“Good job, Lucario uses Meditate!”

At this moment, Luo Chen suddenly issued an order that puzzled everyone.

Then I saw Lucario sitting cross-legged again, and Levitate was in the air, starting to gather strength.

“Medicham’s signature Meditate move!”

“Why can this Lucario perform?”

Iri was a little surprised again, and at the same time he thought of Lucario’s posture when he played, and couldn’t help but become more suspicious.

Is this Lucario a Medicham in Lucario’s skin?

This fighting style is really too similar!

“Stop it, black hole!”

The function of Meditate is to awaken the power sleeping within the body and increase your attack power.

Darkrai, seeing this, naturally wouldn’t let Lucario use the amplifying move so easily and directly let Darkrai use the black hole.

The pitch-black Energy Ball was spinning in Darkrai’s hands, blasted directly towards Lucario, and hit directly.

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