Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 871


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The power of yoga can be further tapped through Meditate moves.

Therefore, the power of Characteristic Trait, the power of Yoga, is exerted to the extreme. Both can increase the attack power. The power of the two overlaps each other, and the attack is more than doubled!

At the same time, Lucario also used Power-Up Punch in the battle, which made his own attack improved again. Under the mutual influence of multiple blessings, Lucario’s attack has now been strengthened several times than before!

In this way, Lucario was able to slap such a terrifying punch and fully stretched his attack power!

In addition, Dark Rai is Dark Type Pokemon, and Fighting Type moves have double restraint effects on it.

Under the superposition of multiple factors, Luo Chen suddenly became a little worried that Darkrai would be killed in seconds!

Of course, it turns out that he took it for granted. As the Pokemon of illusion, how could Darkrai fall so easily.

Seen in the distance, Darkrai’s body began to emit one after another black aura, and this black aura continued to drift towards the field.

“Darkrai has not fallen yet!”

After seeing this scene, everyone couldn’t help but mention it again.

“Darkrai, Darkness Domain!”

At the same time, Deere also opened the mouth and said.

After that, he saw Darkrai in the black air and Levitate was in the air, and his scarlet eyes suddenly opened.

“Luca, Luca.”

Feeling the power radiating around Darkrai’s body, Lucario frowned, feeling very uncomfortable.

I saw its hand condense Aura Sphere again, and blasted towards Lucario in the air.

Faced with the attack of Aura Sphere, Darkrai lifted the cloak-like Black body on his body, and the black energy also rolled over, directly engulfing Aura Sphere!

Next moment, along with the black air rolling, the whole sky seems to be brought by Topsy-Turvy to Normal, day turns to night, and darkness descends on the scene.

“Luca, Luca.”

Seeing this, Lucario, Aura Force is activated.

After turning on Aura Force, it no longer needs to look around with its eyes.

Therefore, the exploitation of vision brought by Darkness Domain was directly ignored by Lucario.

Looking at the surroundings through Aura Force, Lucario suddenly saw that the whole Ground had started to petrify under the envelope of black air.

The speed of this petrification is very fast, and in a blink of an eye it came to Lucario’s body.

This kind of energy makes it feel a little familiar, but a little strange, an inexplicable emotion rise in the mind.

All emotions are in an instant. When the black air is wrapped around the body, Lucario suddenly finds that his feet, which were first wrapped in the black air, have started to petrify and spread to the whole body!

At the same time, Lucario felt that the life energy within the body was quickly deprived, and was constantly being absorbed by Darkrai in the field!

“Death Power, Yveltal!”

Luo Chen, who is connected with the spirit of Lucario through Inner Force, also discovered this, and his expression stagnated.

His attention was also placed on Lucario’s slowly petrified feet at this time, and his expression was shocked.

Lucario now has a very strong control over the life energy. It is naturally familiar with the death energy that is the opposite of life energy.

In other words, life energy and death energy themselves are energy of the same nature, and they only represent two sides of the same energy.

Nowadays, Darkrai has displayed the energy that devours life energy, and it can also petrify Lucario, making him instantly think of the legendary god Y, Yveltal who has mastered Death Power!

Yveltal, which represents death, destruction, and destruction in the legend, is capable of capturing life energy and ending life, making it petrified!

“Darkness Domain that devours life energy, it seems that Darkrai has indeed gained Yveltal’s power!”

Luo Chen is also very determined in his heart, and the Darkness Domain controlled by Darkrai is very likely to be Yveltal’s Dark Aura Characteristic Trait!

It’s like Flygon accidentally obtained Rayquaza’s scales, thus gaining the ability to control airflow similar to the Rayquaza Airlock Characteristic Trait.

Now, Darkrai has gained the power of Yveltal, and through the power of nightmare, it can display the ability similar to the Dark Aura Characteristic Trait, which is completely possible!

“Whether it is Yveltal or Groudon, the monster of the earth.”

“This World is far from as simple as I thought. Faced with these Mega Legendary Pokemon, Alliance’s current strength is still too weak. In front of this kind of natural disaster level Pokemon, it is completely powerless to stop.”

Luo Chen also took a deep breath at this time, and made a decision in his heart.

“Lucario, Mega Evolution!”

As Luo Chen called through spiritual contact, Lucario’s face was nodded solemnly.

next moment, in the darkness, the bright white light suddenly pierced the darkness, like a star in the night.

In the white light, Lucario’s silhouette changed, gradually turning into the form of Mega Lucario.

At the same time, when the light of evolution filled his body, the petrified state of Lucario’s body also shattered instantly.

In the white light, Lucario’s silhouette changes, Life Level transitions, and life energy surges throughout the body.

After completing Mega Evolution, Mega Lucario also mobilized life energy and began to resist death energy. A faint halo filled the whole body, directly blocking the surrounding Black mist.

“Mega Lucario, Essence, Qi, and Spirit in one, Power-Up Punch!”

At the same time, Luo Chen directly gave instructions to Mega Lucario through his spiritual connection.


Mega Lucario let out a low growl, and the Inner Force body was quickly mobilized.

At the same time, the previous rounds of strengthening it has been perfectly inherited at this time, causing its muscles to begin to bulge.

After that, Mega Lucario started to merge with Focus Punch with one hand and Focus Blast with the other, and the abilities that turned into horror roared.

In this way, Mega Lucario directly completes the unity of Essence, Qi, and Spirit. The terrifying energy on his body is surging, transforming into invisible air waves and dispelling the surrounding Black fog. This way, it is like entering Mega The state of Saiyan is Normal, and the power is raised to the extreme!

At the same time, after completing the Mega Evolution, Lucario’s Characteristic Trait has changed again, and it is directly transformed into an adaptive Characteristic Trait. When using the moves corresponding to its Attribute, the formidable power will be improved again.

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