Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 870


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“The black hole moves hit!”

“Lucario will fall asleep because of this!”

Seeing this scene, everyone in Thousand City Alliance couldn’t help mentioning it.

Such a head-on hit by a black hole move is a very dangerous thing for Lucario.

Next, Lucario, who falls asleep, will definitely be attacked by Darkrai.

As a nightmare god, you don’t need to make a frontal attack at all, and you can cause huge damage to Lucario directly in the dream.

“It really is a black hole move!”

Seeing Lucario being hit by a black hole move, Luo Chen’s face is not at all any worries, Lucario’s Aura Force is completely the nemesis of nightmares!

next moment, I saw Lucario directly opened his eyes, still maintaining the use of Meditate.

Fighting Type energy surged through the body, the muscles of Lucario’s body bulged slightly, and the sleeping power within the body was awakened.

“Wake up!”

“No, Lucario did not fall into a dream at all.”

Looking at what Lucario looked like, the audience was surprised again.

Even Dill, who was on the opposite side, was surprised at this time, and he was directly immune to Darkrai’s black hole. This was the first time he saw him.

“Sure enough, this Lucario is the nemesis of Darkrai!”

The Liberty Alliance missions all secretly sighed when they saw this. The original Jock’s Darkrai lost like this.

“Next, I should fight back.”

“Lucario, use Extrreme Speed ​​move!”

After Lucario finished the enhancement of Meditate, Luo Chen also opened the mouth and said.

Immediately after, I saw Lucario stepping on his feet, and the silhouette suddenly disappeared in place.

When he appeared again, Lucario had already come behind Darkrai and used Power-Up Punch again!

“Dark Pulse!”

Just as Lucario silhouette moved, Darkrai raised his hands violently.

Immediately afterwards, a dark energy wave spreads towards all directions with Darkrai as the center.

Under the instantaneous burst of energy, Dark Pulse turns into an indiscriminate attack across the picture.


As Lucario’s silhouette rushed forward, he was also attacked by Dark Pulse.

The Power-Up Punch in the hand burst out, directly smashing the Dark Pulse in front of you!

Of course, this round of Lucario’s attack was also blocked, and the silhouette retreated to Luo Chen again.

“What a terrifying speed!”

“This Lucario can actually perform Extrreme Speed!”

Looking at the moving speed of Lucario Form Displacement Shadow, the audience was surprised again.

“It turned out to be Extrreme Speed.”

“Luo Chen asked me to train and challenged Dragonite with Lucario. Isn’t it to learn Extrreme Speed?”

“no no no, this impossible, Extrreme Speed, but our family’s inheritance move, how can it be learned through a battle.”

Outside the field, Megan looked at Lucario who was performing Extrreme Speed, and a single thought suddenly appeared in his heart.

It’s just that this idea just appeared, and it was directly extinguished by his self-sufficient Sheer Force. Is this completely impossible?

Of course, what he doesn’t know is that his guess is completely correct. With the more rare Copycat moves and the power of Aura Force, which can clearly understand everything, it’s not impossible to learn Extrreme Speed ​​secretly. Things, and Lucario itself is a Pokemon who can learn Extrreme Speed ​​moves!

In addition, the previously displayed Meditate is also a move directly copied by Lucario through the Copycat move.

Lucario can always remember a move through his terrifying Inner Force and copycat moves without disappearing.

Of course, Lucario has only one move that can Copycat at the same time. Before Lucario Copycat’s move was Teleport, now after learning the Extrreme Speed ​​move instead of moving, Lucario changed the copy object of the Copycat move to Meditate!


At this moment, Dill’s voice came out again.

Darkrai waved one hand, and the energy of the ice gathered and swept away into Blizzard.

crack crack ka-cha.

Under Blizzard’s baptism, the entire Ground was instantly wrapped in a layer of ice.

“Block it!”

On the other side, Aura Force in Lucario’s hand burst out, turning into a Barrier to block the ice.

crack crack!

In an instant, the ice froze along the Barrier, forming an ice wall in midair.

Behind the ice wall, Aura Sphere in Lucario’s hands condensed, and through Aura Force Lock On the opposite Darkrai blasted directly!


The ice wall shattered instantly, and Aura Sphere blasted towards Darkrai unabated.

At the same time, Lucario stepped on his foot, and the Extrreme Speed ​​move was used again, and the silhouette followed Aura Sphere immediately.

On the opposite side, across the ice wall, Darkrai also condensed Dark Pulse and threw it out.

After Aura Sphere smashed the ice wall, they also blasted head-on with Aura Sphere, and the two exploded in the air.

In the smoke and dust of the explosion, Lucario’s silhouette flashed away.

When he reappeared, Lucario had already arrived in front of Darkrai, wrapped in the condensed Fighting Type energy in his hands, and used Power-Up Punch again!

“Come on, Lucario, the power of yoga bursts out!”

Along with Lucario’s punching gesture, Luo Chen’s fist was also clenched.


This time, Darkrai is not at all blocking.

Lucario’s fist hit Darkrai’s body firmly.


A burst of air suddenly formed, and the air shook violently.

With a roar, Darkrai’s silhouette was directly blown out and hit the protective wall heavily.

crack crack ka-cha.

In this Tackle sound, the entire protective wall suddenly cracked.

Instead, one after another, like a spider Web, a crack appeared on the wall, and Darkrai’s silhouette was completely plunged into it.


“What a terrifying power!”

“The formidable power of this fist is enough to kill most Elite Level Pokemon!”

Feeling the formidable power of Lucario’s previous punch, the Elite were shocked.

“Luca, Luca.”

After waving this fist, Lucario also began to gasp.

“Successful, full strength attack under the blessing of the Characteristic Trait of Yoga.”

Luo Chen looked at this scene and also laughed.

That’s right, the Characteristic Trait that Lucario has now is not the Inner Force Characteristic Trait, but the Yoga Power Characteristic Trait!

Under the blessing of the Characteristic Trait, you will gain the power of yoga and double your attack power!

Before the game started, Lucario had already exchanged the power of Yoga through the Characteristic Trait exchange moves. The principle is the same as the Copycat moves. Through its own Inner Force and Aura Force, Lucario can maintain the Characteristic Trait exchange for a long time. Effect!

This is also the reason why Luo Chen told Lucario to abandon the Copycat Teleport move, but instead Copycat the Meditate move!

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